How to store tires in Lake Charles

There come certain periods of the year when it’s best that you change tires. For that reason, it’s best that you choose the best way to keep them protected and safe at all times. So what do you need to do when you store tires in Lake Charles? Thankfully, we at Zippy Shell Louisiana can offer you the best storage options, but also some advice. Check out the things that will give you more clarity on how to store your tires.

Do a routine clean up before you store tires in Lake Charles

Above all, it’s important that you check your tires before it’s time to put them away. See if there’s any potential damage to them as certain weather conditions can be harmful to your tire. If everything is in order, your next step needs to be cleaning the tires up. Before you put them in many of the self storage Lake Charles LA, it’s important that you completely spray your tire with water and clean it to the best of your abilities. By doing so you can not just keep it clean, but also protect it from damage that can happen when it’s sitting for a longer period of time in a unit. This simple step will take you little time but will show you great results. Especially when it’s time to take your tires out of storage.

A person using a water gun
Before you store tires in Lake Charles clean them up with water

It’s best that you don’t put any products on your tires before storing them

When you store tires in Lake Charles it’s important that they’re clean. However, don’t overdo it. There’s no need for anything else besides water to ensure that your tires don’t have any dirt or build-up on them. That will make sure that they are safe and sound during the whole storing process. Even our residential movers New Orleans will suggest you not to use products for tires. That’s because it can do more harm than good. and if you even use products on them make sure that they are not harmful to your tires. Above all, cleaning them with just water is a safe bet.

Bag all your tires up for additional safety

Sometimes, it’s important to offer your items in storage some additional safety. For tires, that can be putting them in a bag and keeping them protected. Above all, that can make sure that any dirt in your storage option doesn’t fall on the tires and that they are as safe as possible. When you’re getting the packing supplies New Orleans make sure that you get some proper bags for tires too. That will ensure that the safety and protection of your tires are almost guaranteed.

Keep away the sunlight and extreme temperatures from your tires

If there’s something that can inflict more damage to a tire than dirt, it’s the weather conditions. One of the biggest problems you can encounter is the sunlight. Its UV rays will be very harmful to any tire so keep them away from any window. On top of that, extreme weather conditions can have their impact too, as too hot temperatures can create problems for the rubber. On the other hand, too cold temperatures can be very problematic for your tires if you don’t put them in the right storage option. That’s why it’s best that you keep everything in the best storage option possible.

A window with sunlight coming in
Keep your tires away from the sun and extreme temperatures

You don’t need to keep all your tires at full pressure during the period you’re not using them

This doesn’t only apply to people in Lake Charles, but a lot of people don’t think about making storage easier for their tires. What we mean by that is that people put their tires without deflating them even a little bit. Experts suggest that during storage tires should be at almost 30% of their normal pressure. That will make sure that the tire can relax a little and that it’s not constantly under pressure. Imagine it like being completely under stress at all times during the storage process. That state is good while they are on a car, but during storage, it’s not that good. For that reason, make sure to check the pressure before you store tires in Lake Charles.

Choose the best way to store tires in Lake Charles

Of course, there are many ways that people can store away their tires. Above all, everyone chooses the option that fits their needs the best. You can’t blame people for putting them in their garage or sheds as that will make them accessible and they won’t have to pay any fees for actually storing them away. However, your best option is to pick a storage unit. That will keep your tires as protected as possible. After all, that’s what they’re for, keeping things safe and sound. On top of that, your best pick will be hanging your tires from hooks on the walls. If that’s not possible, even putting them on top of each other is not a bad idea as it saves you space.

Where to store tires in Lake Charles for the best results?

Ensuring that you have the best storage unit will make things so much easier for you. Certain tires can be stored best in a climate-controlled storage unit. But that’s not an option that all companies have. For that reason, it’s best that you trust a BBB-approved storage company to handle your tires. They will have facilities that you can visit and check out the storage units on your own. If you made your mind about using a storage unit, it’s best that you pick the best one as your tiers deserve it.

A person taking a tire
Pick the best place to store your tires

Certain items require a detailed approach on how to store them. One of them is tires, which can be very tricky and will require you to take an approach that will ensure their safety. With our advice on how to store tires in Lake Charles, we’re sure it will be much easier. Just approach it step by step and everything will be a more streamlined process. You will be more than happy to put those tires on your vehicles. Above all, we’re sure they will be in pristine condition when you take them out.

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