How to Store Your Valuables the Right Way

There has been a lot of talks lately about minimalism. The truth is, we all keep and collect stuff much longer than we need. Over the years, we tend to have a hoard. There is nothing wrong with that, but we need to have in mind that a mountain of valuables comes with great responsibility – how to keep and store them. If you recognized yourself in these words, we are here to give you some ideas on how to store your valuables right away. If you are overwhelmed and just don’t know where to start, you can ask for professional help with storing your valuables. There are companies specialized to help you with that, so the best idea is to find a local one. Give them a call and ask all you have to.

Store your valuables the right way

Some items are fragile and ask for some extra care. If you decided to store some of your possessions, you want them to be safe. If you are in the Louisiana area, you should definitely look for storage units Houma. You will be happy to take your possessions there. The first thing about storage is to pack everything correctly. You want everything to be safe and to avoid any damage. This list will help you start. Take good care of:

  • Paper (books, documents, paintings, and photographs)
  • Furniture and antique items
  • Jewelry
  • Optical devices (like cameras and similar equipment)
  • Glass and porcelain are especially fragile – store your valuables the right way.

Books, documents, paintings, and photographs

If you consider yourself a reader, you most probably have an issue with too many books and a need to put them somewhere safe. The same applies if you are an artsy person, and you love to collect art pieces. In addition, we all have a ton of documents and some old photos we wouldn’t get rid of for life. Maybe that is a reason you would like to store all of that by yourself. We are happy to inform you that you can find self storage Shreveport and put all your valuables in your own hands.

Woman sitting on a flor using a laptop
If you really appreciate your book collection you should store your valuables the right way

That is all just fine, but we all know how sensitive paper is. You have to be careful and keep that all from the dust, liquids, but also light. Find a black matte plastic folder for that matter or just put all your paper in an appropriate briefcase. You don’t want to expose your books to dampness or heat, so put them in some hardcovers or pack them in some waterproof bags. Paintings and photographs could be easily damaged by light, so you need to wrap them well before storage them to avoid fading. And have in mind, that some modern art, like encaustic work with wax, asks for some special conditions and must avoid heat. You want to store all your valuables the right way.

Storing furniture

Storing furniture can be a tricky one. It can also be an expensive thing to do, so you want to check twice if you want to keep it, sell it or gift it to someone. We don’t want to scare you, so first have all information before you made a choice. We know that it is important for you to store Your Valuables the Right Way. Give a call to professionals, and we could recommend you to search for storage units Denham Springs, if the location is convenient for you.

A couple packing a chair in a bubble wrap - Store Your Valuables the Right Way
Packing furniture can be both tricky and expensive

There are several ways you could keep your furniture safe in storage. The method depends on the materials it is made of. If you have pieces made of velvet or cloth-covered items, the best advice is to wrap them all in plastic to prevent any damage. It is smart to also protect all wooden surfaces. Wrap them in a newspaper or some cloth. Make some time to clean your furniture before storing them. You wouldn’t want to some food leftovers make some mildew over time. If you are using storage, the best thing is to lift your furniture off the ground. It would be enough to put it on a shelf or even a pallet, to avoid damaging it.

Store your precious items the right way –  like jewelry

Since it could happen that softer materials could be scratched by harder ones, it is best to keep your jewels in separate compartments. If you decided to clean it before storage them, the most secure thing to do is to ask for professional help. When storing, it is best to avoid putting your valuables in plastic, because it can emit vapors. The temperature also could affect your natural gems. Many stones won’t be tolerant when it comes to dry air in a safe deposit box. That could make them crack and of course, you don’t want to live with the fear of that. The same applies to freezing temperatures or rapid changes in temperature.

Cameras and similar things

When it comes to gadgets it really can be tricky because of the delicacy of equipment. Like everything else, it could be taken care of. The first thing to do is to remove the batteries and replace the battery terminal. That way your devices will be safe from leakage. Nor devices like temperature fluctuations. Never put it next to a heater, and be careful to avoid high temperatures. You should avoid plastic bags when it comes to long-term storage. Silica gel will get rid of any moisture which is important for your equipment. But make sure to replace the bag of gel every few months, because it loses its ability in time.

Glass and porcelain

The least wanted noise is the one of breaking your precious Chinese porcelain in a moving box. So take good care of them. The first one is to clean all your glass and porcelain before storing it. Separate every dish with a layer of cardboard or lined cloth to avoid shattering. It applies to all your glass. Make sure that every piece is covered in gently put in a box. Always put on a box a sticker that said ‘fragile’.

A man getting a box with a fragile sign
Sensitive items should always be handled with care

Knowledge is a power when you need to store your valuables the right way

Now that you know how to store your valuables the right way, you can exhale. They will all be safe and you are about to feel some lightness when you storage what you don’t use. Now is time to get in the action and start some packing.

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