Moving your office from Houma to New Orleans: where to store extra stuff

Moving is a complicated and tiresome activity, no matter what type of relocation you are conducting. Whether you are moving home, or office or the relocation is local or long-distance, the drill is always the same. If you are planning on moving your office from Houma to New Orleans, make sure to ask for assistance from a moving company. Professionals such as Zippy Shell Louisiana will know best how to move your business seamlessly and successfully. Follow the useful tips on how to relocate your office and where to store extra stuff. This way you will ensure a smooth moving process for yourself and your employees.

Moving your office from Houma to New Orleans

The distance between Houma and New Orleans is just an hour’s drive. This is a short trip for your New Orleans movers, so they will be able to relocate your office in no time. When relocating your business, it is of utmost importance to plan the moving process thoroughly. Do not let your business or clients suffer due to poor organization. Make all necessary arrangements on time, prepare well, make a plan and minimize the downtime. Luckily, New Orleans is not far away from your current place of residence, and it wouldn’t be too much trouble to go back and forth between towns in case you forget something. However, avoid taking multiple trips and wasting time and money.

people walking in New Orleans
Move your business to New Orleans seamlessly and find out where to store extra stuff

When packing your office for relocation, you will probably find a multitude of extra stuff. In regard to storing the redundant stuff away there are a few options:

  • rent a storage unit with a reliable moving company
  • use a portable storage
  • on-site storage
  • long-term storage

Rent a storage unit with a reliable moving company

To temporarily get rid of extra office items, rent one of the best storage units Houma LA offers. These top-notch storage solutions are extremely secure and climate-controlled. Rest assured your items will be well protected from humidity, rust, pests, and any other type of damage. Instead of piling up your stuff in a garage or basement and making all the clutter in your house, choose the best storage facility in Louisiana. Get in touch with the company and check which items are not allowed in storage. Also, check what size of storage would be the best fit for the type and number of items you have. Zippy Shell Louisiana offers the best storage solutions in the country. Choose a renowned company both for relocation and storage purposes. Moving an office on your own and coming up with DIY storage units will take up a lot of your time and will not be as efficient as necessary.

people figuring out the best ways of Moving your office from Houma to New Orleans
Reliable movers will present you with the best storage solution to fit all your extra office items

Portable storage

If you are reluctant to take your extra office items to storage, have in mind that you can completely skip this step. Now the storage can come to your house. Moving company staff will bring a portable storage unit all the way to your home. Afterward, they will take the portable unit to your new address. In this instance, all your office items will be safely and swiftly transported to your new location. Not only will you be able to store all your items in a storage unit, but you will have enough space to organize them how you want and access them easily. Even bulky items such as office chairs you no longer use, or old desks, can fit in the moving containers. Bear in mind that you can use portable storage not just for moving purposes. If you wish to declutter your house or garage but want to keep some of the extra stuff you have, renting a moving container is the perfect solution for you.

On-site storage

If you need a short-term solution for extra items when moving your office from Houma to New Orleans, then choose on-site storage. With this option, you can use a storage unit for a couple of days only, without any long-term commitment. In case you need a quick and temporary solution for storing redundant office stuff, your movers will bring an on-site storage unit to your location. The containers are weatherproof and durable, with enough space to fit your items. On-site storage units are more affordable than regular storage because you are paying for the time during which you are keeping the unit with you. This option is perfect for storing office items, as such items do not require a climate-controlled environment.

Long-term storage

In case you need to store your office items away for an indefinite period of time, movers recommend taking up long-term storage. At Zippy Shell Louisiana, you can have the staff do all the tiresome pre and post-storage activities instead of you. The best commercial movers New Orleans has will pick up the stuff at your place and take them to a storage facility. The heavy lifting will be done completely by the moving staff. Moreover, if you need help packing your boxes for storage or moving, the outstanding professional packing service is at your disposal as well. For people who are moving, decluttering, downsizing, or just wish to keep valuable memories but are struggling with space in their homes, a long-term storage unit is a perfect solution.

storage units
Long-term storage units are perfect for storing away your office items

Hire a respectable moving company

Moving your office from Houma to New Orleans does not necessarily have to cause headaches and stress. If you find the right company to assist you with such a big endeavor, then half the job is done. All you need to do is make a list of the items you are moving or storing away temporarily or indefinitely. The moving company can do the packing, heavy lifting, pick-up, and delivery, and all the logistics around your office relocation. Hire the best movers in the state of Louisiana, and have a memorable relocation experience.

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