Moving house for the first time: how to make it easier

Moving house for the first time may sound like you are about to bite off more than you can chew. Those who have never gone through this experience are not fully aware of the volume of work and stress happening around relocation. However, proper guidance and good advice may alleviate the stress. Professional movers such as Zippy Shell Louisiana, offer useful tips on how to successfully move a house. Various suggestions regarding your budget, organizational skills, preparations, and packing will help you undergo the demanding process of relocation.

Moving house for the first time: how to make it easier

Most people who are moving for the first time are young and about to move away from their family home. With no previous relocation experience, they may find it difficult to manage the moving process. It is therefore important to provide them with correct information. Apart from going through emotional turmoil, they face various organizational challenges as well. However, there are several major instructions to keep in mind when moving house for the first time:

  • assess your budget
  • plan your relocation
  • buy enough packing supplies and learn how to pack
  • make arrangements in both your old and new house
  • hire a reliable moving company
  • throw a housewarming party

Assess your budget

If you are a first-time mover, have in mind that you need a budget assessment of various expenses. If you are renting or buying a new place, be sure you have enough money to get by on. Apart from paying rent or mortgage, remember that you need money to pay bills and buy groceries. Also, moving can cost money, whether you are moving on your own or hiring a moving company. Have in mind that buying packing supplies and renting a moving truck will be on your expense list. With this in mind, it is recommendable to start saving up months before the moving day. Make sure your finances can handle address change. Also, leaving money aside for unforeseen costs will provide you with some kind of safety net. Remember that you will probably need to use one of the best New Orleans storage facilities, and make sure you can afford it.

a calculator next to a pile of coins
Start planning your budget early and set money aside for unexpected costs

Plan your relocation

Once you have your finances in order, it is time to start planning other aspects of your relocation. Planning plays an important part in the moving process. Start with preparations way ahead of time. Look through real estate ads, moving company quotes, and prices of packing supplies. Make a weekly to-do list to help you better organize yourself and your family. A list of chores will come in handy throughout the entire moving process. Also, make an inventory of all items you are taking to a new home, to make sure nothing is left behind. Apart from making a checklist of the items you already have, create another list of the items you are missing and would like to have in your new home.

Buying packing supplies and packing your boxes

If you decide to perform a DIY relocation, then getting hold of the quality packing material is a must. The essentials include cardboard boxes, duct tape, packing paper, packing peanuts, and bubble wrap. Buy boxes of various sizes and try not to overload them. Anyone who is helping you should be able to lift a box without the fear of hurting themselves. Learn how to properly pack fragile and bulky items. Remember to dismantle the furniture as much as possible before taking it out of the house. Also, labeling each box will make your unpacking fast and easy.

moving boxes
Get yourself a sufficient amount of packing supplies, and find out how to pack various types of items

One of the most useful things you can do before packing is to declutter. Set aside the items you no longer need and find a way to get rid of them or store them away. Organize a garage sale, give redundant items to family or friends, or donate them to charity. However, if you do not want to get rid of your extra items, use the best Louisiana self-storage. Rest assured that your items will be secure in a climate-controlled environment. This way, you will have fewer things to pack and boxes to lift.

Make arrangements prior to relocation

Before you move out, make sure you cancel all utility services under your name or transfer them to someone else. Also, remember to file an address change request with the local authorities. Updating a driver’s license is also on the list of necessary relocation activities. Before moving into a new home, remember to set up Wi-Fi and tv services. This way, your only task after moving in will be to unpack and settle in.

Hire a reliable moving company

For the inexperienced first-time movers, hiring a moving company instead of conducting a DIY relocation sounds like a smart thing to do. Professional moving companies have the necessary skills, tools, and experience to perform a seamless relocation. Some of them offer services such as on-site storage containers. Make sure to look at the reviews thoroughly before deciding on the moving company. Top Louisiana movers Zippy Shell Louisiana offers convenient ways of moving, storing, and accessing your stuff. Avoid the stress of moving and put your entire moving process in the hands of professionals.

a couple of movers carrying boxes
Hire a respectable moving company to help you with heavy lifting, logistics, storage solutions, and transportation

Throw a housewarming party

Once you finally finished moving house for the first time, take the post-relocation period to settle in and unwind. Invite your friends over to a new flat and throw a housewarming party. This will be a great way of celebrating your first moving venture. You can also invite new neighbors over and meet them. Ask your friends to help you out with organization, snacks, refreshments, and music. Come up with some good housewarming party ideas, and have a great start to your new life.

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