How to store plastic items

When it comes to storing our belongings, we want to make sure our things are safe and secure. While there is no completely right way to do it, for sure there are some wrong ways. Different items require different care and packing. For instance, while some things require to be sealed shut, others need room to breathe and be exposed to the elements. Therefore read on to find out how to store plastic items the right way.

Preparation before you store plastic items

The important thing to do before you store your plastic items is to organize them. You want to divide your plastics into categories. And you want to do that before you start searching for storage units Alexandria LA

For sure you don’t have a closet where you strictly put everything that is made of plastic. Most probably your plastic items are a part of some other category. Like, Christmas or Halloween decorations, toys, camping gear, and so on. With this in mind, in each category, you should divide things that are made from different materials.

Even though they belong together with stuff that is not plastic, you should not pack and store everything the same way. Every item requires different care in order to preserve it from decaying.

Cleaning your plastic items before you store them

Once you organize and divide plastic items for storage, you should give them a good clean. If the items in question are toys, make sure you clean and disinfect them to prevent bacteria spread.

A yellow toy cat, a toy fox and a white plastic bowl on a piece of wood.
Cleaning children’s plastic toys before storing them is very important if you are planning on using them again.

Wash every item properly and make sure they are completely dry. Wipe them with a dry cloth to remove any remaining moisture. Once you clean and dry your plastic items, they are ready for packing and storing.

Packing plastic items for storage

Most plastic items are pretty durable and long-lasting. However, over the course of time, they can get deformed, lose color, or become brittle. That is why to store plastic items you have to make sure you pack them right. 

A pair of hands touching a protective warping paper in a box.
Some delicate plastic items need an extra layer of protection to preserve them from damage.

For starters, you want to separate larger pieces from smaller pieces. You can put smaller pieces in a plastic Tupperware box with the content list and proper label. If the smaller plastic items for storage are delicate and fragile, you may want to wrap them in some kind of protective sheet. These can be Christmas ornaments for example.

For those bigger and bulkier plastic items you are going to store, you may only need to wrap them with something to protect them from dust. If an item is delicate and valuable, you can pack it in a large cardboard box with bubble wrap inside for extra protection. 

One important thing to remember is to protect your plastics from sunlight. Many plastic objects can lose their coloring if exposed to the sun for too long. So make sure you protect it accordingly from the sun. Also, make sure if there is sun exposure in storage units Covington LA before starting to pack.

Storing your plastic items

Now that you cleaned, protected, and packed your plastic items for storage, it is time to store it away. This may seem like the easiest part of the process, but you want to do some planning and thinking through. This will help you keep your storage unit tidy and organized. 

A woman and a man packing an item in bubble wrap, surrounded with boxes.
When you want to store plastic items, some planning is necessary.

Once you find storage units West Monroe LA , you can start planning your storing project:

  1. Firstly you want to make a detailed map of the unit and pay attention to the accessibility of each part of the unit.
  2. Then you can start stocking accordingly. To explain better, first, you want to load the items that are least likely to be needed any time soon.
  3. You can divide the storage unit into categories such as camping gear, holiday decorations, kids’ toys, etc.
  4. Once you set these and decide where you going to place the plastic items depending on the necessity, you can start piling up.

Stocking your plastic items in your storage unit

Placing your plastic belongings in the storage unit may seem effortless, but think again. In order to prevent any damage to your stuff, you need to plan and make sure everything is secure.

Start by placing bigger, sturdier items first, which can endure more when you put more things on top of it. Then you can build up from there, and put smaller and lighter things on top of that. Just make sure nothing is wobbly or sinking in under the weight. It is better to divide the piles or install some shelves than to risk damaging something.

Of course, like mentioned earlier, pay attention to the sun exposure! If possible, place the plastic items away from any windows or direct sunlight. Keep in mind that the sunlight is moving throughout the day, so what may be in shadow at the moment you placed it, can be exposed to sunlight later in the day. If this is the case, throw some old blankets or sheets over the boxes and plastic items exposed.

Maintaining your plastic items in storage

Once you store your plastic items, there is not much maintaining to do. If you followed this advice, and cleaned, protected, packed, and stored your plastic items properly, there is not much to worry about. You can check if everything is covered and dust off some larger pieces if necessary, but that is pretty much it.

However, remember that even you have done everything in your power to store everything properly and securely, some stuff can still waste away. This can be due to some unforeseen events, time passing over, or not taking care of your storage unit properly. Still, you can make sure you find out more on how to properly prepare your items for storage, and ensure you did everything that is up to you.


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