Moving from Alexandria to Monroe: packing and storing your items

Same as for every relocation, moving from Alexandria to Monroe requires a list of choirs and obligations to consider and do before you move. Even though you are not moving to completely another state, just another city,  you need to consider all of your options. You will have to find the best Louisiana moving and storage options. And you need to find them according to your budget. Small research is also waiting for you to figure out about a lifestyle in Monroe. After that, there is packing your belongings and storage solutions that you have. When you are moving to a new place, it is important that you have a plan for a new home. If you do everything according to that plan, then you have nothing to worry about. Also, good organization and communication with others are important here as well. So better be prepared!

A worker from a moving company driving the truck.
Finding your movers is one of the first steps to consider when moving from Alexandria to Monroe.

Moving from Alexandria to Monroe needs to be considered well!

Relocation can happen due to various reasons. You can get a new job offer for Monroe and move there, or you just want a change in your life. Whatever the main reason for your moving away is, you need to consider other factors, too. It is important that you are well prepared for your new life in advance. You want to know what to expect before you go there. And there are other things, such as moving items that are in storage units Alexandria LA to new ones, and so on. Better write down what is important for this relocation.

  • Your budget. Definitely calculate your budget and expenses before you start doing anything else.
  • Research a bit about the way of living in Monroe. You want to know where you are going.
  • Figure out what are the costs of living. Will it pay off if it’s too much expensive?
  • What are your job opportunities and offers?
  • Where will you live, can you find an affordable house or apartment in a nice neighborhood?
  • Can you find a suitable and reliable moving company for a relocation?
  • What are solutions for storage units Monroe LA has?
  • The health-care system, educational system… All of this is important.

Finding your movers and getting the packing supplies you will need

The main part of every relocation is to find a moving company and to pack your items. Sometimes, if you want that option, your movers can do it for you. But it’s better if you do it by yourself, of course. It takes more time, but it is more convenient. Firstly, before you start packing, or anything else, find your movers. To do so, the best shot you have here is to ask friends and relatives for a recommendation. Moving from Alexandria to Monroe is not really a long-distance move, so there is a possibility that someone you know moved there. If you are not lucky with that, the internet is there.

Find all the moving companies and list out the ones with licenses, experience, and high or at least positive rating and feedback. The comments and reviews of the companies should be your guide. Based on other people’s opinions and experiences you can decide whether those movers are for you or not. And of course, the price limits. Remind yourself not to go over your budget.

After that, when you finally find your moving company, it’s time for packing. But before you start packing, you will need some supplies.

  • Moving boxeseither cardboard ones or the reusable plastic option
  • Wrapping paperthe best one is the bubble wrap
  • Tapeduck tape is better than scotch, for instance
  • Styrofoam balls and newspaper
  • Markeryou need to label your boxes
  • Scissors
A person taping the cardboard box.
Make sure you have proper packing supplies before you start.

How to pack properly when you are moving from Alexandria to Monroe

Of course, you want to pack all of your belongings, and you want to do it properly. Well, to do so, you need some arrangements. Have boxes in different sizes, for different purposes. Definitely do the packing room by room, and don’t mix belongings inside from all around the house. And do the rooms by their importance. For many people, the most important one is the bedroom. So you can start there. Move on to the bathroom, kitchen, living room, and the rest of the rooms in your home.

When you are packing items that are more fragile than clothes, you need to be careful. It is important that you wrap them nicely, so they are completely protected. That is why bubble wrap would be the best option. Tape the wrap and put the item inside of a box. Don’t put too many items in one box. After that, fill in the empty air in the box with the Styrofoam balls and the newspaper. When you are done, close the box and tape it. With a marker label for each box. It’s important that they don’t get mixed up and will be easier to unpack. Also, remember to mark all the boxes with fragile items so your movers can take care of them.

Storage is always a good idea

You should be aware that sometimes, not all of your furniture and belongings can fit inside your new home. For this reason, it is better to have a storage solution in mind. You can end up with a lack of space and no other place where you can store some furniture elements. In that case, you will have to sell them, donate them, or throw them away. Which you probably don’t want. Instead, find storage options in Monroe and store your items safely. The best one would definitely be climate controlled portable storage. Just choose the size of it. Realize how many belongings will you store, and according to that choose the size. Remember that you should leave some empty space for you to access things, and so the fresh air can flow around.

Storage warehouse facilities with green doors.
Having storage is always a good idea.

Get to know Monroe before your move

What you should definitely do before your move, is learn about Monroe. You are not moving that far away, and you will still be in Louisiana. But, sometimes it’s good to know about other cities. Especially when you are about to move to one. The culture in Monroe is different than the one in Alexandria, so you should read about it. Prepare yourself for a new way of life. Find places where to go, what to see. And figure out, where is the best place to meet some new friends!

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