Life-saving tips for moving in and out of a college room

It is time to move to a college room again. Or to move out of one. Regardless of the situation, you can’t escape the notoriously boring moving process. And an expensive, hard, and time-consuming one as well. But it is something most of us must go through. It is time for you to organize, pack, prepare the budget, and start working with Zippy Shell Louisiana moving company to get there. Luckily, we have quite a few life-saving tips for moving in and out of a college room. Today we will share them with you and make sure your relocation is smooth and easy. Let’s dive right in.

Moving plan on paper will help you when moving in and out of a college room

The very first thing to do here is to create a moving checklist. It might sound boring but without one, you will most surely forget a thing or two. So, if this is your second year of college, then you probably already know which items you’ll bring. If not, then you must inspect all your items to figure out what you’ll need and what can stay. Moreover, you’ll need this list when moving out as well. Simply to have everything in check and ensure you have brought everything home with you. Now, you should begin with the most important items. All college-related belongings should be on the list along with the most essential pieces of furniture. If you are bringing them in the first place. But we will cover this topic a bit later once you start calling people all over the place.

a person writing a checklist when moving in and out of a college room
Gather the items you’ll bring and place them on the moving checklist

Ok, when you create an inventory list, you should move on to the personal belongings, documents, and finally, the moving budget. Hopefully, you have saved enough to cover the relocation process. Maybe your parents will chip in and make this much easier on your wallet. Be as it may, you should review the budget and figure out if you can afford any of the special moving services. Some are quite lucrative. For example, having a climate controlled storage Lake Charles while being in college will open many possibilities. Or purchase the packing service and let your movers pack you completely. Whatever you decide, you should be able to afford it without hurting your moving budget. You figure it out but, in the end, make sure to have everything on paper when moving in and out of a college room.

Contact your college for more information

The second thing to do is to call your college to obtain the missing information. You want to know if your school has some of the moving-related items to support your relocation. If they can spare dollies, carts, or even a few people to bring in the boxes, you can save a lot on the moving process. It will be cheaper and more effective in general. The next thing you want to obtain is the contact info of your new roommates. You must communicate with them about many things before moving in. Furthermore, you want to know if you can bring your car and if you’ll have a parking spot within the campus or if you must search for one elsewhere.

Also, the college personnel must tell you if there is a certain time window when you can move in. Is there an unloading dock and where to store your boxes until you can enter the room? How many sets of stairs you must take? Is there an elevator to make things easier? And ask all the questions you need answers to. If you do so, you will organize better, and your movers will create a better moving plan as well.

Visit your dorm room several times if necessary

At some point, you must visit your dorm room. Obviously, you can skip this part if you are moving out. But the idea is to figure out how much space you have. And of course, everything we have mentioned earlier you can check on the spot without calling anyone. Although sometimes it is easier to do everything over the phone or via chat. But this part must be done in person. And we strongly advise you to go there instead of sending your family members to do this part instead. You’ll have much better insight this way and you can prepare items and furniture adequately.

cozy dorm room
Inspect your new dorm room to figure out if you can create a familiar setup

So, go to your college, speak to someone to appoint you in the right direction, and check out your new room. Figure out how much space there is for furniture, books, and other miscellaneous items. You’ll know soon enough if you can bring your entire wardrobe, or if you must downsize a lot. And as we have said before, you won’t have if you decide on renting climate controlled storage Shreveport. Having a storage space will give you an advantage. And you can easily share the cost with your roommates.

Get in touch with your new roommates

Call your roommates as soon as you have the chance. As you know, dorm rooms are usually smaller than you see in movies. And you must check with your roommate what they’ll bring. You do not want to end up having two toasters, coffee makers, or something else. And you want to know only about furniture, appliances, and kitchen items only. Those can create a problem if you have two sets or more. Simply because you’ll waste more space than you have to. Although, having a couple of utensils extra can be beneficial when you have people over. But do not bring three lamps when you need only one. Therefore, call your roommate and make a list together.

Start searching for college movers

When moving in and out of a college room, you must hire a moving company. Unless you have only a couple of items with you, and you can fit everything in your car. In all other situations, you should hire Louisiana movers to assist you. You can find a good moving company online as long as you know what to look out for. So, when searching for movers, consider the following:

  • Movers must have licenses and permits to operate.
  • You should compare prices and reviews in order to find the best moving service.
  • A reputable, knowledgeable, and experienced moving team is what you should aim for.
  • Competitive prices are always welcome.
two people tossing boxes when moving in and out of a college room
A reliable college moving team is all you need when moving in and out of a college room

It might sound like much, but it is actually easy to find everything in a single moving company. As long as they are legit and have all the knowledge and tools to cover your relocation, you are good to go. Having discounts and good offers is always a plus. Now, start searching online and you’ll find a good company within an hour or two.

How much space do you have in general?

We can’t stress enough how important is to have extra space while moving in and out of a college room. As a matter of fact, for the entire school year, and not only when moving. Lately, having one of the Louisiana storage units become popular among students. Why might you ask? Simply because it can be used for more than to store stuff. Yes, you will store the excess items there. But the main reason why college students gather and rent one is to use it for fun activities. One thing is to store a bike, tools, or a piece of furniture. Some students got the idea to make a music studio out of a storage unit. Other created workshops, a gym, or simply a chillout spot. Toss in a PC or a TV and a couch, and you are all set.

But to make this happen, you must rent appropriately sized climate controlled storage Baton Rouge. The more space you have, the greater the options. Also, you want your stored items to stay in perfect shape. And climate-controlled storage unit will make it so. Therefore, ask your movers about it and find the best unit in the area. Preferably one that is located near the college campus.

Packing life-saving tips for moving in and out of a college room

The list of essential items can be quite long, and it differs from person to person. But for each college student, there is a list of items they must have. Start with your gadgets, extension cords, chargers, and a laptop. Then, you’ll need toiletries, kitchen items, sheets, and pillows. That should cover the basic needs. A first aid kit and toolbox are optional because someone in the dorm always has one. And the rest is up to you. But know that you can pack everything by using only the basic packing materials. All we have mentioned can fit into cardboard boxes and plastic bins. Use a bit of packing tape, labels, and bubble wrap and you’ll have it under control.

gadgets on the table
Follow your inventory list and make sure you have all your personal items with you

Do not bring unnecessary items

Yes, it might seem like you need all your furniture and personal items. But you’ll survive without most of them for sure. Especially if you are limited with space. And the more items you have, the more cleaning and maintenance it will require. Remember, the fewer items you have the easier it gets once you have to relocate. This does not mean you should pack only a backpack. It means going through your items once more and confirming for each item if you really need them or not. Downsize as much as possible and you’ll benefit on all fronts.

Now you have a few life-saving tips for moving in and out of a college room. Follow our guide from start to finish and you’ll enjoy your relocation like never before. Good luck.


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