How to store your items in West Monroe

Having a storage space sometimes is a life savior. There are plenty of various reasons why people need the storage and what for do they use it. It can be because of relocation, lack of space in the home, or some craft hobby materials. Whatever the reason is, storage is a perfect solution. Not every storage is for everything. There are different types and sizes. Depending on your needs and on the amount of the things you want to store. But it is always better to take one bigger size, just in case you might need more space for some new items. Contact some moving companies and find Louisiana moving and storage solutions. They will know the best how to help you out and they will advise you on everything. So, learn how to store your items in West Monroe before even owning storage, so you can be prepared.

A storage filled in with paint and brushes.
You can store your items in West Monroe according to your hobby and needs.

You will need a plan, in addition, to store your items in West Monroe

The best solution is to make a floor plan before storing things inside of storage. Of course, before that, you will need to have all the items packed and prepared, so you can take the measures of every box, shelves, and so on. Also, you will have to take measures inside of storage. Place everything on the paper and start drawing. You can make plenty of drawings until you come up with a perfect solution. Once you do make that plan, you can start looking for storage units West Monroe has according to your plan. This is the perfect way to realize what kind of storage you will need and which size.

However, if you don’t make a plan, it can happen that you end up buying rather too small or too big storage which is only money that is thrown away. So to avoid making that mistake, make a perfect floor plan before you store your items in West Monroe.

Cleaning and purging

After you make your plan and buy the desired storage, it is time for cleaning and purging. Not all the time storage units Covington has are completely clean and ready for storing. So start with cleaning it completely. Also, you will have to clean the items that you are about to store inside. But remember not to leave them wet, since moisture can damage and destroy them. Another thing you can consider doing is throwing away some belongings. Let’s face it, most likely there are plenty of things which you don’t actually need and which you won’t even use. So, instead of taking space with unnecessary things, throw them away and free the space for the items you actually need. Sometimes is not easy to say goodbye to things you are being used to have, but in this case, it is better to do so.

A teddy bear in a storage facility in front of doors of storage units.
Choose storage that has a camera and is protected.

Store your items in West Monroe using shelves

When you are about to store everything inside, you will want to use the space creatively. That is why it’s the best option to have shelves. They will save a lot of space, while still, you will be able to store plenty of boxes on them. And it is easier to arrange things like that. It would be even better if you found climate controlled storage Shreveport offered and place shelves among the walls. Then you would get plenty of free space in the middle for something else, and your items will be safe and protected from damage.

Avoid plastic shelves, because they are not reliable at all, especially with heavy things placed on them. Instead, either build or buy a proper, metal, and secure shelf with a lot of rows where you can place your items. Don’t make them narrow. The wider they are, the better. You don’t want things falling off from there.

Pack and label everything

Packing things up in a proper way is really important. So is the labeling. As mentioned above, firstly you will have to clean your items and dry them. Wrapping them properly is the second step of this process. Some items, such as wooden elements of furniture, for instance, can’t be wrapped in a bubble or any kind of plastic wrap for a long time. That is why you will need to wrap them with a soft, blanket cover. It is better if you have boxes that are not cardboard ones, but maybe plastic. They can hold more things and heavier. When it comes to pictures and mirrors, you should pack them in the cardboard box exactly sized for that only.

When you are storing things on the shelves, put the heaviest boxes on the bottom of the shelf. The upper you go, the lighter weighted boxes you put. Plates and other dishes pack in sturdy boxes. You should place them at the top of the shelf. Some metal tools and heavy objects placed at the very bottom. You don’t want something heavy like that to fall over on you or something like that. When it comes to the furniture, you should declutter everything that can be decluttered and then store it.

After you have finished with the packing process, it is time to label everything. But label it in a way that it is visible without you having to turn around the boxes and read. This will help you to arrange everything in perfect order, so it is easier to find things. Don’t forget to label fragile and breakable items to prevent them from breaking.

Storage warehouse units with green doors.
Visit your storage often to check everything is fine.

Don’t forget to leave some free space

Leaving some free space in one storage is important for various reasons. Fresh air needs to flow somehow inside, and you won’t have that if you don’t have an aisle without any belongings. Also, how do you think to find anything if you don’t have space to walk inside your storage? It will be impossible to find things if you don’t make away from the entrance to each shelf. Find some ideas for storage solutions and how to creatively use space for some things.

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