Packing frames and mirrors for New Orleans relocation

Moving can be stressful and sometimes difficult. Especially if you are packing frames and mirrors which are very delicate to handle. Those are the items that require special care and attention. If you are not sure and skilled enough how to pack them you should consider checking residential movers New Orleans that residents recommend. They will make sure that your beloved pieces are secured for transportation to your new home. If you however want to do it on your own you have to be well-prepared and stack up on the right packing supplies. That will not damage your frames and mirrors.

Make a detailed plan when packing your frames and mirrors

Good preparation is the key to success. If you want to do this right you should make a detailed plan. Make a list of packing supplies you need, and also make sure to check how to pack each item. You definitely cannot use the same packing method for framed and unframed paintings nor mirrors.

A woman behind a bubble bag
Bubble bags are a must when it comes to packing your artwork.

There is a must when it comes to packing supplies that you will need for the job. Here is the list of things:

  • bubble wrap
  • tape gun
  • artist tape
  • glassine
  • foam boards
  • tape measure
  • cardboard boxes or a crate
  • foam or a blanket for packing frames and mirrors
  • gloves

You will need to take good care of those delicate frames and mirrors. Because they can be really difficult to pack properly and transport without damaging them. You can find a lot of instructions online that can help you manage it. New Orleans local movers can help you with the whole packing and transportation. They will treat your belongings well and make sure they arrive undamaged to your new location.

How to pack your frames

Whether it is a painting or your family’s antique mirror you want to make sure that the items are safe during transit. There is a slight difference when packing framed and unframed artworks. In both cases, you have to make sure that your hands are clean! Also, you need to prepare the proper packing supplies. Try to calm yourself down, because steady hands are required as well as concentration.

Couple holding a frame.
Prepare the right packing supplies when preparing your frames and mirrors for packing.

When it comes to your framed paintings you should find a crate or build a box. You want to make it a bit bigger box than the painting. Use wider artist tape and make an ”X” across the glass, so it doesn’t get broken. Pad the front and back of the artwork using pieces of hardboard and then tape them together. Even if it does get broken, the tape will prevent the glass from moving and damaging your artwork. Then you can wrap it in brown paper and after that wrap the piece in two layers of bubble wrap. Do not forget about the corners. You can add cardboard corners to prevent damage.

For your unframed paintings be sure to not touch them with your hands, use gloves. Also, a sheet of silicone release paper to cover the front of the canvas and then wrap using glassine paper. In case you might wonder, glassine is a smooth paper that is air, water, and grease resistant. You can protect the edges with a few layers of cardboard as well as front and back. Wrap them using a blanket or bubble wrap. If you don’t have time for all this stuff, then we recommend checking out long-distance movers in New Orleans. They will help you out with your paintings.

Prepare your mirrors for relocation

Regarding your mirrors, cushion the bottom with packing paper and then slide the object into the box. Stack these items vertically and do not lay them flat. Fill extra space with more paper to prevent shifting and tape and label the box “fragile” on all sides. That way you will know how to handle them as soon as you arrive at your new home. Or in other cases, your movers will know how to deal with your fragile belongings. Zippy Shell Louisiana can provide assistance in relocation and packing your fragile items. Make sure to check them out.

Antique mirrors.
After packing your mirrors you should stack them vertically in the moving truck.

After you relocate you should then find a nice room that will serve you as storage for your artworks. Try to avoid attics or basements unless they are finished and have climate control. Be sure there are no air vents or open windows. The last thing to avoid is to store your art in a room that has an exterior wall. You should use a room that is completely inside the house. This eliminates the risk of windows bringing in sunlight and weather which can damage and fade artwork.

If you want to pack a canvas it will depend on if it’s stretched across a wooden frame or rolled. For stretched version cover the canvas with glassine, acid-free or archival paper. Tape a sheet of foam or cardboard to the back of the canvas. Make sure to put the canvas into a plastic gallery wrap bag to protect it from moisture. Wrap the entire thing with two layers of Bubble Wrap and secure it with tape.

For rolled version lay the canvas between two sheets of your choice paper (painted side down). Loosely roll the canvas and paper, roll it with bubble bags and slide it into a cardboard tube.

Conclusion about packing frames and mirrors

If you want to do it on your own that you should be really careful how you pack your frames and mirrors. It requires a bit of skill and a pair of steady hands. On the other hand, if you are not up to it, the whole packing and relocation thing, you can always hire reliable movers. Who will take care of your belongings and make sure that they arrive undamaged to your new home? It is up to you at the end, depending on your needs and budget of course.

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