How to spring clean your New Orleans storage unit

After a long and windy winter, spring is finally here, giving a fresh vibe to your life and surroundings. That also means your home and all facilities, including storage units, need some sprucing up. Any dependable New Orleans moving and storage company will make sure to remind you of that. But what if you’ve never cleaned storage units before and don’t know where to start from? Don’t worry, because we’ll show you the steps to spring clean your New Orleans storage unit

Why is it important to spring clean your New Orleans storage unit anyway? 

For many people, spring cleaning is tiresome, but quite an important chore. Everybody knows you should clean your house regularly, but it’s equally important to keep your storage unit tidy as well. It’s not merely a question of neatness though, but the safety of your belongings. 

Storage units
Besides cleaning your home, it’s also important to spring clean your New Orleans storage unit.

As a state, Louisiana has a humid and warm climate, and the city of New Orleans is no different. That means that while most storage facilities are climate-controlled, external factors can still be an issue. Spring cleaning allows you to get rid of dust, mildew, and mold before they become a problem. Therefore, set aside time to deep clean your New Orleans portable storage unit in order to maintain it orderly. 

Get ready for cleaning by making an inventory first

Before you get down to business, take a quick look at the contents of your storage unit. You must prepare, regardless of whether you’ve recently visited your storage unit or if you haven’t checked it in months. The first step would be to count the boxes and write down how many you’ll need to sort through. That way, you’ll see if you’ll need a helping hand and estimate how much time the clean-out will take.  Even if you don’t have many items, spring cleaning storage areas is no easy task. So, don’t be afraid to ask helpful employees at Louisiana storage units for advice. After all, they are experts at dealing with all kinds of issues when it comes to storing your belongings!

Spring clean your New Orleans storage unit by decluttering it

People often use storage units Slidell LA to keep items they believe they will need in the future. However, just as our tastes and preferences change over time, so do our requirements. After you’ve cataloged all the items in your New Orleans storage unit, it’s time to declutter it. To free some space for new items, you should discard or donate anything that is no longer needed

A to-do list to help you spring clean your New Orleans storage unit.
Decluttering should definitely be a part of your spring cleaning to-do list.

However, sometimes it can be hard to part with things, even though they might not be particularly valuable. In this case, making use of a so-called “Wait-and-See box” will have many benefits. Put anything you’re thinking about getting rid of but aren’t sure about in a box to be reviewed later. If you haven’t used any of the items by the next spring cleaning, either throw them out or give them away.

Take some time to get rid of things you don’t need anymore

Now that you know what the unnecessary items are in your storage facility, find inventive ways to clear them out. Start by removing all the trash from the storage unit, possibly with the help of a junk removal company. If you have a few goods to donate, load them into your car and drop them off at a donation center. They will be thankful, and you will feel a breath of fresh air as well! 

The garage sale will be held after you spring clean your New Orleans storage unit.
Organize a garage sale to get rid of items after decluttering your storage unit

On the other hand, if you have a lot of precious belongings, you don’t have to rush to sell them. Instead, renting a storage unit for an extra month while you sell some of them can be a good option. You can either sell your things online or at old-fashioned garage sales. Some storage facilities occasionally have flea markets, so you can check if this is a possibility as well. 

Do some sweeping

Microfiber towels are the best way to remove dust from plastic storage boxes, furniture, and gadgets in a storage unit. Dust and debris on the ground can be removed with a broom and dustpan. When it’s necessary, you can use a vacuum to clean the walls and ceilings. However, if you’re cleaning after a long period of time, keep your doors wide open the entire time. Not only will it be easier to breathe while you clean, but it will also get the stale air out.

Tips for efficient spring cleaning your storage unit

It’s hard to keep your unit clean if you have to remember to bring new cleaning supplies every time you visit. That’s why keeping a modest compartment for cleaning materials in your storage unit is an alternative worth thinking about. It doesn’t have to be anything significant, just a few wiping rags, dusters, wet wipes, and brushes will do.

Once you spring clean your New Orleans storage unit, it’s a good idea to re-assemble it with a plan. To help yourself organize your storage in the future, group items you might use often near the front. It’s also recommended to take photographs of items in your storage room. So, before going to the storage unit to look for something, you can refer to the images on your phone. 

There are many steps to take if you want to spring clean your New Orleans storage unit properly. However, when you take a look at a clean and organized space, you’ll see that it was worth the trouble. Spring cleaning your storage unit will help you make the most of your space. At the same time, it will ensure that your items are safe and in the best possible condition.

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