Moving long distance in Louisiana: a step-by-step guide

Moving long distance in Louisiana can be a tiresome task. It involves planning a move, managing moving tasks, all while handling everyday chores. Louisiana moving and storage offers great options for easy and fuss-free long distance moving. Still, no matter how good the movers you hire are, it’s still you that has to plan and oversee the upcoming relocation. That can induce unwanted stress and anxiety, especially in those moving for the first time. If this is your first long distance move, or you’re simply hoping to refresh your memory, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to move stress-free like a pro.

Moving long distance in Louisiana can be a breeze with a great plan

Every successful move begins with a great plan. That means that you should start off your relocation with a lengthy session at the drawing board. This step will determine how your move will unfold.

Open planner on a table ready for planning moving long distance in Louisiana.
Every successful move starts with a great plan!

Note all of the details of your relocation

Before you start planning you should put everything you know about your relocation on paper. That will be helpful twofold. First, you’ll be able to think about your moving wants and needs without forgetting anything. And second, it’ll be much easier for you to communicate with moving assistance if you have a quick reminder on hand.

Write down all of the moving tasks that need completing and think of a moving strategy you feel comfortable with

Being aware of needs to be done is important when moving. This will help you manage time better, but also come up with a plan. Think of what tasks you’ll outsource to expert long distance movers New Orleans or the rest of Louisiana have to offer. Once you have an overall idea of how you want your move to go it’s time to sort out the finances.

Plan your budget carefully

Planning a budget is one of the most important steps of moving. By making sure your money stretches far enough you’ll ensure a lot less stress down the line. Remember though, to always plan for an emergency fund. You never know what can happen when moving. If you’re struggling to fit all moving requirements into your budget, try to trim moving expenses where possible and splurge in areas that are important to you.

Start the process of your long-distance Louisiana move

Long distance relocations require quite a bit of knowledge and skill. However, they also require a lot of motivation, dedication, time, and effort. Because of that, it’s important to make sure to always stay on top of your moving tasks and religiously stick to your schedule if you wish to have a smooth move. So once your plan is ready proceed with completing the moving tasks at hand steadily and consistently.

Smooth long distance moving in Louisiana begins with expert help

Finding skillful movers you click with is crucial for an easy and pleasant move. However, finding movers can be tricky and take quite a bit of time. That’s why you should start your research as soon as you come up with a moving plan. Once you find the movers you like get in touch and further develop the plan together.

Two movers handling moving tasks.
Expert movers can help the process of moving long distance in Louisiana tremendously!

Go shopping for supplies

Before you start packing you should make a trip to a nearby supply store and get enough of the supplies you’ll need. For proper and efficient packing you’ll need:

  • Heavy-duty cardboard boxes
  • Duct tape
  • Quality bubble wrap
  • Scissors
  • Markers

The quantity of the supplies depends on your needs. That being the case means that you should make an estimation of how much of what supply you’ll need before you visit the store.

Start packing for your upcoming relocation

Packing is perhaps the longest and the most tedious part of any move, be it long distance or just a local one. Because of that, you should make sure to start packing on time and organize well. Decide in advance what approach to packing you will take. You can either pack room-by-room or by category. You should also pack for a move in order of importance and use – the least important items or the items you seldom use should be packed first.

Keep in mind, though, that Louisiana movers offer great quality services, including packing. If you’re unsure of your packing abilities or you just don’t want to pack it might be best to simply outsource packing to your movers.

Long distance Louisiana moving sometimes also requires storing

No matter the reason for it having storage at your disposal when moving is sometimes an absolute must. Not everyone needs storage, but many people do. Luckily, whatever your needs are there are storage options out there for you. For example, New Orleans portable storage offers a lot of flexibility, while stationary in-facility storage is a better option for people who need more space. That said, if storage is something you are after, right after you start packing is the right time to look for it.

STacked storage units.
Storing is sometimes an unavoidable part of long distanc moving!

It all comes down to a successful moving day

All planning and preparing is for the sake of a successful and smooth moving day. Moving day in itself can be very overwhelming and stressful. Because of that, you should set some time aside to thoroughly plan the moving day and prepare for it. Pack your moving day bag at least a couple of days before your move so you can add in things as you go. Not having something of crucial importance on a moving day can be detrimental to a move. So it’s best to take time to pack for a moving day as if you’re packing for a two-day vacation. That is especially important when moving long distance!

Preparing well is key for a pleasant long distance move in Louisiana

Moving long distance is rarely easy. Because of that, it requires a lot of effort to make it as easy as possible. On top of that, moving requires time and dedication. When moving long distance in Louisiana you’re going to need just that, a lot of dedication, an iron will, and of course, exquisite moving help.

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