How to store your wedding dress

Girls have been dreaming about their wedding day since they were very little. It is something very special, that brings memories that will last a lifetime. Having the perfect wedding dress is, of course, a dream come true. And, if you are lucky enough, you only get to wear it once. But, you don’t want to get rid of it, right? And you don’t have to. There are ways how you can store your wedding dress, and how you can keep the fresh memories completely safe. There are a lot of Louisiana self storage units that you can take for long-terms, and keep your memories and valuable possessions there. It is not a complicated job storing, but you really need to learn how to do it. Storing valuable things for a long period of time needs to be done perfectly, and you want to keep it safe, so no damages occur.

Wedding dress on a mannequin and some fabric.
To keep it safe for a long period of time, learn how to store your wedding dress properly.

Why is it important to store your wedding dress properly?

A lot of people don’t go through every small detail when they want to rent or buy self storage Charles LA has, and that is the worst mistake. There are many things that you should know before you start storing anything. You have to understand that it is not only packing things and putting them into storage. It is, for sure, a lot more than that. Especially when you want to store your wedding dress. It is something that has a huge value, and you must keep it safe. If you don’t pack that one properly, you might find it completely destroyed. And you probably don’t want to even imagine that happening. Right?

Sometimes, we don’t understand the risks until we face the consequences. But, for that reason, we are here to help you out. You won’t have anything to worry about. In just a few quite simple steps, you will be able to store your wedding dress in the correct way. And one more benefit is that once you get your storage unit, you can store other things inside as well.

The first step you will have to do is to find a proper storage unit

If you already own a storage unit, then you can pass on to the next step. But, it would be better if you actually check out if the storage you have is appropriate for a wedding dress. Now, to find New Orleans self storage units, the best way would be, for sure, to contact moving companies. Normally, they have a lot of storage or have a good connection with companies that have them. Either way, they will know better than you what kind of storage you need, and what you should choose.

There are various sizes of storage, and as well types. You won’t probably store only your wedding dress, but some other belongings as well. Depending on this, and according to the number of things you are about to store, you will have to choose the size. There are:

  • 5×5
  • 5×7
  • 5×10
  • 10×10
  • 10×15
  • 10×20
  • 10×30

First, what you want to do, is figure out what exactly is going to be in that storage. Without knowing this fact, you won’t be able to choose the proper storage size. And, as it is for the type, for sure, the best one is climate-controlled storage. Everyone will tell you that this is the best one. It will be easy to control the moisture and air inside. So, for sure, choose that one if you have the option.

Wedding dress hanging on a hager.
It is very important how you hang your dress, so be careful.

To store your wedding dress, you won’t need boxes

First of all, don’t make the mistake of even trying to fold your wedding dress and store it inside a box. You will ruin it completely. A wedding dress can’t be folded. You need to hang it somewhere, instead. If you don’t have money enough to buy a special mannequin for dresses, that is surrounded by glass around or a good plastic curtain, you will have to improvise a little bit. You shouldn’t also leave it inside of a bag, because that can destroy it after a while.

Now, if you are improvising, remember that you should never hang it by shoulders or strap. Instead, you need to use the hanging ribbons that are inside of your dress. Another important thing is to make sure that the weight is distributed evenly. These details might seem non-important, but they, in fact, are. Your hanger needs to be a good quality one as well. Never use a wire one or a cheap lightweight one. Of course, you need to leave some space around your dress, so nothing is touching it. Make sure that you inspect your climate controlled storage so nothing can fall on the dress from the ceiling, and that it is completely cleaned first.

Once the wedding dress is ready, there are other accessories you might want to store as well

For sure, the wedding dress is the most important thing on your wedding day. But, for sure, you had other accessories that you wore that day. It would be nice to save them, as well. For instance, your bouquet, shoes, jewelry, hair accessories, and so on. Every detail that you had. First, you will need plastic containers of different sizes. That is where you will keep these items. Clean thoroughly everything that you want to store. But, let it dry completely first. If you have something that is vintage and fragile, you want to make sure it is protected correctly. Use a bubble wrap to secure it more. Don’t put all the items together in one container. Use more of them, and separate your things. With a marker, write on those containers what is inside, so you don’t make a clutter when you want to take it.

Person holding weddin shoes.
Store other wedding accessories safely as well.

Consider getting a storage rack, it will be useful

No matter what you are storing, you will need something where you will do it. Don’t at any cost put things on the floor. You can either use pallets or even better, get a storage rack.  If you don’t want to buy one, you can easily make one and improvise. Anyway, don’t place it close to your dress. Put the heaviest boxes or containers at the bottom shelf, and as you move up, take lighter ones. Make sure that your dress is in the dark, and make the room cold.

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