How to store your office furniture in New Orleans

Utilizing a storage unit to support your business is extremely smart. It can be advantageous to have your office space clean of clutter while having old, unused, and spare items inside the storage warehouse. Most businesses have some kind of extra space to support their business and employees. Therefore, we advise you to do the same. But before you can store your office furniture in New Orleans, you must find reputable commercial movers New Orleans to transport your items. More importantly, you must find a good storage unit provider as well. So, let us cover this story thoroughly and prepare your assets for storage. Let’s go!

A few mandatory steps before you begin using your storage

The first question is – what you are going to use your storage unit for? Some people use it as a workshop, second garage, gym, or even a workspace. Your business can benefit greatly from having a storage space. You can store items, use it as a contingency plan if your systems are down, use it as a second office space, or something entirely different. But whatever you intend on using it for, you must prepare for it. For regular storage, you should first inspect all your assets. Figure out how much space it will take inside a truck, then how many movers you need to transport everything. And finally, how much space you will be using inside the unit. Lastly, you must calculate the budget and purchase the appropriate number of packing materials.

mover carrying a sofa will help you store your office furniture in New Orleans
Start searching on time for a good storage facility where you can store your office furniture in New Orleans

Once you do this, you can start searching for New Orleans moving and storage companies. If you find a good one, you can purchase the whole package and have them relocate items and rent you a good unit. It is surely more convenient than working with several providers. Therefore, browse online, and compare companies, and once you find a good one, give them a call. Let them help you store your office furniture in New Orleans safely and affordably.

Find a good unit where you’ll store your office furniture in New Orleans

As soon as you decide on renting a storage unit, you should inspect all your assets. Figure out how many furniture pieces you have and search for adequate storage space. You can choose from small, medium, and large units. Probably the 10×10 one is enough for all your needs. Nevertheless, you must inform your movers about the size of the items and how many of them you intend on moving. This is important because of the size of the moving truck. And of course, the size of the unit as well. If you do not measure your furniture beforehand, you can end up with a lot of disassembled furniture. So, start browsing online and find the New Orleans storage you like the most.

It is good to know that you can choose to have great perks when renting a unit. You can have a guard on site with 24/7 surveillance. Then, you can choose between outdoor and indoor units. Some units are small and separated while others are a part of a much bigger complex. Then, you can have a regular lock and key system or a touchpad with a password. Remember all perks are charged extra unless specified differently.

Required packing materials

As you may know, packing for moving is always boring, time-consuming, and complicated. It can be even more costly if you do not know how to do it right and spend more packing materials than needed. So, guided by the number of furniture you possess, you will purchase the correct number of packing materials.

boxes on pallets
Use wooden pallets for all your cardboard boxes and other sensitive items

You will need the following:

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Adhesive tape
  • Blister packs
  • Corner pads
  • Labels

For cleaning, you can purchase basic home chemicals. Clean it before you store your office furniture in New Orleans to keep the original glow. As for the other items on the list, you can obtain everything at the local hardware store. Or order online if that is easier for you. Also, you can purchase packing supplies New Orleans moving companies offer. They will send the entire batch over so you can pack whenever you like. Moreover, you should consider purchasing the entire packing service package. Movers can bring the materials that are required, pack them, and then relocate everything to your storage unit. Truly a marvelous service. Remember this one, you might need it.

Let us store your office furniture in New Orleans

Now when you have your moving team, all items packed, and you have rented a good unit, it is time to relocate everything. The most important part is to store everything inside the unit safely. And of course, to utilize the space you have correctly. So, a few days before moving, visit your storage unit. Create a layout and figure out where to place each piece. Focus on robust and hard-to-handle furniture first, then fill the gaps with smaller pieces and boxes. For boxes and other sensitive items, you should use wooden pallets and place all those items on top of it. Use a few layers of cardboard to soak up any moisture it might be there. But if you have rented a climate-controlled storage space, you should think about mold and moisture of any kind.

Ok, if you are storing electronics, you should make sure all cords are detached adequately. The same goes for appliances. There shouldn’t be any liquids inside any of them. And consider disassembling some of the furniture that can create problems during transport. Or if you realize that one piece of furniture will eat up half of your storage, either get rid of it or disassemble it and store it in pieces. Lastly, all restoring, cleaning, and refurbishing should be completed weeks before storing. Remember that when the time comes.

What about other office-related items?

Before you instruct your New Orleans local movers to transport all furniture to the storage, figure out if you have space for other items as well. This is something you should do while packing for storage, but you can do it later as well. If you have many items to pack and store inside the unit, maybe it is wiser to rent a bit bigger unit. Or you can simply fill it with all your furniture and when you realize how much space is left, bring your boxes over time until the storage is full.

a box ready for storage
Having a bit of space to store your paperwork and hard copies is always good

Most of the time business storage has more than furniture inside. It is smart to utilize the space and store your assets, hard copies, and other paperwork. Furniture can take up a lot of space, but you can even use the furniture to hold boxes and other items inside. Therefore, figure out how much spare space you have and use it wisely.

Keep an inventory list in check

In the end, we are sure you want to know where your items are. Easily locating items inside storage when you need them is important. So, you must have a moving and storage inventory list. Remember the labels you were using earlier to label all your content? Yes, you will match boxes and labels with items on the inventory list. It is the most convenient way of tracking items inside the storage unit. Or you can even use one of the organizing apps. They are especially good if you have huge storage that is supporting an even bigger business. Find one of the apps online, there are hundreds of those. Simply browse and read a few reviews and you will find the one that suits you the most.

Now you know how to store your office furniture in New Orleans. As long as you find a good storage unit provider and keep your unit clean and organized, there shouldn’t be any problems. Follow our guide to prepare your furniture for storage and have fun while doing it. Good luck.


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