How to store your furniture in Shreveport

As time passes more and more people are searching for storage space. Some need it for a short period of time while they are relocating, others need it for a bit longer as they are getting out of space in their own houses. Find some tips on how to store your furniture in Shreveport even before your relocation. There are a variety of options for you to choose from, from climate controlled storage Shreveport to many others. Your main concern should be how to prepare your furniture in order to store it properly. You can always ask someone to do it for you, but there is no need. You can do it by yourself. It is not something hard to do, so try not to worry and avoid stressing yourself.

Many doors of a storage warehouse.
When you store your furniture in Shreveport you have more free space in your home.

Why store your furniture in Shreveport

You must be wondering, why store your furniture in Shreveport? Well, storing your furniture is really helpful and comes in handy. Houses and apartments are not that big to support all the furniture and belongings you own. When you use storage you can be sure that your belongings are secured and placed somewhere safe. You can always go there and take them for use when you need them. Therefore, why try putting all that unnecessary things in one small space and lowering the pleasure in your own home?

Also, don’t forget that it is the best solution for doing some maintenance in your home. Repairment, painting, or some woodwork. Whatever it is and you need more space, storage is here. Also, when painting, you won’t have to worry if you will destroy your furniture since it will be safe. It is a good investment and you shouldn’t think about it too much. Lookup for storage units Covington LA and try to find your type of storage.

How to choose the right storage

People are always looking for one thing when it comes to storage, and that is security. That is the first thing to consider when you are searching for new storage space because we all want our things to be untouched and safe where they are. It is best to do some research on storage facilities that you can rely on, with well-controlled storage space, long experience in the area, and good reviews. Depending on the things you want to store maybe consider climate control storage. You want to store your furniture in Shreveport safely and avoid any risks. Also, keep in mind that long-term storage is a better solution. You never know when and for how long you will need to store something.

For instance, is in the summer it can get pretty hot, and it is not best if your things can get damaged at high temperatures. The same thing goes for wintertime. You should also specify for how long you need storage. Will it be for a short or a long period of time. For instance, you can search for specified storage space if you need boat or RV storage. You should do your research on companies that are offering storage units Alexandria LA, for instance, contact them and consider their offers. Find the best deal possible by matching your budget with the price and your needs with their offer.

Calculator, pen, money and notes on the table.
Calculate all your money and make a plan to see what’s your budget.

How to properly prepare to store your furniture in Shreveport

Once you have chosen your store, it is time to prepare everything, in addition, to successfully store your furniture in Shreveport. It is out of big importance to clean everything well. Don’t miss any pieces of furniture. Afterward, make it dry, so the moisture doesn’t destroy the furniture. Now, the trickiest part. It is time for some disassembling! Remove the legs and all the extra parts of each piece of the furniture. Try to disassemble as many things as possible. And put them in different groups. For instance, legs for one box, smaller parts in another, and so on. Be extra careful with the older furniture. Now, when you want to pack the items, you will have to secure them first.

To secure your furniture you should prepare everything for wrapping. For wooden pieces and for a sofa, for instance, use only softcover blankets. But for other things, you can use bubble wrap. Just wrap everything carefully and duck tape it. Store it in boxes but make groups so it is easier to find something when you need it. Don’t put too many things in one box. Use styrofoam balls and scrunched newspaper to fill in the extra space in addition to prevent damage or breakage. After that, close each box and again duck tape it. Label each box so you avoid mixing them up. If something is fragile, you should also put it out on the box so you don’t break it.

How to store your furniture in Shreveport

When you have everything packed, it is time to store it away. Firstly, you should know the exact size of your storage. Once you pack everything and realize how much furniture you will store in Shreveport you will decide the size. Talk with your company workers where you are renting storage and ask for advice. Keep in mind that you still want to have free space around so you can find your things. You should know that you shouldn’t put your belongings on the floor if you didn’t choose climate-controlled storage. Therefore, find some sort of pallets and then start storing things.

  • Put the large items first such as wardrobe, sofa and so on.
  • Make shelves and put boxes on each shelf – down the heavier, up the lighter
  • See it as a game of Tetris, trying to fit in everything perfectly
  • In order to easily access your furniture, you should create an aisle on the sides or at the back of your unit.
  • Don’t at any cost put too many things and overdo it. This will only lead to massive breakage.
  • Try to make it spacious as much as possible so the fresh air can flow.
Trunk full of cardboard boxes.
Pack your things properly in addition to avoid damage.

Secure it!

For better protection, if your storage doesn’t have a camera, you should install one! It is easy to order a blink outdoor camera and they are really affordable for this purpose. You will keep your belongings safe under the lock and if something happens, it will be easier to solve the problem like this.

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