Packing items for storage – most common mistakes

Most people find packing to be the most boring and exhausting process. However, if you invite some friends over to help you, you can actually have a lot of fun. But before you start packing items for storage, you should learn what are the most common mistakes that people make so that you can avoid doing them. Zippy Shell Louisiana has prepared a small guide that will teach you what to do and what not to do in order to properly secure your possessions.

Using boxes of the wrong size is one of the mistakes that people make when packing items for storage

Packing items in boxes does not mean that you need to place whatever comes into your hand and put it in the box. You need to have a plan and stick to it. One of the best ways to pack the boxes is to actually have the right size of them. If something cannot fit in one box, do not try to push it. Get a bigger one, and make sure that the item is in a good position.

couple packing items for storage
Make sure that your boxes are not too small or not too big for your items.

Overloading the boxes

This is maybe a bigger problem than the one before. Try not to overload the boxes. Make sure that there are enough items inside but that are not heavy. Someone needs to carry that. So if you are hiring New Orleans local movers, think about whether the boxes are too heavy for them. In the end, it is not just someone’s back. The box might break and all of your items will fall out. This happens often, so make sure not to put too many items in one box.

Items are not packed in a proper way

Think about fragile items. People do not usually take care of them and blame the moving services for the damage they cause. To avoid this common mistake, make sure you have double-protected the fragile items. Better to be safe than sorry. Make sure that they are wrapped in nice fabric or some cloth. You can even wrap fragile items with your towels or clothes that you do not need at the moment of packing. Of course, you can always get packing supplies New Orleans has, and be sure that you have chosen the right wrapping material for your fragile items.

Not labeling the boxes

If you do not label your boxes, you will not know what is where. Labeling boxes is quite helpful if it is done properly. Imagine walking into storage and looking for some holiday decorations. Not labeling the boxes will mean that you will need to open every box and check inside. This also means that after you’ve found what you need, you will need to seal the boxes again. This is just a waste of time. To avoid that, get some markers in different colors and make sure you have written on the box what is inside.

labeled boxes on the desk
Always label boxes when you are packing items for storage

Not putting enough stuff into the box

It is not hard to determine how many items should be in a box. It might sound complicated, but trust us, it is pretty easy. Just make sure that there is no space left inside the box. It does not have to be full to the top. But you need to make sure that the items inside will not shift during the transport. If items can move in the box they might end up getting damaged. Use packing paper or bubble wrap to fill in the gaps. This way your items will not move.

Not using the moving boxes at all

Most people will try to save some money by packing the items in bags instead of boxes. This is a huge mistake and they always end up paying for repairing the items or buying new ones. It is important to have firm and sturdy packing material. A simple bag will not protect your items as well as the box will. This is why it is smart to invest in some quality moving boxes. After all, they will ensure the safety of your items.

Do not pack at the last minute

People think that packing items in boxes is a task that can be left the last. Packing takes time, so make sure to start early. In order to make everything go smoothly, invite some friends over. They will be quite helpful, especially if you are decluttering. When decluttering people are not objective when it comes to their items. That is why your friends are there. They will be able to tell you the truth, whether you should get rid of certain items or not. Just do not get mad. They are there to help you out. Once the decluttering is over, start the packing process. You can even turn this into a fun game. Whoever fills the first box wins some kind of award. 

couple smiling with boxes
Start packing on time!

One last common mistake people make when packing items for storage is not asking for help

When you ask for help, you will do this process faster. As we have mentioned before, you can call some friends over to help you with packing items for storage. However, if you think that non of you are capable of packing your items the proper way, you can always hire professional residential movers New Orleans and let them take care of it.



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