How to store your furniture in Hammond

When you are moving away, sometimes relocating your belongings is not possible right away. It can happen that you are going to need some extra space to manage everything. It can be for various reasons, such as for final cleaning when you leave your previous home, per example. Or if you can’t have things immediately when you move and you have to move out from the previous house, you will need a place where to store your furniture in Hammond. Also, if you need some extra space in your home, you will need storage. You should start looking for storage units Hammond LA as soon as you hire a moving company. This way you can be sure that your furniture will be stored somewhere safe. In the meantime, you will have lots of other things to worry about. So that’s why it is important to ease it upon yourself.

Why store your furniture in Hammond?

As said above, there are multiple reasons why you should store your furniture in Hammond. Whether it is a climate controlled portable storage or some other type of it, it is a good idea. Your furniture will be safe and protected, and that is your main goal. So, only some of the reasons for storing it would be:

Packed cardboard boxes ready for storing in empty apartment.
Pack and store your furniture in Hammond to make it easier on yourself!
  • making some extra space in your home
  • when moving away and it’s needed to leave the previous home until the new one is reached
  • cleaning and renovating the apartment/house
  • safekeeping your old furniture you don’t want to get rid of just in case

Whatever the reason is, finding New Orleans self storage shouldn’t be hard and you should consider this option!

Who to ask for help?

Firstly, the best thing would be to contact your friends and relatives. If you know someone who is using storage before, it will be helpful a lot. But, even if you don’t know, try not to worry much. It’s a perfect thing that we live in a world where everything can be solved and discovered through the internet. Try finding storage in Hammond online. You will probably have a lot of offers. The best way to be one hundred percent sure in your options and final choice, contact moving companies. Lots of them are offering self storage Metairie and you should check it out.  Ther can give you useful tips and advice too.

Armchair with a blanket, tea table and a shelf with pictures.
Store your furniture to make your home more spacious!

Types of storage units

To understand what exactly kind of storage you are going to need, you need to know what are types of storage. The list is not big, so you won’t have to think about it a lot. Don’t worry much.

  • Climate-controlled storage – It’s a storage that is specific since it’s temperature-controlled in addition to protect things stored inside.
  • Long-term storage – Basically, the name says everything. It’s just storage which you can use for a long period of time to store your belongings.
  • On-site storage – Containers like this are types of storage that you can have on your own property, or anywhere you would like to.
  • Outside storage – Mostly used for cars, RVs, bikes, and other types of vehicles. The name explains it.
  • Drive-up storage – These are perfect if you will need to access your item frequently and they are the most affordable ones.

No matter what storage type you choose, the more important part is to store your furniture in Hammond properly. One more step before you start. You will have to check if the place is secured with cameras. You don’t want your things to go missing, do you?

How to store your furniture?

When you are storing your furniture away, you should know that it’s not something you should just put in the storage and leave. You will need a small plan and organization. Ask your family and friends for help, since you will need it. By following further steps, you won’t have anything to worry about.

  • The first step on the way must be cleaning. You must clean all of your belongings carefully. You want to remove all the dust and dirt from the furniture. Also if there is even the slightest chance of rust, you will have to fix it. Clean everything well and dry it. You don’t want the moisture to damage things.
  • Now, once everything is cleaned, it’s time to take everything apart. In order to easier transport your furniture, you will have to disassemble it. Unscrew the legs and remove drawers wherever it’s possible to do so. From the bed remove the mattress, cushions from the sofa, etc.
  • When you did the previous step, it is time for wrapping. When it comes to the wooden parts of the furniture, you want to avoid bubble wraps. It can actually cause some damages to the furniture. Instead, for wood use blankets for moving and another type of soft material. Use bubble wrap only for smaller things made of glass and other materials than wood. Secure everything once it’s wrapped with duck tape, but be careful not to tape the furniture itself too.
  • The final part would be storing the prepared furniture in storage. Divide things into groups, it will be easier for you. Also, try to arrange it in a way that you still have free space around. It will be better for the fresh air to circulate around and you will be able to walk there and search for your things without a problem.
Man in a storage filled with wood for furniture.
Disassemble each part from the furniture with caution and slowly.

Store your belongings and don’t worry

Now once you stored all of your belongings, you have nothing to worry about. For some extra protection, you can buy a good quality combination lock. But if you find storage that is secured with cameras, it won’t be necessary. You made a good decision and now you will do your other obligations quicker without interruptions on the way. Or you can finally enjoy yourself in your spacious living room! Either way, storing furniture is always a good idea.

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