New Orleans neighborhoods millennials love

Seeking ideal cities and places to live is important to many millennials. Most of them looking for more opportunities and choosing the right place to live is related to their goals. Regardless of many factors, anyone who has moved to New Orleans is happy with that step. This is because NOLA has so many different neighborhoods and something to offer to anyone. Nevertheless, just like in every other city, certain neighborhoods are better for families, while others are ideal for singles or retirees. If you are among millennials who plan to move to New Orleans, just stay with our New Orleans local movers. Today our moving specialists will remind you of New Orleans neighborhoods millennials love. After you choose an ideal neighborhood according to your needs, you will be ready to commit your time and energy to the moving process. So, let’s complete this crucial task together!

Firstly, consider New Orleans neighborhoods millennials love

When you want to recommend your neighborhood to your friend or relative, you will need to tell them what they can expect. Of course, they will want to find out as much as they can about the city’s amenities, costs of living, and interesting places where they can relax and have a nice time. But before you start talking about the things you love about your neighborhood, you will consider your friend’s needs. As you know what your friend’s day looks like, you will figure out if your neighborhood is for him or her. So, take our advice and be honest with your friend. They should know what things you miss when it comes to your neighborhood. That will be helpful when the time for the decision comes.

A green painted house in NoLa
You will like the lovely streets with unique houses in New Orleans neighborhoods

Although we all have different needs, some neighborhoods are simply homes to many millennials because of the amenities they offer. One thing is for sure, many millennials are interested in similar things when it comes to the city they live. Most of them appreciate the good transportation options available, thriving nightlife, fun events, and of course hot job market. Once they find all of these things within one neighborhood they will not hesitate to move there. According to our New Orleans movers who know this area like the back of their hand, here are top New Orleans neighborhoods for millennials:

  • Central Business District
  • Bywater
  • Mid-City
  • Freret
  • Lower Garden District

Central Business District is one of the best New Orleans neighborhoods millennials love

If you want to live close to Downtown and French Quarter but are still not ready to move to the center of the action, this neighborhood can be ideal for you. Central Business District is pretty affordable and phenomenal for post-grads and young professionals who had recently leased New Orleans storage and now need to move to a new home. This neighborhood is an excellent place to pick if you are a newcomer to NOLA. Also, the neighborhood is located right in the middle of most of the major Mardi Gras routes, something that many millennials love about it.

a beautiful city's skyline
There are many incredible business opportunities in NOLA

When it comes to the median monthly rent in this neighborhood, you can expect to spend $730 per month. Further, the median purchase price in Central Business District is $269,920. Whether you plan to rent or buy, you should know this neighborhood is a safe place to live. It has low crime rates, although things were not that great several years ago. If you are looking for a neighborhood that teeming with nightlife, historic sites, and art galleries, CBD is where you should move to. This place has excellent transportation options, a plethora of shops and restaurants, and more for residents to enjoy. It is time for you to purchase packing supplies New Orleans and start packing your possession. You will not make a mistake if you pick CBD, it is one of the New Orleans neighborhoods millennials truly love.

Opt of the Bywater

If you are looking for a perfect description for this neighborhood, it is a mix of new and old cultures in NOLA. This is one of the coolest places to live in New Orleans, regardless of your age. This neighborhood has preserved its old physical structure and architecture but also its artistic roots, which makes it unique. Many millennials love Bywater for its colorful shotgun houses and vibrant arts scene, as well as eclectic restaurants and shops. If you want to have quick access to French Quarter but want to save your budget when it comes to the costs of living, consider Bywater because it is perfectly located. In case you want to attend multiple excellent events near your home, decide to move to Bywater. A median purchase price in Bywater is $249,333, while you will need about $84o to rent a home in this neighborhood.

Visit Mid-City this weekend

If you want to live in a modern and well-located neighborhood of Big Easy, Mid-City is what you are looking for. This place is quirky, affordable, and just five minutes away from French Quarter and Downtown NOLA. Here you will find so many things to do, regardless of your preferences. This place is known for its wide green spaces but also historic architecture. This neighborhood continues to expand, it has many restaurants, stores, boutiques, etc. A median home price here is $188,660, which can be an excellent offer compared to other neighborhoods of NOLA. Here you will enjoy tasty food, international cuisine, and unforgettable flavors from different world cuisines.

A person on the street thinking about New Orleans neighborhoods millennials love
Mid-City is one of the New Orleans neighborhoods millennials love.

Choose the neighborhood that you like the most

Unluckily, there is no universal answer for everyone when it comes to the NOLA neighborhood to choose. But one thing is for sure, there are several New Orleans neighborhoods millennials love. It is up to you to pick the one that you like the most at this moment. So, consider what mentioned neighborhoods offer and think about your priorities. Even if you want to move to another place after a while, New Orleans moving and storage company will be there to help you out. We wish you choose wisely and enjoy your fresh start at the place you will love!


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