How to store sculptures

When you want to store your artwork, large or small, you will need to know a few things in advance. One of the first is that this job can require a lot of effort. Because when you need to store sculptures, you have to make sure that they are properly packed and safely transported to the storage, as well as stored in a safe place. So, in addition, it’s necessary to choose the right and appropriate storage according to your needs. You can use storage units West Monroe LA. You need safe storage, but also professional help during the packing and storage of your artwork. In this text, we will reveal a few tricks for storing your artwork.

How to store sculptures

Sculptures are very sensitive artworks, which require special attention during packing, transport, and storage. It’s necessary to pay attention to the approach to these antiques, as well as to the choice of materials for packing and protection. We recommend that you use climate-controlled portable storage units for your sculptures. In storage units such as these, your sculptures will be in a safe, dry, and climate-controlled place. So, before you start storing your things, you need to prepare them and pack them inadequate packaging.

White sculptures waiting to be packed and stored.
You can pack small sculptures individually in moving boxes, but make sure you pack them properly.

To safely store your sculptures, you must first prepare, protect, pack and safely transport them to your storage units. These are the main steps when talking about this topic. That’s why it’s important to go in order, and not skip them. If you have any difficulty packing or loading your antiques, you can always contact our local movers LA. They can help you with every step and give you adequate packing tips. And they also can give you advice with choosing the way of packing, as well as the help to find right packaging.

Prepare your sculptures for a store in safe storage units

Preparation is an important step even when it comes to storing some other things. It’s always important to prepare them well so, that they can be adequately taken care of during their stay in the storage units. When we talk about sculptures, their preparation is similar to the preparation of other things. To begin with, consider the size of the sculpture, measure it and know which packaging to choose, as well as the number of other packing supplies. If your sculpture stood in an open place, for example outside, it needs to be cleaned of dust and other dirt. It’s very important that everything you want to store is clean and tidy.

The person packing the stuff into the box.
Make sure you get quality packing supplies when you need to store sculptures.

The sculptures are very sensitive, especially the smaller parts on them, which can fall off even with a light blow. That is why it’s necessary to have the right approach to such things. So, don’t stare, but if you are not sure that you will arrive on time, take a little more time. Also, while packing or cleaning your sculpture, be gentle and without sudden movements. Because anything to the contrary can cause damage to your antiques. And when they are damaged, they begin to lose value.

Pack and store your artworks in a proper way

Packing and storing works of art, such as sculptures and others, can be a very difficult and challenging task. Then you need to put a lot of work and effort into this job, so, that your sculptures can be moved in a safe way. When you need to store them, you must also think about transporting them to the storage. Therefore, it will be necessary to pack and protect them properly, so, that they can be safely transported and stored. You can use a variety of packing supplies, and the most useful include:

  • Bubble Wrap
  • Plain soft foil
  • Packing Peanuts
  • Moving Boxes
  • Sticky Tape
  • Scalper
  • Meter
  • Marker
  • “Fragile” stickers

The first step is to protect the sculptures during transport. For this, you will need soft foil, blankets, as well as a bubble wrap. First, twist your sculptures with plain soft film, and protect them from external influences. Then use a bubble wrap, and wrap the sculpture on all sides, and pay attention to the prominent small details because they are the most sensitive. Feel free to put a layer plus of foil hanging in such places. After that, wrap it all in blankets and wrap it around with adhesive tape.

Pack the smaller sculptures as previously said, except that in the end you don’t have to use blankets, but moving boxes. Find the appropriate box, quality material, fill them with packing peanuts, and put your wrapped object inside. Packing peanuts will soften the walking of the sculpture and hit the walls of the box during transport. Lastly, don’t forget to stick a “fragile” sticker on the boxes. These tips will help you pack, and secure your antiques during transport. Also, packed like this, you can store it right away.

Find secure storage units

On-site storage containers are just one of the choices you have when looking for the right storage for your needs. Storage units should be reliable, safe, clean, and easily accessible. When choosing storage units, pay attention to the number of things you need to store and choose the size of the storage accordingly.

Places where you can store sculptures
The selection of storage is large, and what is needed is to choose the appropriate storage units according to the number of things you need to store and according to your needs and capabilities.

If you need to store sculptures, on-site storage containers can be a good choice. All that is needed is to keep your belongings safe during your stay in the storage. So, pay special attention to the choice of storage. And choose based on your needs and abilities.

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