Moving to Metairie from New Orleans: how to store your items

Most people decide to relocate at some point in their lives. This decision is commonly fueled by the search for better living conditions, career options, or studies. However, organizing a move is often not easy, even if you are relocating someplace relatively near. For example, moving to Metairie from New Orleans is a short-distance move, but one that requires serious planning and good organization. There are many different tasks that you have to complete when moving, from packing your belongings to finding options for self storage Metairie. Fortunately, there is always a solution for every problem. Not sure how to approach your relocation-related duties? Organizing a move is not something you are familiar with? Don’t worry, you have come to the right place. Stay with us to learn how to pack and store your items when moving.

Hire professional packers when moving to Metairie from New Orleans

Like we already pointed out, moving can be quite complex and difficult to organize. Now imagine if you have to balance between organizing the move and taking care of everyday duties like work and kids. This can prove to be an insurmountable task, but not everything is lost. You can always call professional movers LA to help you with the move. Hiring professionals has many other advantages as well:

  • Your possessions will be in safe hands. Seasoned movers all well-versed in packing and transporting all types of items. This means that your belongings will safely arrive at their destination.
  • Avoid injuries. Moving is a physically demanding activity that involves a lot of heavy lifting. Are sure that you have what it takes to move bulky items like fridges or sofas? Avoid back injuries and leave that part to professionals.
  • Peace of mind. When you get that worry out of the way you can concentrate on other equally important parts of the relocation process.

    Picture of professional movers. Moving to Metairie from New Orleans is easier when you have professional assistance
    The easiest why to successfully organize the move is to call professional movers

Moving to Metairie from New Orleans calls for quality storage solutions

Hiring moving professionals is just one part of the relocation puzzle. Your next goal is to find a safe place to store your belongings. With that being said, you need to know how to choose a quality New Orleans self storage. To do that, you have to pay attention to the following parameters.

  • Security. The most important parameter when choosing a storage unit. Always look for storage units that have quality locks, video surveillance systems, and night guards. This is especially important if are storing something valuable.
  • Accessibility. Try to find a storage unit that is near the place you live. Additionally, you want the storage unit that is easily accessible by van or truck.
  • Climate control. Another important factor to look for in a storage unit. This useful feature will protect the contents of the storage unit from outside factors like extreme heat or cold. More importantly, climate control plays a big role in preventing mold from accumulating on the walls and your belongings.
  • Size of the unit. Storage units Hammond LA come in many different sizes, so you will have plenty of options. However, you should try to determine what size will cover your needs. You should pick a storage unit that is neither too big nor too small. Generally speaking, most storage companies usually offer 5×5, 5×10, 10×10, 10×15, 10×20 storage units. It is also possible to find even larger units that are used for storing items like cars and boats.

    Picture of storage units
    If you are moving to Metairie from New Orleans there is chance you will need a reliable storage partner

Decluttering your home will enable you to pack more efficiently

Okay, now we have the first two steps covered. By now you have already chosen your moving partners and your future storage unit. The only thing left to do is to prepare for moving. So where to start? Well, experts agree that the first step should be to declutter your belongings. When you think about it, this is the perfect moment to go through your possessions and get rid of what you don’t need anymore. Here’s why you should do it:

  • Easy packing. Packing for the move will be much easier when you are not surrounded by piles of stuff. Additionally, unpacking and getting organized after the move will also be a walk in the park if you have less stuff.
  • Cheaper relocation. Let us explain. The are several factors that determine the price for every move such as the weight of the shipment or the distance of the move. So, the less stuff you transport, the less you will pay for the move.
  • Health benefits. You are about to start a new chapter in your life, right? The best way to do it is with a clean and organized living space.

So, waste no more time and sell, donate, or throw out everything you don’t need.

Picture of woman tidying her room
You should sort out your belongings before you start packing for the move

How to pack your items when moving to Metairie from New Orleans

The best approach to the packing process is with a clear and well-structured packing plan. Having a plan ensures swift and efficient packing. This is of utmost importance considering the sheer volume of relocation-related duties. Let’s now see how to make a proper packing plan:

  • Make a packing inventory. A packing inventory is basically a list of all items you are moving. You can use this list to check if all boxes have been loaded/unloaded from the truck.
  • Determine the order of packing. Decide what goes first, and what you will need until the very last day.
  • Get packing tools. You will need supplies such as cardboard boxes, packing paper and tape, marker pens, scissors, and basic tools.
  • Create a labeling system. Label the boxes by category or rooms. Use packing tape in various colors, letters, numbers, or any other sign to organize your boxes.

As you can see, moving to Metairie from New Orleans doesn’t have to be difficult if you are organized and have assistance. Good luck!

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