Packing your office equipment properly

Moving a company to a new office is a complex multi-stage process. You need to organize all the processes, carefully packing your office equipment, transfer it to a new location and also carefully unpack it. For everything to go smoothly, you need to take into account dozens of nuances. If you solve this problem alone, then the load will be too heavy. In this difficult situation, you can be helped, for example, by a team of good specialist commercial movers New Orleans. They are ready to become your partner during the move and help make sure that everything happens on time with minimal disruption. Also, you can help them and fasten up the process by packing equipment on your own. And of course, don’t forget it will save you some money too! Just by following simple steps, you can pack properly.

Why move to another office?

To begin with, clearly state the main reason for the move, because the main position from which you need to approach the move often depends on it. For example, if the purpose of the move is to move to a more comfortable office for work, in which everything will be in harmony and pleasing to the eye, then you should pay special attention to sorting and filtering the things that you are transporting. Some of the things should be sent to the trash bin at the packaging stage, so as not to carry old trash with you to a new place, which will definitely not be useful.

Woman standing in office working on computer with moving boxes behind.
Packing your office equipment should be done properly since you can’t work without it.

But if your goal is to find a cheaper office and save money, then you should approach the move from a completely different position – try packing your office equipment as carefully as possible, think about what you can fix, and give them a second life. And commercial movers New Orleans will help you with the moving.

Will you need any help?

In any case, whatever the purpose of the move you have, usually help with it is not superfluous. We are just people, we get tired and may not notice some details. Therefore, it is a great idea to use the help of professionals who will help you approach the move correctly, based on their many years of experience. There are dozens of companies in any city that are ready to help you arrange the best move for you. For example, you can try looking for Louisiana moving and storage company offers. It is always better to involve professionals in your move and packaging of your office equipment, who will be the best of the best in their field and will help you organize your move with minimal losses.

A woman sitting at the working desk in office and working on computers.
Shared office or a private one, still the safety of equipment is the priority.

Things you will need for packing your office equipment

No one wants to stretch an office move for several days, so everyone who has encountered this knows how important it is to organize it correctly. Every company wants to conduct it as quickly and budget as possible. When organizing an office move, great attention is paid to the packaging of furniture and equipment, which is not very easy. To make things easier for yourself start preparing for the move in advance. Packing your office equipment properly is a really important step on the way. Prepare and purchase packaging materials.

  • All kinds of wrapping papers for various purposes: for ordinary packaging, for protection from pollution, for protection against breakages, and so on. Bubble wrap is probably the most secure one.
  • You will also definitely need cardboard boxes to store items inside.
  • Prepare some stickers and pens for labeling each box. This will help to unpack in order and neatly.
  • Don’t forget duck tape and scissors.
  • Also, just in case it would be perfect to have some Styrofoam balls to fill in the empty spaces in each box. Just to protect things from potential damage.

Packing your office equipment properly

Packing your office equipment should be done with caution. To make this stage go smoothly and without unforeseen problems, several tips can be distinguished for you. When you are done with packing and you don’t know what to do with all the boxes, there are New Orleans storage units where you can place them until your move.

Tips for packing

  1. Firstly, if you previously worked in a shared office, then you should inform other colleagues about your relocation. This way, they can help you out. And for sure they won’t occupy you with other things since you will be pretty much busy with moving out.
  2. In addition to the temporary plan, you will need a pre-prepared layout of the space in the new office. Just imagine, in the process of moving you realize that you haven’t figured out what and where you will put in the new place. It can be a disaster!
  3. When packing equipment, divide it into several categories. Oversized equipment that requires careful transportation and everything else. Disconnect all equipment from the mains, turn off and place inboxes. Try to group certain devices with certain wires and accessories into the same boxes for quicker unpacking.
  4. Be sure to use the packing materials that you have prepared for the move. Wrapping paper, cardboard boxes, special equipment to keep your belongings safe from knocks and breakages during transportation.
  5. One very helpful piece of advice is to label equipment. Label every box. Write what is inside each box. This will save a ton of time during unpacking and organizing the equipment in a new place.
  6. Pay attention to your personal belongings. Sometimes we tend to forget the main things we own. Probably the best option here is to store them in your bag as soon as you start packing. So afterward you won’t worry about it.


Man smiling and holding a book while sitting in his office.
Enjoy your new office with the same equipment you had!

Ready to go

So, finally, this difficult stage has come to an end, you have successfully packed all your equipment, moved it to a new office, and placed it in its new places. You should be confident that your work in the new office will become a new stage in the life of your company because you approached the choice of office and the move with all care and responsibility. Honor yourself with some new houseware desk organizers to complete a fresh new look at your office.

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