Items you should move from your attic to storage

Collecting and gathering various goods and chattels may grow on you. Not only that certain belongings are useful, but some of them may be very sentimental to you. They can hold wholesome and joyful memories, as well as some background story on how you got in possession of them! By doing so, over the course of many years, you pile them up and soon enough, you are not left with much free space! The most common places to stack your goods are the attic and the basement. At one moment, you are probably going to have to free up some space for whatever reason. Thinking of what you should move from your attic to storage might be a difficult decision. We are going to share some tips and tricks in order to ease the decisions you have to make!

Decide which storage unit do you need

Firstly, we need to think of the storage options there are on the market. No matter if it’s for moving purposes or just to free up some space, self-storage units are great options. It’s important to research where it is located. There are few things that can help you decide which one to rent. The first thing you are going to notice is the facility where it’s located. If it has the proper security system which of a good fence, a strong main gate, and many surveillance cameras – it is highly unlikely for something bad to happen! Another thing you need to look after is the storage unit itself. It has to be spacious and in good condition. If you need a recommendation, we highly suggest renting self storage Lake Charles LA. Not only that they offer great units, but a variety of services as well!

Storage units
There are many different storage unit types you can choose based on your needs

Types of storage – the list

  • Long-term storage unit
  • Short-term storage unit
  • Secured storage units
  • Indoor/Outdoor storage
  • Climate-controlled units
  • Containers

Which items should you move from your attic to storage?

Deciding what to keep and what to move to a storage unit during the move is harder than you think. The good thing to do is to make 2 separate lists, the must-take, and will-leave. That way, you’ll have time to think through everything as well as make the plan. We are suggesting doing this because sometimes it can be just too much if you are doing it on the go. That being said, keeping your goods in a place that is accessible at any given moment can significantly reduce the level of stress you might feel when moving! At the end of the day, it’s no secret that being under pressure, especially in those moments can lead to bad decision-making.

If you are from New Orleans and want to get that peace of mind while in the process of moving, think of renting New Orleans moving and storage. You won’t be disappointed, for sure!

List of items you should move from your attic to storage

  • Furniture
  • Seasonal items
  • Large household appliances
  • Documents and files
  • Magazines and books
  • Musical instruments
  • Artwork pieces and collectibles


It has to be on the top of the list since most of the time, people are renting storage units just for this reason. Furniture can be very bulky, big, and can take a lot of free space, especially if the new household is not that big. On the other side, the current furniture you own might not match the space in the new house. Lastly, there is the possibility that your new place, whether it’s an apartment or house is already fully furnished. Another logical choice you can make is to sell unneeded furniture prior to the move. Alternatively, you can put it in the storage unit if you want to keep it for its sentimental value. New Orleans portable storage is a great choice if you are not sure will you need it when you move!

Furniture in the house
Furniture can take up a lot of space in your attic.

Seasonal Items

It’s well-known that you won’t use some of the possessions until the next season. Items such as accessories, clothes, or shoes are some of the most frequent items you might find in most storage units. It’s a great decision since it leaves you with more than enough time to figure out what are you going to do with it. When doing this, make sure to put them in colored boxes and label them with what’s inside. When it comes to seasonal items, people usually have trouble when deciding what to keep and what to throw away.

Large household appliances

Refrigerators, dishwashers, sinks, dryers, or kitchen stoves are also common items in storage units since they take up a lot of space or you simply already have them in your new place! On the other hand, if you are temporarily moving and know you might need them again soon, this might be a good option for you.

Documents and files

You should always keep important documents and files with you when you move. For example, let’s say you own a lot of work files that are not that important, or you are not planning to use them anytime soon. It’s a great option to remove them from your house since you’ll have to keep them for several years until it’s safe to dispose of them. Examples of such documents are receipts, medical documents, or financial documents.

colors and paints
Consider renting climate-controlled units if you want to store your artwork!

Instruments and artwork

Musical instruments and artwork usually have some sentimental value for their owner but they might not use them that often. Climate-controlled storages are an excellent option! That way, you will be able to control humidity as well as the temperature of storage to keep them in mint condition since they are very delicate.

It’s time to move the items!

There are many different reasons why people rent storage. We hope that we’ve helped decide which storage unit is right for you and your needs in the first place. The next step you need to do is decide which belongings are you going to keep and which to move from your attic to storage. Now that you know all this, nothing stops you from moving the items without worrying at all!


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