Moving from Marrero to Shreveport

According to recent data, almost 31 million Americans move across the United States each year. That’s 9.8% of all Americans moving every year. There are many different reasons why all these people decide to pack their bags and move, but the most common cause are job opportunities, living costs, and studies. Some people also move because of retirement, or in pursuit of a warmer climate. However, moving is not that easy, as it requires precise planning and good organization. Fortunately, you can always rely on professional movers in Louisiana. With top-notch services like on site storage containers, they will certainly make your relocation experience less stressful. So, what if you are moving from Marrero to Shreveport? What can you expect? How to do it the best way? Stay with us to learn the answers to these important questions.

First things first: Call professionals if you are moving from Marrero to Shreveport

We already said that moving can be tricky to organize. Relocating an entire household is not an easy task even if you are moving just across the street. Now imagine how complicated it can be to move from Marrero to Shreveport. The easiest way to ensure that everything goes as planned is to hire professional long distance movers Louisiana. Listed below are some of the benefits of getting professional assistance:

  • You will save a lot of time. Professional movers know how to handle all household objects, which means that they will pack everything much faster than you could ever do. You can then put that time to much better use.
  • Your belongings will be safe. Professional movers use the best packing techniques as well as cutting-edge packing tools to ensure your belongings remain safe during long-distance transport.
  • Avoid Injuries. It’s not that hard to pack books or clothes. But what about heavy objects like furniture or kitchen appliances? Don’t risk your health and avoid back injuries. Leave the hard part to your moving partners.

    Picture of moving professionals. Moving from Marrero to Shreveport is easier when you have professional assistance
    Move without breaking a sweat with the help of your moving partners

Start preparing for the move on time

If you want to organize the move the right way, you must begin preparing on time. You will have a lot on your plate, from packing your belongings to finding storage units Marrero. It is important to give yourself an early start because people often make mistakes when they are in a hurry. So, make sure you have enough time to organize everything. So, let’s see why timing is crucial.

  • You will have enough time to correct mistakes. If you start early, you will be ready if something unexpected happens.
  • More time to find a moving partner. This means better chances of finding reliable movers. Also, if you book your move early, you might get a discount. Moving agencies love to know their schedule in advance, so there is a fair chance that you might get a discount. Let’s face it, saving a couple of dollars is always welcome.
  • More time to find a nice neighborhood and quality real estate. Start searching for a new home as soon as you decide to move. The more time you devote to the research, the better property you will find.

    Picture of a hand watch
    If you are Moving from Marrero to Shreveport you should start preparing for the move on time

Moving from Marrero to Shreveport requires a good relocation plan

When it comes to moving, one of the oldest tricks from the book is to make a proper plan. So, if you want to relocate successfully, you will have to think of a clever moving plan. Here are some universal moving plan points:

  • Make a list of important documents (Medical records, moving-related documents, ID, driver’s license, insurance policy, and so forth…)
  • Determine your moving budget, including additional moving services, like packing services, or climate controlled storage Shreveport
  • Don’t forget other moving costs such as travel arrangements, plane tickets, and hotel fees.
  • Sort out your belongings
  • Make a proper packing plan and specify the order of packing.
  • Create a labeling system and make a moving inventory.
  • Get moving supplies.
  • Other important tasks like setting up utilities, visiting doctors, and getting your car ready for the trip.

    Picture of a notebook with a schedule
    Moving can be tricky. Therefore you must organize yourself

The facts you should know about Shreveport and its economy

Okay, now you know how to prepare for the move. But what about the city itself? What are the top things to do in Shreveport? What is the economy like? As we already pointed out, most people move for career options, or because of living costs. In other words, the main reason is the finances. So, how does Shreveport fare in that sense? Does it prove to be an improvement over Marrero? Let’s take a look at some of the most important economic parameters of both cities:

  • Costs of living. Overall, Shreveport, Louisiana is 12.7% cheaper than Marrero, Louisiana. The price of utilities, food and groceries, transportation, housing, and health are all lower in Shreveport. The costs of living in Shreveport are also 10% lower than the national average.
  • Median home value. It is a close call in this category but Shreveport is slightly more affordable with a median home value of $133,600. That is also 15% lower than the national average. On the other hand, you will have to fork out $139.211 for a home in Marrero.

A few more words on the economy

  • Average household incomes are virtually the same in Shreveport and Marrero, standing at $38,056 and $38,427 respectively. That is about 30% lower than the national average.
  • Business climate. Shreveport has a reputation of being a town that is open to business ideas. If you are searching for a job in Shreveport you should know that the top employers are in the biotech, defense, technology, energy, film, healthcare, and gaming industry.
  • The unemployment rate. It is a clear victory for Shreveport here as the unemployment rate stands at 5.5%. On the other hand, the unemployment rate in Marrero is 6.80%. However, both cities are well above the US average which stands at 3.9%.

Ok so, now you know how to prepare for moving from Marrero to Shreveport, as well as the main differences between the two economy-wise. Good luck with your move!

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