Preparing your pet for relocation: a brief guide

Having to move means dealing with a lot of stress. However, sadly, we often do not even notice just how stressful the moving experience can be on everyone else around us. Our pets are especially prone to this stress. First, the whole experience new and frightening for them. You are basically uprooting them from what they are used to – and they do not realize what’s happening. Furthermore, they can also sense when you are under stress, which can cause even more confusion and stress for them. Luckily, Zippy Shell Louisiana is here to help you. We are the movers with experience – and a lot of great advice pertaining to your move. In this article, we share with you a brief guide on preparing your pet for relocation. Keep reading to find out how to hurt them as little as you can – and cause them the least worry.

Sort out all the paperwork

The first, and maybe the most important step, is that you will need to figure out and sort all the paperwork your pet needs to move. First, you will want to know what paperwork you need. Moving locally is not the same as moving long distances or cross country. Therefore, you will need different permits for all of these moves (or you might not need any at all). Usually, if your pet has a microchip, then you should have all you need already. However, make sure you look into everything well – and update the dog’s address too, just like yours.

Make sure you have all the paperwork ready.

Additionally, you will need to get the paperwork in order to transfer a pet. Usually, this will depend on the state you are moving to. Most of them will need you to have a CVI (certificate of veterinary inspection) – or a health certificate. However, usually, these will be valid for only 30 days. So make sure you carefully plan when you will get it – it can be tough to schedule things as you are rushing towards the moving day.

If you are moving internationally, things can get even more complicated. Due to the pandemic, a lot of countries now have new travel restrictions and requirements. We strongly encourage you to research the process thoroughly. If you are not ready for it, then you can have a lot of problems getting to your new home with your pet. PetTravel is a good website you can visit – they have a great database with 240 countries.

Stick to the routine when preparing your pet for relocation

Another thing you will want to always keep in mind is that routine is highly important during the move. As we mentioned, the pets get very stressed when you disrupt their routine. Sadly, they will not realize why it is happening. Therefore, you will want to introduce the idea of moving to them step by step, instead of suddenly packing everything up suddenly.

For example, you will want to start packing weeks in advance. That way, your pets will see the boxes and familiarise themselves with them. They might not even notice some things are missing. Instead, keep their focus on their activities – walking them and feeding them at the same time each day. However, there is a thing to note here. If you allow your cats to go outside, they might be tempted to run away. So, try to keep them inside while introducing these changes, and take them outside by yourself.

Then, you will want to leave the carrier out for them to explore if they are not used to it. You will want to put something they like inside of it – like a blanket or a toy. Praise the pet when they go inside. This way, they will not mind being in there. What’s more, they might even decide to go inside when they feel stress – which is a win-win situation.

a dog in a car
If your dog enjoys car rides, then you are in luck.

You might also get them used to the car rides, too. If you only take them to the car when going to the vet, they will get anxious when jumping into the car. Therefore, you will want to take them on quick, short tips. This should get them used to the car rides.

Try to keep the moving day as least hectic as possible

At the end of the day, there is one thing that you can be sure of – you will know how your pet will react. If many things make it anxious, then it will most likely be stressed about the move. If it is okay with most of the things, it might not care about the move either. In the first case, you might want to talk to your vet about how you can keep them safe. You will want to keep the pet away from all the noise and moving services.

Sometimes, this might require you to lock a pet in a room with their favorite toys. Other times, you will need to put them in a hard-sided carrier and keep them in the backyard. Sometimes, you will need to use a sheet or blanket to cover their carrier. Ensure that it is light, so you do not overheat them.

dog treats
Bring your pet’s favorite treats along.

You should also prepare for the road trip. Bring along the food your pet likes to eat and any treats to calm them down. Make sure you have a lot of water for them, as well as disposable litter boxes. You should also prepare for accidents – so bring a first aid kit and some towels. Pets can stress out and have accidents. You will want to clean them up as soon as possible.

By preparing your pet for relocation this way, you should be able to have a pleasant trip. Make sure you also contact us – we offer experienced relocation services that will make the whole process even easier.

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