Moving from Marrero to Houma: what to expect?

If you are preparing for moving from Marrero to Houma soon, you will likely want to know what you can expect after your move. We are here to help you out with that. In this article, we will take a look at some of the basic details about life in Houma. However, considering the potential difficulties that can come with a relocation process, we will also take a look at some of the most important tips for your upcoming move to Houma. In addition to this, we will mention the incredible importance professional movers who can offer you Louisiana moving and storage services play in the moving process.

What to expect when moving to Houma, LA

The basics

Let us compare the basic details between Marrero and Houma first. Houma and Marrero are towns with a similar number of residents, around 30.000. Therefore, they have some similarities but also noticeable differences that should be mentioned.  Most residents own their homes in both Marrero and Houma. Both Houma and Marrero have a similar sparse-suburban feel and great diversity. One of the major differences might be the education system. Houma has excellent schools that are all rated above average.

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When moving from Marrero to Houma, LA you will want to research as much as possible about what to expect from life there.

Houma, LA is great for families and retirees

If you plan on settling into Houma, LA, you are going to love it. This relatively small town is excellent for raising a family. The place is good for families to do favorable safety ratings of the area, excellent schools, as well as good housing options. Houma is also great for retirees as the entire area is relatively quiet and peaceful.

The food, culture, and everyday life is excellent

Houma, LA is a town filled with rich culture. The food here is very diverse. Houma is known for its Cajun cuisine. It’s a small town with a very tight community. Living in Houma might make you feel as if everybody knew each other. When it comes to activities, as you might expect, Houma is not really the most active town in the USA. However, this does not mean that there is nothing to do here. Parks and lots of open spaces offer great opportunities for many outdoor activities. There are also quite a few places, shops, and restaurants. The people of Houma are great and truly give you the feeling of top Southern hospitality. If you are already preparing for your packing process for the move to Houma, be sure to gather the right packing supplies New Orleans.

The weather

It is important that we mention the weather in Houma as a lot of people put the weather as one of the major factors to consider when relocating to a new place. However, the weather is not really something you should worry about when moving to Houma. The climate in this area is often characterized as hot and humid. If you are already living in Louisiana this will not be a problem. The winters are very warm. Therefore, the climate of Houma, LA can be described as a subtropical climate.

Moving tips for upcoming relocation to Houma, LA

Preparing for everything on time

The moving process can be incredibly challenging at times. The last thing you want is last-minute relocation chaos. Therefore, it is best to prepare and be ready for the moving process on time. Give yourself enough time to properly prepare for everything the move entails. This is the best way to tackle all of the upcoming moving tasks.

A woman preparing for moving from Marrero to Houma.
Plan out your moving process on time.

Organize your packing process on time

A big moving task is going to be the packing process. Therefore, properly preparing for it is a must. Although it is often long and complicated, it can be organized properly if you start preparing for it on time. Aside from gathering the right packing supplies, you should also:

  • Create an inventory checklist,
  • Declutter some of your old items,
  • Contact your friends to help you pack,
  • Pack sensitive items with the assistance of professional movers

If you end up struggling with your entire packing process, there is really no reason to worry. There is no shame in asking for some help when you need it. Professional movers will not only help you with the packing process but also secure reliable storage units Marrero for your inventory.

Move to Houma with the help of professional and reliable movers

Considering all of the moving tasks and potential difficulties that come with the relocation process, it is best to have reliable movers by your side. The benefits of having professional movers by your side when moving are many. Pro movers will ensure you get quality moving services at good prices. Furthermore, you will not have to worry about the safety of your inventory during the transportation process. In addition to this, professional movers can help you with additional moving services such as storage services. Whether you plan on storing your items long or short-term, professional movers can guarantee the safety of your items in reliable storage units Houma LA.

A pro mover.
Get in touch with reliable moving professionals in Louisiana to execute a stress-free move.


In summary, moving from Marrero to Houma is an excellent choice, especially if you are moving there with your family. We have provided you with some of the basic details about the life you can expect when living in Houma, LA. We hope that you’ve found some of this info useful. Finally, remember that the moving process is quite challenging. It is best to prepare for it a couple of months before your actual moving date. In addition to this, remember the important role professional movers play in the relocation process. By hiring pro movers, you are ensuring a stress-free and a successful moving experience to Houma, LA.

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