How to prepare your seasonal clothes for storage

Unless you have a bedroom-sized walk-in closet, storing your clothes by season is important. You surely want to maintain an ordered area for everyday functioning. If you live in a climate with different seasons, organizing your heavier winter items will make life much simpler. Even if you live in a mild climate, vacation-related clothes such as ski coats or beach cover-ups may clog your closet and take up valuable room in your regular wardrobe. With our solutions, you will see how to prepare your seasonal clothes for storage. Zippy Shell Louisiana offers several options and services. All you have to do is organize your clothes following our ideas. It may take a bit of your time now, but it will save you from hunting for an outfit or barely closing the wardrobe door later.

Get rid of the seasonal clothes you don’t wear

Each big season change is the ideal opportunity to go through your closet and get rid of everything you don’t wear or desire. We all have at least a few articles of clothes that never see the light of day. However, would it surprise you to learn that you don’t use the bulk of your clothing? According to some polls, the average American hasn’t worn 82 percent of their clothing in the last year. Consider how much room that would free up! It is only decent to donate any clothing you haven’t worn in a year to someone else. This will help someone while you prepare your seasonal clothes for storage.

Seasonal clothes stored in boxes with keep, donate, and trash label
Prepare your seasonal clothes for storage by donating or selling the clothes you don’t wear

You can also trade in goods for cash or credit at local thrift stores if your own clothes budget is low. They may also receive your discarded, discolored, or ripped clothing. That way you can get shop discounts. You’ll be better equipped to prepare and store your seasonal clothes once you’ve gone through everything. There is no need to store the clothes you’ll never again wear in Louisiana storage.

Clean and prepare your seasonal clothes for storage

It’s much simpler to categorize your items by season now that you’ve cut down your wardrobe. Consider what kinds of clothes you have and what you need them for, then organize them by season and activity. You should put ski jackets, heavy-duty down coats, mittens, and caps together because you wear them together in the winter. Combine sun hats, swimwear, shorts, and summery outfits for summer ensembles. Empty pockets while sorting and look for anything that needs to be washed, dry cleaned, or mended. If you choose self storage Shreveport, for example, you can be sure that your prepared seasonal clothes will be stored the way you put them.

Before storing seasonal clothes for months, make sure they’re completely clean to prevent smells from spreading. Gather all of your most delicate clothes for a trip to the dry cleaners. If you leave an untreated stain on clothes that you will preserve for a long time, it will almost always result in greater difficulties later. The stain will just spread and cause the cloth to discolor even more. The longer you leave body odors, perfumes, and colognes on unwashed seasonal clothes, the more difficult it will be to get rid of them. Clean garments are less prone to attract pests such as closet moths. If you can’t get rid of the stains, try donating the item. Before putting your washed seasonal garments into storage bins, make sure they’re entirely dry. Damp garments stored in a closed place with no ventilation are a breeding ground for mold and mildew.

Prepare your seasonal shoes for storage

Shoes and boots may require some more effort if you want them to provide optimal protection. To eliminate all filth, brush your shoes (or wash them). To assist with smells, sprinkle a pinch of baking soda inside. Use a shoe tree to maintain more delicate shoes and boots in their right form.

A Woman Carrying a Plastic Full of Clothes
Don’t use plastic bags from your dry-cleaning for storage

Don’t use plastic bags when preparing your clothes for storage

It’s not common knowledge that storing anything for a long time in a dry-cleaning bag isn’t recommended. The technique does not need water, but it does use liquid solvents. Moisture trapped within that inexpensive plastic bag might produce discoloration and mildew problems on the fabric if those liquids aren’t fully dried by the dry cleaner. Even if your dry-cleaned clothes were completely dry when you got them home, the plastic covering prevents your more delicate clothing from breathing, which it needs. Get some ventilated garment bags to store your unused winter jackets, suits, and formal wear for lengthy periods. Even though Elmwood self storage containers are great and your seasonal clothes will be secure there, it is not immune to the mistakes you make while packing.

Vacuum sealing your seasonal clothes

It may appear that vacuum sealing your seasonal clothing storage items with a vacuum attachment or hand pump is a smart idea. While vacuum sealing might help you conserve space, it’s not necessary for anything you’re storing. When natural fibers in some forms of clothing are forcefully squeezed, it might take months for the material to recover to its original state. There is also a possibility that it stays damaged.
As previously said, natural fiber clothing benefits from some air circulation to breathe. With vacuum sealing, you prevent it. You should avoid vacuum sealing with delicate clothes and any garments or fabrics that are fluffy. Here are some examples:

  • towels
  • big winter coats and down jackets
  • comforters for winter gloves
  • leather items for pillows
  • bags for sleeping
  • anything made of cashmere, wool, or silk
A toddler holding a vacuum sealed bag
Don’t vacuum seal all your clothes


In recent years, the requirement for additional storage has become more common. It is not a luxury to store the clothes you don’t wear for a season, but need. Many portable, temporary, and long-term storage facilities will keep all of your belongings safe. In Louisiana, storage units are all theft-proof and weather-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about your belongings being safe. All you have to do is choose the type and prepare your seasonal clothes for storage.

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