How to prepare glass items for storage

In most people’s lives, moving is something that has to happen at some point. And that means going through quite a complex process; it’s stressful, exhausting, and overall – difficult. If you want everything to be as smooth as possible, you need to make sure that you’ve completed all of the required planning in advance. That’s definitely going to be necessary if you want to be certain that all of your household goods will go through the transition intact; arriving at your new home without any complications. At the same time, you may not have the ability to transfer all of your things at once. In that case, opting for some high-quality Louisiana storage is definitely a good idea. But what if you’re not sure of how you should pack all of your breakable items? If you want to prepare glass items for storage, for instance; we’re going to tell you everything you need to know!

Start with an inventory

So, you’ve decided to employ some storage services before hiring New Orleans movers to relocate you to your new home. However, once you have to prepare glass items for storage; you’ll realize that this is far from simple. Especially when you’ve got a ton of other things to take care of as well. And let’s not forget the fact that glassware is sometimes simultaneously quite expensive and quite fragile.

A person pouring lemon water from a jug into glasses.
Glassware is a part of everyday life – and yet quite breakable!

In general, the process of moving is bound to be very chaotic. The last thing you want is not being sure if all of your items arrived at your new household safely. With that in mind, we recommend starting with an inventory list. Take a look at all of the potentially breakable glassware that you have. After gathering it in one place, start jotting down a detailed list of it all; that way, you’ll be able to surmise if everything is intact pretty easily once you arrive at the new house. 

Getting the proper packing materials

When you prepare for moving in general, getting enough packing materials for the relocation is always a chore. After all, you’ve got an entire household to pack up! As a result, you can’t always afford to use the very best boxes and cushioning for all of your items. However, when you prepare glass items for storage; using the highest-quality packing items is definitely a necessity. You need to bear in mind that saving money on storage expenses is not a bad idea; but not when these sort of items are involved.

Get some premium-grade packing paper to fill up any empty space between the glassware; don’t use common newspapers and magazines, as these may scratch your glassware beyond polish and repair. Also, make sure to get the best possible cardboard boxes; you don’t want these to rip apart en route to the storage, resulting in catastrophe. Speaking of the boxes – you also need to apply the finest packing tape to make sure it all stays firm. And, of course – don’t forget labels and markers.

Glassware in different shapes and colors.
Make sure you have enough packing materials for various types of glass items!

Prepare glass items for storage by washing and drying

Of course, if you want to prepare glass items for storage – it’s not all about just properly packing them. On the other hand, you also want to preserve the pristine condition of the glassware; when you take it out of storage the next time, it should be squeaky clean and ready for renewed use. With that in mind – we recommend washing and thoroughly drying all of the glass objects before putting them in storage. And make no mistake – the drying is the crucial thing here. Sure, washing them is important enough; but the last thing you want is to put partially wet glassware in storage. This will result in a widespread mold by the time you take them out again. Plan the packing well enough in advance – allowing at least an entire day for the glassware to dry off completely.

Careful wrapping

If you want to make sure that your glassware is utterly protected from any instructions; you need to do your wrapping with extreme care. We recommend first finding a completely flat and clean surface on which you’ll do it all. Then, lay down a sheet of protective wrapping for your glassware. After that, use packing paper to fill up any holes and hollow parts of your glassware; there must be no room for movement. Now, you can encase the glasses in the wrapping that you’ve previously laid out. Watch out for handles on mugs and glass stems; these should be protected with an additional layer of wrapping. 

A person serving champagne in glasses on a tray.
Tall glasses need additional protection around their stems!

Once you have done all of this, you can proceed to place the items in your packing boxes. Make sure to get some cardboard inserts for particularly fragile glassware; we’re talking about stuff like flutes or wine glasses. When it comes to tumblers or coffee mugs, chances are that this is sturdier stuff; so you can try to stack them in order to conserve space. Finally, once all of the glassware is in the boxes; see if there’s any empty space remaining, and fill it up. Just make sure not to overfill your boxes with glassware before that; they must not be on the verge of bursting!


As you can see, you need to do a lot of work in order to prepare glass items for storage properly. However, the key thing here is planning – if you do it well enough in advance, you should have absolutely no trouble with your packing. And if you find that this process is too overwhelming; you can always hire professionals to do the packing for you!

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