Moving from Metairie to Shreveport: what to expect?

Metairie is part of Jefferson Parish. It represents a part of the Greater New Orleans urban area. Metairie is a very peaceful and great place to live in. There are 140,000 people in Metairie. This cozy neighborhood is the perfect New Orleans suburb for the people that crave tons of advantages. It is full of housing options, from modern condos to large-family homes. So, if you plan on moving from Metairie to Shreveport that means that you have a good reason and probably a new job waiting for you. Both these options are awesome, but Shreveport definitely offers more opportunities. In case you need help with your moving, make sure to hire Zippy Shell Louisiana and just kick back and relax.

Moving from Metairie to Shreveport – main benefits

The identity of Shreveport, Louisiana is not in Cajun-Creole traditions. It is based on Southern culture. Shreveport is the cultural and economic hub of Ark-La-Tex and that is very important. The reason why is because it is the convergent point of northeastern Texas, northwestern Louisiana, and southern Arkansas. Although there are some negative parts of living in Shreveport, there are advantages and disadvantages everywhere. Still, in this case, the plus side takes over the minus sides. People here are friendly. The food is great and there are gorgeous green spaces.  In addition, it is a business-friendly economic environment. So, if you plan to move here and not bring everything, check out self storage Shreveport options. So, to check out the main reasons to move:

  • traffic and transportation
  • cost of living
  • housing market
  • culture and vibe of the city
Louisiana street
Moving from Metairie to Shreveport could be a great opportunity for you. You will not feel the change since the whole of Louisiana is beautiful

Traffic and transportation is one of the main reasons why people opt on moving from Metairie to Shreveport

Shreveport has an amazing public transportation history that goes back to the 1870s. First, there were mule-drawn streetcars that operated until the 1890s. Then, they had a great rail system that operated until the 1930s. At that time railroads were pretty popular. In Shreveport, they had their peak of popularity. Buses replaced trolleys and rail cars in the early 1960s. Today, there is an awesome bus service on 28 routes, seven days a week. Commuting in your car is also very useful for your time management around here. So, even if you worry that from the peaceful Metairie you are going to a bit chaotic Shreveport, you will have great support indeed. Walkability and using bike scores are also great here.

Cost of living

Besides a lot of other advantages, Shreveport is also great because the cost of living is 22.5% lower than the US average. Almost every important part of living is below average. We have groceries, healthcare, utilities, transportation, etc. Using self-storage services is also cheap. So, no worries if you had a great self-storage Metairie deal, here you will have an even better one. Although statistics say that the average income is lower than in the other states, the price of living is also lower. That is how you can create a pretty awesome balance. The cost is great, but the quality of life is also almost perfect.

Girls having fun
You will enjoy a lot of quality-time activities in Shreveport

Housing market

Shreveport is great for you if you’re planning to buy a home. The affordable housing costs are very attractive to newcomers.  The average home value is around $103,000 in Shreveport. You will find that great, taking into account that the average price of a home is currently around $159,900. So, if you are tired of using climate controlled portable storage for your important collections and documents and you finally want to settle down, the time is now. Even if you are not sure about buying, renting is also extremely affordable. Still, have in mind that only 39% of residents rent. The average rent price is around 800$. Therefore, you can choose to rent or buy. You will not make a mistake. However, if you want to become a homeowner, Shreveport will offer you a great deal.

Culture and vibe of the city

Shreveport offers multiple cultural opportunities. You have riverboat casinos and interesting outdoor adventures and activities. This interesting city offers 30 museums, performing arts centers, and theaters. Where there is Louisiana, there are blues and jazz of course. You can visit the Highland Jazz and Blues Festival, Let the Good Times Roll, Red River Revel, Louisiana Music Prize, Independence Bowl, and Mudbug Madness crawfish celebration. As far as museums are concerned, you can explore the RW Norton Art Gallery, Sci-Port Discovery Center, and the American Rose Center Gardens. However, by far the most famous place is the internationally-famous Art Deco Municipal Auditorium. This is where Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash started their awesome careers. If you already like what you read, make sure to hire Zippy Shell local movers to help you out in your moving process.

Jazz sign and the clock
Jazz and blues are very popular in Shreveport.

The Shreveport area in the northwestern corner of the state is actually a mix of some of Louisiana’s best southern food, culture, and music. Therefore, if you plan on moving from Metairie to Shreveport, you will not make a mistake. Maybe you are into jazz and you just want to learn to play the saxophone. Or maybe you just want to change and experience an authentic southern lifestyle. Here, you can buy a house and live in a very nice way. It will also be fun to visit a place where Jonny Cash started his music career. If you find yourself at a proper time in Shreveport you can do almost whatever you want. There are awesome concerts, dance shows, and theatrical performances. So, if you need a change in your life, don’t be afraid to embrace it. Moving to Shreveport can signify new beginnings in your life.

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