Moving from Shreveport to Lafayette in 2022

Moving can become difficult no matter how experienced you might be. Starting somewhere new and moving all your belongings is never easy. We, at Zippy Shell Louisiana, understand that perfectly. We made this short guide for anyone moving from Shreveport to Lafayette in 2022.

Living in Lafayette

The cost of living in Lafayette is 5.7% higher than in Shreveport. Additionally, employers in Lafayette pay slightly less than employers in Shreveport for the same job. If you are moving from Shreveport to Lafayette, you will need a slightly higher salary to maintain the same lifestyle. Just a three-hour drive away, Lafayette has many beautiful sights you should visit. After finishing your unpacking, we recommend visiting:

  • Vermilionville – a recreation of the Acadian settlement village from the 18th century
  • Lake Martin Rookery – this place comes to life in April when  blooming flowers color the whole lake along to the tune of various birds who live there
  • Cathedral of St John the Evangelist – the quasi-Romanesque brick cathedral is a fantastic piece of history you can’t miss
  • Lafayette Science Museum – a combo between a planetarium and a museum changes exhibitions often, so you can visit at any time and have a blast

Packing for a move from Shreveport to Lafayette

Packing is something that decides the whole move. If you pack correctly, you will avoid accidents, and importantly, unpacking will be much easier on you. We will not go into the details and logistics of packing, but you should pay attention to some essential aspects. Firstly,  take it one room at a time to avoid getting overwhelmed. Second, you should always use quality packing supplies to avoid getting anything damaged. The third most important thing to remember when packing for a move from Shreveport to Lafayette is to label boxes and make an inventory list.

A woman moving a fragile box from Shreveport to Lafayette
Remember to label all your boxes, especially ones containing fragile items.

When packing your items, do consider whether you’ll be renting storage units Shreveport. Packing for a move and storage is  different, so it’s essential to have that in mind before you  start packing your things.

Storage options for a move to Lafayette

There are many reasons why people use storage units. They are often used when moving because they make the whole process easier, especially if you aren’t hiring professional movers. You can rent storage units Lafayette LA if you don’t have enough space at home even. Since storage units nowadays are safer, reliable, and affordable, more and more people opt to rent them. If you decide on renting a storage unit, it will surely make the move easier on you.

a man putting a cardboard box to storage
Storage is an excellent option if you are trying to downsize

Final thoughts

Yes, moves can be hard but they can be a chance to try something new, start fresh. Since you are moving from Shreveport to Lafayette the process will be a drag. Luckily the drive is not too long and living in Lafayette area might even be better than living in Shreveport. Hopefully, this short guide helped you plan out your move, especially in terms of packing and renting a storage. If you feel like you don’t want to do the entire move by yourself, you can always contact professionals who do that for a living.

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