Main reasons for you to move from a small town to Baton Rouge

You have finally made the decision to move to a better place. We are glad you are taking this step because changing the environment can do much good to the entire family. But before you can reap the rewards and start living a better life, you must choose the right place to move to. So, today we will tell you why it is good to move from a small town to Baton Rouge. And in the process, we will help you prepare for the relocation and find the best Louisiana moving and storage services. Let’s take a look.

Baton Rouge is a promised land

Probably the first question you’ll ask is – why move from a small town to Baton Rouge? Is it that good? And the answer is, yes. The city of Baton Rouge is a place with a small-town charm but with opportunities, only a big city can bring. No matter if we talk about housing opportunities, jobs, schools, or the environment, this city has it all. On top of it, you will find here an abundance of great restaurants, shopping places, bars, museums, and astonishing outdoor areas designated for all kinds of activities.

a city in Louisiana
Baton Rouge is affordable, diverse, rich in history, and fun. What more do you need?

What is also good about Baton Rouge is the fact that even if it’s a Louisiana capital, it is still more affordable than most of the cities in the state. The infrastructure is great, the architecture amazing, and the transportation is in a good place. So, we are sure you will have a better job and higher savings if you relocate here. You will even have more budget to spread around for your moving project Maybe you want to rent one of the storage units West Monroe LA or purchase packing services? Now you’ll be able to once you do the math and realize your budget will be higher than before. All in all, relocating to Baton Rouge is a good investment. Let us explain more about it.

A change of scenery can be the reason to move from a small town to Baton Rouge

You know already how a small township can be. Tightly knit communities where everyone knows everyone can be stressful sometimes. Not to mention the harsh job market, unemployment, and so on. Although, this is not the case with many small towns out there. Some are charming and cozy while others are conservative and close-minded. Usually, people just want a change of scenery. Small towns are fun up to a point and of course, great for retirement and families with children. But you can have it all in the big city as well. If you choose the right one of course. And we are recommending Baton Rouge because it is exactly that. A big city with all sorts of opportunities but it kept the vibe of a small community alongside the Mississippi river.

As soon as you move in, we highly advise you to go straight to the downtown area. All notable establishments and historic landmarks are located there. Aside from the Louisiana State Capitol, which is the tallest one in the entire US, all other notable places are downtown. Check it out as soon as you can.

Culture and diversity are reasons to move from a small town to Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge is famous for its diverse cultural environment. People from all over the place pour in bringing with them their cultures, customs, and cuisine. Feel free to do the same but before you do, try out some of the best dishes around. Find out more about the indigenous Southern cuisine or check out some of the newly fused dishes provided by Latinos, Chinese, Vietnamese, or Europeans. With such a diverse environment, we are bound to make new dishes, and Baton Rouge has a lot of them. We encourage you to visit Smokin’ Aces BBQ, Chicken Shack, or Poor Boy Lloyds. As soon as you do, you’ll know what we were talking about.

a rich food scene is a reason to move from a small town to Baton Rouge
Baton Rouge has a rich and colorful food scene. We can’t wait for you to try it out.

Baton Rouge is highly affordable

The very first thing you’ll want to know before relocating to a new place is if it is affordable. Luckily, Baton Rouge is one of the most affordable cities in the country. Maybe not when it comes to the cost of living. But when you realize how many amenities you’ll get for free, you’ll understand why it is affordable. You will be able to find free drinks and food in many clubs, restaurants, and open gatherings, events, and festivals. But more importantly, entry fees for museums, theaters, and libraries, are free. At least most of the days in the week. Check their schedules and aim for no-fee days. The city offers free parking, space for rent, and other amenities for startups. Also, attending any open-air event is completely free. When you do the math, you will realize how much you’ll save on food, drinks, and going out.

And again, this is a great opportunity to open and make your relocation an enjoyable one. Talk to your movers and purchase the best packing services or rent climate controlled storage Baton Rouge units. Create a healthy and safe moving environment and begin the new chapter clutter-free, with a more stable budget, and with style.

Baton Rouge reshaped music history

If you did not know, Baton Rouge is one of the few cities with rich swamp blues history. As a matter of fact, this city is home to the oldest blues festival in the state and wider. Once a year, people all over the globe attend The Baton Rouge Blues Festival to witness some of the best performers of this genre. And what is also good about it, this festival is completely free. The sad story is that it is held once a year. Although, you can find many joints, bars, and clubs with good blues music. Ask locals about it and they will point you in the right direction. So, if you are a music lover, this should be a good reason enough to move from a small town to Baton Rouge.

a trumpet player bronze statue
You will enjoy the music scene after you move from a small town to Baton Rouge.

Job opportunities beyond this world

Moving to another city or state probably means you must change your job. Luckily, Baton Rouge is in a good place when it comes to the job market. Some of the major corporations have their hubs in Baton Rouge and employ thousands of residents. With a low cost of living and high income, you will be able to live a decent life here. Check out some of the potential job providers:

  • EA Games.
  • The Coca-Cola Company.
  • Exxon Mobil.
  • IBM.

As you can see, you will easily land a job here as long as you are qualified for the position you are shooting for. And as we have said before, you should find a job first and then engage in the relocation process. Once you realize that you’ll have a much higher income, you’ll be able to afford a bigger place. And remember, if you are struggling with old furniture, rent one of the Louisiana storage units and keep everything there. With a higher income, you’ll probably swap out some, if not all furniture. We know you’ll need good storage space for this occasion.

We think you are ready to move from a small town to Baton Rouge. One thing is certain, you know enough about it to make the final decision. All that is left is to organize, pack, and hit the road. Good luck.


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