How to Store Comforters, Blankets, and Other Bedding

All of us have comforters, blankets, and other bedding we need to store. Most of us do not know how to store them without creating clutter in the house. They come and go with the weather changes and it’s important to store them properly to avoid any potential damage. It’s also important to find the appropriate storage for the bedding, Follow this useful guide to know how and where to store your bedding! Make sure to pack just unnecessary items and avoid over-packing. It’s best to do this type of storing seasonally to store comforters and bedding when summer comes and vice versa when winter is coming. Make sure you use the tips provided to reduce the possibility of damage, odors, or fabric degradation.

Folded blankets
Blankets properly folded and stored will take up a lot less space which will help you be better organized.

Everything needs to be clean and dry

Hygiene is very important when deciding to store your stuff, especially when it comes to comforters, blankets, etc… Everything you are planning to store needs to be washed and completely dried before the process. As a result, once you decide to unpack and use them again, everything will be fresh and clean.

Follow these tips when laundering the comforters and blankets:

  1. You need to wash the bedding delicately in cold water
  2. You need to dry it carefully – if possible have them dry outside with natural airflow
  3.  Iron the bedding to have it stored without wrinkles

A lot of us are unsure where to store the comforters, blankets, and other bedding because they can take up a lot of space. Storage is vital to keeping them fresh and clean until you need to use them again. You can find yourself a Louisiana self storage that will be big enough for all the comforters and blankets you have. Finding good storage will save you a lot of time and will ease the whole process.

If you have storage space in your house you can store your bedding under the bed, in linen closets, or in other dry and cool places.

Need to store comforters, blankets, and other bedding- What are the perfect conditions?

When storing your bedding and comforters you need to think about how and where will you store them. Take into consideration is that place safe, clean, and spacious.  The condition of the space has to be seamless because your comforters and blankets could easily get ruined, have mold if they are not stored properly. Moisture can be “the worst enemy” when it comes to stored bedding. It’s also important to store them in a place that does not have excessive exposure to sunlight to prevent fading of the fabric. There are a lot of climate controlled storage Baton Rouge provides, so you can find your perfect match. Ideally, the storage needs to be dry and cool offers that would be a perfect fit for storing these particular items.

Choose a climate controlled storage so that your comforters and blankets will stay fresh as new.

Organize everything and pack accordingly for easier storing

Storing bedding and blankets can be super stressful. They tend to be bulky and take up a lot of space. As they need to be stored to not take up a lot of space you can:

  • Use cotton bags or vacuum bags
  • Out comforters or blankets in pillowcases to use the space
  • Learn to fold

Vacuum bags are a great choice when it comes to storing your comforter and blankets. They protect the bedding from dust. Also, they don’t take up a lot of space.

Cotton bags are also a good choice for most bedding because then the fabric can breathe. You should totally avoid plastic bags. They are not secure enough and if they let moisture in, your comforters/blankets will get ruined.

You can store multiple pieces in one bag but make sure you place heavier comforters/blankets at the bottom so that the bag doesn’t topple.

You can find a long term storage so that they don’t need to be stored at your house. That will keep your place clean and organized until you need the bedding again.

Learn proper folding to maximize the space used

You need to know how to fold the comforters, blankets and other bedding to reduce taking up a lot of space. That’s a really important thing because most bedding items are large and bulky. Make sure to properly close the bags used for storage. That will prevent dirt and bugs from being able to reach it. It will keep them safe and ready for use when the time comes.

You can use the Marie Kondo method:

Fold the comforters into thirds until it becomes a rectangle shape. Next, you should fold it in half and then again in half.

You could also use this folding method:

  1. Unfold the blankets/comforters and lay them on the floor
  2. Smooth wrinkles and then fold the blanket /comforter in half
  3. Fold them crosswise in half
  4. You can now store them or if needed you can fold them in half one more time

Consider renting portable containers

If you decide that there’s not enough space for storing even after everything has been properly folded and packed you can check out on site storage containers in your area. That way you can keep everything in your front or back yard.

Don't use plastic bags
Plastic bags are a bad choice when it comes to storing your bedding. Avoid them and instead, use vacuum bags.

What not to do when storing your comforters and blankets

There are plenty of things you shouldn’t do when storing your comforters/blankets and other bedding. Never store bedding in basements, garages, attics, or anywhere in the open. That could potentially damage them and make them unusable. Louisiana offers a lot of great storage solutions for an affordable price so you won’t have to store comforters and your bedding items in places that are not a good fit.

Make sure you use these tips so that your comforters, blankets, and other bedding will be like new when you decide to use them again. Keep your comforters and blankets properly stored. They will be perfectly fresh like you just bought them!

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