How to store musical instruments in Bossier City

Bossier City is one of the biggest musical hubs in Louisiana. Its music scene is growing rapidly and the city became known for its music venues every night of the week. If you are one of the music lovers certainly this place is a paradise for you. On the other hand, if you are a music lover and you possess a musical instrument, you know how costly it can be. For that reason, it is important to know how to take care of your instruments and store them properly. Here are some tips on how to store musical instruments in Bossier City.

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There are few steps that you should follow to store musical instruments in Bossier City

Musical instruments are a major investment, but with good maintenance, they can last a lifetime. This is the reason why you should find proper storage for your musical instruments. Having your musical instruments in storage will allow you to keep them for the next generation. Also, if you don’t have enough space in your apartment renting storage units Bossier City is a good choice. This way you will know that your musical instruments are in safe hands.

Prepare your musical instruments for storage in Bossier City

Preparation is the most important step before placing your musical instrument in storage. The first thing that you should do is to find an appropriate case. Having a hard case is probably the best choice since it will protect your instrument from damages. Also, before placing it in the case you should clean it and polish it properly. Still, you should be aware that preparation can vary and it depends on the instrument that you have.

How to prepare wooden instruments

It is important to prepare wooden instruments properly so they don’t dry out or splinter. First of all, you should dismantle the instrument and clean each part separately. Do not use alcohol or oil-based polish since they can damage the wood. For extra protection, you can place your wooden instrument in the polyethylene bag before putting it in the case. Also, if you are planning to use long term storage it is important to relax the string. This will release any tension from your wooden instrument and prevent damages.

How to prepare brass instruments

Like wooden instruments, brass instruments need special care and preparation before you store them. You should also disassemble your instrument and remove the mouthpiece. Unlike wooden instruments, the brass instrument should be cleaned with oil polish until it doesn’t look brand new. Apart from the exterior, clean the interior of the instrument with a special brush Also, to prevent rust, it is important to keep your brass instrument as dry as possible during storage. For that reason try to keep it away from the moisture before you place it in the case.

To store musical instruments in Bossier City rent a temperature-controlled unit

Once you prepared your musical instrument to be stored it is time to find the right unit. You can choose between climate controlled portable storage or temperature-controlled on-site storage. Whatever kind of storage you choose, it is important to be temperature-controlled as this will preserve your instrument in the storage. Climate-controlled units have the same temperature the whole year which reduces moisture and resists the growth of the mold.

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To keep your musical instrument protected rent temperature-controlled storage unit

Temperature-controlled units are crucial for your musical instrument since sudden and drastic changes in the temperature and humidity can be harmful to your instrument. For all the musical instruments temperature should be around 70F and the humidity between 40% and 60%. Having this will prevent you from spending more money on the repair of the instrument. As you may know, some repairs can be more expensive than the instrument itself.

Maintenance of your stored musical instruments

Finding a correct storage unit for your musical instrument is crucial, but this is not where the process ends. Even if you entrust your instrument to the professionals such as Louisiana moving and storage, you should still check on it from time to time. The maintenance and regular inspection of your instrument are important to be sure that the environment is right for your musical instrument.

If you have your musical instrument in Bossier City storage, the experts will take care of it. Still, you should do regular inspections just to be sure that there are no damages or deformation. Check for things like:

  • Mold on the instrument
  • If there is any rust
  • Surface discoloration
  • If the instrument is cracked somewhere

This will show you if the temperature and humidity suit your musical instrument. If you notice any changes you should take your musical instrument to the professional immediately for an inspection.

Get insurance for your musical instruments

Even if you are sure that your musical instrument is in safe hands it is good to be extra cautious. Many unpredictable events might affect or damage your musical instrument. For that reason, you should consider getting insurance for your musical instrument. Since you invested a lot of money and time taking care of your musical instrument it would be a smart decision to have it as a precaution.

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Purchase insurance to get your musical insurance covered

Have in mind that many companies that provide storage units include insurance in their packages. Go through your contract and check what kind of liability the company offers. In case your contract doesn’t include coverage purchase insurance and invest a little more in your musical instrument. You should not try to save money on this, since the musical instrument is something that has not only financial value but sentimental as well.

Musical instruments are a big investment and you should take care of them even when you are not using them. This is why is important to know how to protect them and store them properly. If you follow the steps on how to store musical instruments in Bossier City you can be sure that you will be able to use your instrument for a long time.

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