Moving from Shreveport to Ruston: what to expect

Moving to a new city is always difficult. Firstly, because of how complex the relocation process is. Secondly, because moving to a new city means you will have to adapt to life there. That is why, in this article, we help you with the process of moving from Shreveport to Ruston. Moreover, we will talk about the things you should expect there and how to adapt easier. If you want to have a smooth and easy relocation process you can consider hiring a professional moving company Louisiana. Moving is often considered as the start of a new chapter in one’s life. Knowing that you should always prepare adequately for the relocation. Especially when moving to a new area.

What to expect when moving from Shreveport to Ruston

Moving to the city of Ruston means you will be in a new environment. Being in a new environment will require certain adapting. Luckily, today we help you realize what to expect from moving to Ruston, LA. It counts up to 22.000 residents and has a feel of a dense suburban area. It is home to many young professionals and aspiring students. With that being said, there are many opportunities waiting for those who wish to pursue their professional career or education. The public schools in the town of Ruston are highly rated.

a couple doing an online research before moving from Shreveport to Ruston
Before moving we advise you to research online and see what you should expect from the town you are moving into
  • Ruston is full of various outdoor activities
  • There is a variety of restaurants and stores
  • A quiet life with a slow pace
  • Ruston is one of the safest and cleanest towns in Louisiana

A variety of outdoor activities you can enjoy

If you are an outdoor person who loves to spend free time in nature you will love this town. Whether you like fishing, hunting or water sports – Ruston has it all. On top of that, you can find all sorts of hiking and biking trails across the town. Moreover, you can also find beautiful camping sites in the area to stay in touch with nature or to simply recharge after a long week. If you like, you can also enjoy a day at the beach that is nearby. Lincoln Parish is one of the biggest parks in the area and contains all sorts of activities for the residents of Ruston. The Regional Sports Complex offers residents activities on their tennis courts, softball fields, a lake and much more. So, for instance, you can enjoy these recreational activities as the moving company help move your items in storage units Ruston LA.

A town full of down-to-earth, welcoming people

Another great perk of this small town is that the residents are quite welcoming to newcomers. More importantly, many people claim that they feel like the people living there are quite down-to-earth. This is perfect for those who wish to just go about their day and focus on themselves without worrying about the opinion of others.

three friends walking down the street drinking coffee
The town of Ruston is very friendly towards newcomers making it perfect for those who wish to study or work there

With such a vibrant community, students can participate in a variety of events throughout the year. They say that these types of situations are what will make your student life experience richer. So, if you are considering moving from Shreveport to Ruston and have a lot of items to move, you can opt for storage units Shreveport to hold your items until you relocate.

Moving from Shreveport to Ruston means having an affordable life

Ruston can boast quite a reasonable cost of living if you compare it to some major cities or college towns. Due to its modest prices, it comes as no surprise that many younger professionals and students choose to live there. Moreover, these modest prices are also a perk for those who wish to retire there. Because it is a densely populated suburban area full of students and young professionals most of the population is renting their home. The average cost of rent is about $744, which is lower than the national average. Moreover, a median home value is approximately about $170.000, again, being lower than the national average of $217.500.

Ruston avoids the rush of a big town by being close to the interstate

The town of Ruston is close to the interstate which makes it perfect for those who wish to live a peaceful lifestyle but still is able to enjoy the benefits of a bigger city. Namely, as the life-pace inside the town is slow and peaceful, people who wish to enjoy the feeling of a bigger city are just about half an hour away from it.

an older man sitting on the bench in town
Due to its strategic positioning near the interstate highway, the city of Ruston is a haven for those who wish to enjoy a more peaceful lifestyle but still have access to everything they need

Being near the interstate allows the residents to easily access everything they need. If you are studying, you are just a couple of minutes away from the classes. Moreover, you are always close to the downtown where you can find all sorts of coffee shops, restaurants, banks, etc. However, if you need to catch a flight, you can easily hop onto the interstate and drive for half an hour to the Monroe Regional Airport.

A town with a variant cuisine

If you are a food enthusiast you will enjoy living in Ruston. Namely, the town is home to a variety of Mexican, Asian and Italian cuisine you can find on every corner. This is perfect for students who want to have a quick meal between classes or enjoy a nice dish throughout the day. Gumbo and boiled crawfish are some of Louisiana’s favorite dishes and they can be found everywhere in this town. Because of the local fishing spots, people can often enjoy a wide array of fish in their cuisine wherever they choose to dine. Therefore, if you are a foodie who wants to move to Louisiana you will enjoy what you see in Ruston. So, if you love being a foodie that also enjoys various recreational activities – moving from Shreveport to Ruston is a good choice for you.

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