How to prepare boats for storage

The storage process is not something that you do every day. It’s going to take some time and research to find the best solution for you. Especially if you have something as massive and important as a boat to store. Thankfully we at Louisiana moving and storage, have all the info that you need. Here’s how to prepare boats for storage and make sure that they’re in mint condition when it’s time to take them out of it.

Do a complete checkup in order to prepare boats for storage

The wintertime is definitely the best time to have your boat out and about. For that reason, it’s time to put it away. However, before you do so, it’s time to check it out. Doing a good inspection is going to be crucial. Anything you put in storage units West Monroe LA needs to be looked at. That’s because you want to be sure that you don’t put something that is broken or isn’t working in a storage unit. For that reason, you have several options on how to make sure that your boat is in good condition before you put it away. You can either take it to a professional to take a look or do it on your own. Of course, we always advise you to get the help of professionals as it’s worth the price.

Docked boats
Before you prepare boats for storage make sure to check them out

First things first, change the oil

One thing is for certain before you put your boat in storage, it’s important to change the oil. Even in the case of recent oil changes, it’s a must. That’s because water can come into the oil, and so into the engine itself. This can lead to corrosion and big damages that will only amplify if a boat is one of the Louisiana storage units for a longer period of time. Make sure that the engine is somewhat warm when you do the change. You want to have everything done perfectly even for such a small detail like an oil change. Above all, it is expensive and even small mistakes will cost you a lot.

Drain the cooling systems if you want to prepare boats for storage

When it’s time to put a boat into storage, it’s important to know that you need to keep everything clean and in good condition. That’s why it’s crucial that you take a look at your cooling system and make sure that it’s not having debris inside it. Even if you have to put it in one of the on site storage containers on its own, it’s important to keep it clean. Use fresh water and make sure that all the salt and other substances are out of it. This will keep it ready for the time you take your boat out of storage.

Disconnect the battery before you put a boat in storage

However small of a step it might seem, disconnecting the battery will be crucial. Besides the time before putting a boat in storage, it’s also important for after you take it out. Above all, if you keep it inside a boat that is in storage for months, it will completely drain. On top of that, corrosion is almost imminent and that can become an even bigger problem. For that reason, it’s not a bad idea to keep the battery in your basement or garage. By charging it from time to time you will ensure that it’s ready when it’s time to put it back into the boat.

A boat in the water
It’s best to keep the battery out of the boat

Make sure to oil up the control mechanism to prepare boats for storage

You need to prepare your boat for storage, so you can have it in perfect condition when it’s time to take it out. Above all, a lot of people forget that in order to smoothly drive your boat your control mechanism needs to be almost perfect. That’s why it’s not a bad idea to put some oil or grease on those systems before you put a boat inside a storage unit. This isn’t going to guarantee success, but it will make sure that it’s almost ready to drive when it’s time to take it out.

Add engine fogging oil to prepare boats for storage

To prepare your boat, you want to prepare the engine. As one of the most delicate parts, even if it’s heavy, you want to protect it at all costs. It’s so delicate because it has a lot of moving parts. That’s why it’s not a bad idea to spray some engine fogging oil to make sure that you won’t have to face the nightmare of your engine not working when it’s time to take the boat out of storage. To properly do it you will need to tilt the boat itself. However, your boat’s manual will surely have more information on how you can do it.

Lookup a good storage company that has the right facilities for your boat

There’s no denying that it’s important to prepare boats for storage. However, it’s also crucial that you pick out the right storage company to work with. Will they have the right facilities? Do they have what it takes to store a boat? There are a lot of questions. One thing is certain, BBB-approved companies surely can help you out. They will have top-notch units that will keep all your items safe. So why would a boat be a problem? Call a company of your choice and ask them if they would accept your boat.

An open storage unit
Get in touch with professional storage companies today

It’s definitely not easy to prepare boats for storage. However, with some of our advice, we’re sure that it will be a piece of cake compared to other things. Because it is so massive on one hand and delicate on the other, it requires attention to detail. With all the advice that you’ve got from us, we’re sure that everything will go smoothly and there will be no damage to the boat. We hope we were of help and that you’ll find your boat in perfect condition when it’s the right time.

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