How to prepare a mattress for storage

At some point, you will realize you have more items than your home can support. This becomes a bigger problem when you are about to relocate to a smaller apartment. You should organize, declutter, and find Louisiana self storage to stash some of your items. But some items require special care before you leave them inside a storage unit. So, today we will cover one that matters greatly. Let us prepare a mattress for storage together and keep it safe.

Where to find a good storage unit?

The best way to find your Elmwood self storage is to check for it online. There are surely a few good providers in the area. You can either search for a storage facility or rent one through the moving company. Whatever is easier for you to be honest. Both choices are viable and will lead you to the same result. Now, before you choose your storage unit provider, you should check them a bit. Like in any business, you can find a scamming company. Or the one with not-so-great offers and prices. Therefore, go online and browse a bit. In a matter of minutes, you’ll find several interesting choices.

Take a closer look at your findings and compare prices, services, perks, and read a few reviews. Your storage unit provider should run a legit business and if previous customers had a bad experience you will find at least one review online regarding this topic. Hence, browse a bit and you will find a good storage unit easily.

Choose the right storage unit and prepare a mattress for storage

Before you can prepare a mattress for storage you should have a storage unit of an adequate size to support it. Moreover, it should be a clean and mold-free one so your mattress can leave to tell the tale. It would be a shame if you leave your mattress inside a unit and come back after a month just to find it moldy and unusable. The mattress is expensive is people keep the old one for spare use even when they purchase a new one. Not to mention that you can always sell it for a nice price. Nevertheless, you should keep a healthy environment inside your unit.

Several storage units inside a warehouse
The best choice is the climate-controlled storage unit. Find one and secure your investment.

One way is to rent a climate-controlled self storage Lafayette. Such a unit comes with complete protection against environmental influences like mold, humidity, condensation, extreme heat, or cold. Whatever you store it will stay in a good shape if you opt for a climate-controlled unit. The other choice is to rent an everyday self-storage unit but then you’ll have to visit and clean more often. All in all, some perks come at a price, but in this case, it is worth every penny. Although, if you are storing your mattress only, then it might be a bit more expensive in a long run.

Clean before storing

To avoid mildew and bringing any old dust and dirt, you should clean before storing. And this is the rule for all items you are storing. Even if they are inside cardboard boxes and other containers. Therefore, take a vacuum cleaner, duster, kitchen cloth, and some furniture-friendly chemicals. Wipe everything down and refresh your wooden furniture. Use vacuum for sofa and cushiony pieces. Clean as much as you can and leave it out in the air to dry. A few minutes later, you can start wrapping pieces individually using bubble wrap or stretch foil.

Clean and prepare a mattress for storage
Clean your mattress inside out before storing it.

Let’s prepare a mattress for storage

Now, let’s prepare a mattress for storage. Again, we will use a vacuum cleaner for this occasion. Do not press it against the mattress too hard if you do not want to damage the surface. If you have a vacuum cleaner designed for cleaning soft surfaces then even better. Try to get out all the dust and lint as much as possible. You can even refresh your mattress with foam and cloth. Simply wipe it out with foam only and leave it out in the sun to dry out. Sun will kill all the microorganisms as well. After you are done with the process, your mattress will be refreshed and ready to be stored. Now use the following items to finalize the mattress-storing project:

  • Cover – There is a mattress cover you can obtain in the store. But you probably already have the original one that came with it. If not, go out and buy one because there is no better solution to keep the dust-out.
  • Pads – Carto corner pads will keep your mattress safe from bumps and bruising.
  • Scented baggies – This is optional. You can put a few between the mattress and the cover to keep it fresh.
  • Wooden pallet – It goes on the ground and then you will place your mattress on top of it.

When packing unusual items such as mattresses, you must find a nice spot inside the unit. The mattress is one of those items and the most important thing is to place it flat on the ground. Use the wooden pallet we mentioned earlier. Yes, it comes naturally to place it against the wall but that will damage your mattress. The coils, springs, and inner pieces will shift and your mattress will gain unnatural shape.

Other items you are storing inside the unit

Of course, you will bring other items to your storage unit as well. But you should declutter before storing first. Do not overcrowd your unit because you need some space to move around, clean, and reach other items easily. If you clutter your unit, it might tempt you to place boxes and various items on your mattress. This is something you should never do for the same reason we explained earlier. It will flatten it down and damage it over time. So, figure out what is for storing and what to throw away. Do it beforehand and bring only the items you really need.

A guy standing next to a pile of moving boxes
Find a nice place for random items and boxes. Do not place anything on your mattress.

Keep your storage unit clean

Now when you found a unit, prepared everything, and stored your mattress, you must maintain the whole environment as well. This means you should clean a bit each time you visit. But do not burn out too much. Cleaning the unit once in a month or two is enough. Meanwhile, place air moisturizer, scented baggies, and rodent repellants inside your unit. It will be enough to protect you against all forms of danger. Moreover, your storage unit provider should have a maintenance crew in the facility who will clean the hallways and areas around your unit. They will clean outside and you should clean inside. All good.

Now you know how to prepare a mattress for storage. It is a simple process but it will require a bit of your time and patience. Follow the steps above and you will find your mattress in impeccable condition each time you visit. Clean often and you won’t have to think about it much. Good luck and stay safe.

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