Items that can’t be stored in Louisiana storage units

Self-storage is a great solution if you’re planning a move, doing some renovations, or need a place to keep a few things. There are a number of common restrictions and regulations that you must adhere to when renting storage space. Typically, items you can’t store in Louisiana storage are due to safety or legal concerns. But there are products that are not allowed on the premises which are less self-evident. You should be aware of items that can’t be stored in Louisiana storage units before renitng one to avoid any unpleasant surprises down the road.

Food and perishable goods can’t be stored in Louisiana storage units

Food and perishable goods tend to attract rodents and smell bad. So store them in some other place. This is one of the most commonly overlooked safety considerations when using self-storage facilities! You should never keep your dog’s food in a unit. You can expect them to eat and nest in the rest of your stored goods as a result. Do you want to deal with more difficult situations? In the absence of rodents, mold and pathogens will form on the rotting food in your Elmwood self storage facility.

units full of Items that can't be stored in Louisiana storage units
Be sure to check what Items that can’t be stored in Louisiana storage units

Priceless and irreplaceable items

A storage facility isn’t the place for things you can’t live without. Even if storing an item isn’t a matter of safety or responsibility. There are always certain dangers involved, including the possibility that you’ll run into trouble later and your items will be auctioned off. In the same way, unfortunate events like a fire, flooding, or theft could happen on the premises and harm your products. Many storage companies recommend storing your valuable antiques and memorabilia as well. When something is important to you, it’s best to keep it close at hand.

Flammable and combustable items

There is no room for anything that has the potential to start a fire or explode. Oil, lubricating grease, solvents, detergents, solvents, and paint are some examples. There is also a ban on fireworks and explosives. Because if it explodes. They will hold you responsible. Don’t even think about storing such things. There is even a law against it.

Wet or damp items

Items that are even a little damp can mildew and cause a plethora of problems when stored in a receptacle. Depending on how long you plan to keep your belongings, mold can be a serious problem. Hence, ensuring that all items stored are completely dry, should be a top priority.

Stolen items or illegal drugs

Our security team is aware that some criminals use leased storage facilities to hide illegal goods. In addition, we prefer to get a payment for turning them into the authorities. Because we will have video evidence of your crimes if you choose to store your stolen goods in rented storage units Bossier City, you should be prepared to spend time in prison. Law authorities can readily obtain a search warrant for your storage facility if they suspect you of being a criminal. Police have arrested a lot of people for this before.

storage units
People sometimes store forbidden items by mistake

Unregistered or uninsured vehicles

Except for a few notable exceptions, most organizations are willing to assist with vehicle storage. Importantly, any vehicle you intend to leave behind must be legally registered and insured before you may do so. Show the proof of registration and insurance to your storage provider. They might request this kind of paperwork. That’s one of the ways you can check if a storage company is legitimate. They will always have these kinds of rules. The other is to check on the Better Business Bureau and other review sites.

You shouldn’t store sentimental items even if you can

Storage containers might be perilous if you have anything of value in your heart. Burglaries? Even with these safeguards in place, damage to goods can still occur. Emotional artifacts that are close to your heart. Keep them in some other place. You can read about why you shouldn’t hold on to sentimental items.

Furs of any kind

Keepers of fur clothing must adhere to strict temperature and light criteria in order to maintain the quality of their products. Therefore a number of self storage Lafayette facilities now prevent furs from being stored. Look for a specialized storage firm. They can ensure to give the correct conditions for retaining fur.

Firearms, explosives, weapons, or ammunition may be illegal to keep in storage

Storage units almost always forbid the storage of weapons, ammunition, and other items that could go off accidentally, such as hand grenades and flame throwers. This is because of the facility’s numerous liability risks, as well as the obvious safety problems. When they place your apartment on auction. It is the facility that will face a lot of problems.

man in forklift
A professional storage facility will warn you that you cannot store some items there

Chemicals or radioactive material

Chemicals and dangerous items threaten the safety of the facility, the people who work there, and all the other items on-site. You must dispose of them instead. Here you’ll find everything from toxic garbage to asbestos to propane tanks and kerosene to acids and other flammable/combustible materials.

Humans (or other living things)

It is not possible to avoid paying rent by renting storage units from our shops! Customers can’t come to your unit to buy things, as we discourage people from running businesses or working out of their units. If you’re looking for a place to work, why not check out our conference rooms and managed offices?


Money and other valuables are among the Items that can’t be stored in Louisiana storage units. These valuables are better protected in a bank than in a storage facility for the reasons already outlined. Some storage units also explicitly forbid money storing.

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