How to prepare power tools for storage

Do you need to prepare power tools for storage, but you don’t know where to start? Zippy Shell Louisiana will help you with the matter! If you have power tools, you know how expensive they can be. Therefore, it is very important to store them properly and safely to stop them from deteriorating. They can rust or break if you do not take appropriate care, which can be very expensive to repair or replace. If possible, store electrical appliances in original boxes or in the cases in which they were purchased!

prepare power tools for storage
Prepare power tools for storage by placing them in their toolbox.

What is the correct way to prepare power tools for storage?

Let’s see briefly how and where to store power tools:

  • If you don’t have appropriate space, there are numerous options in New Orleans self-storage sector.
  • If you choose to store your power tools in the toolbox, insert them inside the silica gel pack to absorb more moisture and protect your tools from rusting.
  • In case you prefer to keep your power tools in a tool chest or cabinet, place an anti-corrosion liner inside the short dress for extra protection.
  • To keep your power tools safe from the ground, you can hang them on a pegboard in a basement or garage. 

The best way to prepare power tools for storage is in a box or in the case in which it was purchased. This will not only keep the dust out but also prevent them from rusting. Also, if you need a manual reference or have it repaired, you have the original package (hopefully with a receipt) and all the necessary information. 

Storage option that people often overlook

Another good place to store power tools is a toolbox. Be sure to keep some packets of silica gel inside to keep the moisture level low. Toolboxes or cabinets can also be a good idea for storing power tools. Again, it is important to prevent moisture from rusting the tools, so line drawers with anti-rust paper as an extra precaution. Hanging tool racks are another way to store power tools and save space at the same time. Keep in mind that you can hang pegboards on your garage or basement. This will keep your wall tidy, and your tools clean. 

Prepare power tools for storage close to or in your home

The best place to store power tools is in a shed, garage, or basement. Most important is the humidity and how to control and maintain it. For example, at home, you can easily control the humidity with a dehumidifier. Therefore, underground storage is ideal for power tools. A garage with a heating unit also helps control temperature and humidity. You can either install the heater professionally or invest in a large area heater. Power tools can also be stored in a cabin if they are well insulated and well ventilated. 

hanging rack
Install a hanging rack in your garage, basement, or a free room to keep the tools off the floor and organized.

How do I prepare storage equipment?

To keep it in good working order, you must first prepare power tools for storage. The best way to do this is to clean them thoroughly after each use. Just wipe the tools with a not completely damp cloth and then dry with a towel. This will not only remove the remaining dust, dirt, or grease from your tools, but it will also prevent them from rusting. Spray power tools such as metal cleaners before storing them. The grease coats the metal and helps remove dust which attracts moisture and, in turn, causes corrosion. After spraying, tools can be slippery to the touch, so be careful when handling or storing them. 

Where to store my power tools during the moving?

Location is just as important as packing material when it comes to keeping your power tools safe and protected. You can choose your garage or spare storage as storage on the go, however, we recommend designing a storage unit for storing power equipment. Rent well-organized and efficient storage units like Storage Units Hammond LA, and you will get many benefits along the way. Storage facilities are ideal for keeping a large number of items such as equipment temporarily or for long periods. You should avoid mildew-infected or damp places. In the event of this happening, there are several ways to prevent mold and mildew in your storage unit and thus keep the rust away from your equipment. If you are renting a storage unit, look for people who have good security features and enough space for all your power equipment.

Can I store power tools in a cold garage?

In general, a garage is a good place to store a tool, as long as the temperature and humidity can be controlled to some extent. Most likely, tools will not suffer from cold storage, such as a garage or shed. However, low temperatures can weaken the metal and plastic parts of some power tools. This can lead to damage or breakage! This is especially important if you use the tools while they’re still cold.

storage unit
Climate-controlled storage units are the best option for tool storage.

Is it better to hire a moving company to prepare power tools for storage?

To prepare power tools for storage when you don’t have enough time, turn to the moving professionals. They will help you prepare your tools appropriately and avoid getting hurt. Your moving company will provide all the necessary packaging material for your electrical equipment. In addition, they can send several workers to help you move your goods. Moreover, you’ll be getting rid of clutter you don’t need, and save your time meanwhile!  This gives you more time to prepare for the upcoming move and organize your storage. With the right movers and good organization, you can properly prepare power tools for storage and minimize the damage over time!

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