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Finding a way to move and store your belongings without going through too much trouble seems like a very difficult thing to do. As a locally-owned and operated company in New Orleans, we here at Zippy Shell Louisiana had only one goal – to ensure you get access to premier moving and storage services that you deserve. It is for that reason that you should leave it up to our New Orleans local movers to move and store your household or commercial belongings. Give us a call once you find yourself in need of assistance and our team will provide you with a commitment-free quote that precedes on-time and cost-effective services.

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Provide your family with premier moving assistance.

Zippy Shell Louisiana will make sure your personal property remains safe

One of the biggest problems when it comes to relocation is the fact that this process is oftentimes accompanied by damaged property and/or loss of personal items. That is why people are hesitant to hire local movers in New Orleans, as they simply have too many trust issues. But the lack of trust shouldn’t be a problem when working with Zippy Shell Louisiana, as we have employed experienced professionals who have been given access to all the necessary equipment and resources. Our moving services in New Orleans are designed in such a way that they provide the best protection for all of your belongings.

As a moving and storage company, we definitely provide a unique outlook on relocation. Our local movers in New Orleans rely on specially-designed containers that can safely house all of your personal belongings. From fragile items to musical instruments and works of art, you can feel free to entrust us with any of your items. We will transport them to the new location in a way that ensures maximum protection.

Our New Orleans local movers have a special way of relocating your belongings

With Zippy Shell Louisiana by your side, you get to have much more than a safe move – you get to have a personalized experience that is based on our unique approach. Our company will move your items in such a manner that you will have little to no involvement in the entire process. Everything depends on what type of assistance you choose.

  • Contact Zippy Shell Louisiana and give us a few basic details of your move. We can help you assess how many containers you need in order to fit all the items you plan to relocate. Schedule the date when you want to have those items delivered and wait for step two.
  • Our New Orleans local movers will arrive at the scheduled location with time to spare. We will unload the container on your property in the spot that works best for you.
  • You can load the containers in the time that is the most convenient for you or you can have our movers take care of it.
  • Once the containers are loaded, we will come to pick up your belongings and transport them to the property you are moving to.
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Our New Orleans local movers deliver the containers to your doorstep.

If you know anything about us then you must know that our movers are always punctual and get the job done in the agreed time. We know how precious every minute of your time is, which is precisely why we won’t waste any of it.

Our local movers in New Orleans adjust to your needs

As a team that has moved it all, our New Orleans moving team is full of experience. Such experience has taught us that no two moves are alike. It is for that reason that our team will go the extra mile to ensure you have a personalized moving experience. From creating a tailored plan for the handling of your belongings to treating every individual item with care and consideration, we will take all the necessary steps to secure your satisfaction.

Contact Zippy Shell Louisiana and request a commitment-free quote from our team. We will get back to you shortly, as soon as we have calculated the approximate price. One thing is a certainty – our cost-effective prices provide the best combination with our high-quality services. You don’t have to compromise quality for affordability – we offer the perfect ratio.

Get access to premier storage services, as well

Apart from making sure you have the option to move with ease, we here at Zippy Shell Louisiana have also ensured you have premier storage services at your fingertips. In fact, providing the residents of New Orleans with reliable storage is our specialty. Our company offers different types of storage services in Louisiana, including:

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You can store any of your items in our safe storage solutions.

It goes without saying that all of your items will remain protected while in our storage containers. We even provide you with the option of keeping the container on your property or storing it in our facilities. Either way, you can rent our containers on a month-to-month basis or you can opt for long-term storage rental. Our experience has shown that moving and storage services usually go hand in hand. We are more than happy to provide you with the perfect fit for both.

Contact Zippy Shell Louisiana and move within New Orleans with ease

Local moving has all the predispositions for being a stress-free process. But only with the right New Orleans local movers by your side. You don’t have to look too far in order to find the right moving team. You just have to contact Zippy Shell Louisiana. Our company offers on-time services and a unique approach that will make your move a breeze. Moreover, our team of movers will be at your disposal through every stage of the move. Our job is only done once we deliver and unload the container that contains your items.


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The entire staff was great from the original reservation to movers. We had the shell packed up, stored for 3 months, and then delivered. Both moving crews were awesome! I love that they use their own people instead of outsourcing them like other companies. I can’t recommend them enough. Best service, best price, best people.

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