Pros and cons of moving in September

Relocation can be done at any time of the year. Moving companies are working all the time, and it is only up to you to say the date. You are the one relocating, and you probably know when you want to do it. But, as you probably already know, some months and days are better for the relocation than others. Many New Orleans local movers can give you a proposition about it if you are not sure. There is no such thing as the perfect month. They all have some advantages and disadvantages. In the end, it all depends on your personal preferences. And of course, it depends on the moment when you get a proposition or an idea for the move. Now, when summer is almost over, it is time to figure out if moving in September is your month to start over.

Person writing notes in a notebook.
Make a checklist so you can make a decision easier.

What are the pros of moving in September?

As you already know, every decision that we make has negative and positive sides to it. And it goes the same for the month when you want to relocate. For various reasons, many people decide that moving in September is one of the best months for the relocation. But also, at the same time, the rest of the people completely disagree on this fact. It all depends from person to person. We all have different perspectives and preferences. For instance, you can worry about the weather, while others can worry about the prices. That is why you definitely should make a pros and cons list for each month until you come up with the best solution. The benefits of moving in September are:

  • Weather and temperatures. When you are relocating, you know there will be quite a lot of work to do. Heavy lifting and carrying boxes at high temperatures is not the best solution. That is one of the reasons why moving in September is better. It is not too warm, and at the same time is not too cold.
  • Another advantage of moving in this month is the fact that there are almost no crowds and traffic. When you are in the middle of a season you can have the negative experience of crowded places and streets, which can slow down the relocation.
  • Prices are significantly lower. It is an end-of-summer season, and plenty of movers are giving huge discounts. While in the middle of summer it is very expensive. So why not wait a little bit longer and relocate for a much lower price?
  •  Many people forget that it is not always possible to find the available movers. Some months are busier than others. That is why you should try to get them in September.

Where there are pros, you can find cons as well

Nothing is perfect. And you already know that. For everything that is good, there must be something bad behind it. And the other way around. But thanks to this, you can find a balance. And it is easier to make decisions. Once you know your requirements and preferences, you will know what exactly you are looking for. Because of this, once you list out the positive things and advantages of relocation in September, do the same for the negative facts. And you will see how much it will be easier to make a final decision so you can find New Orleans moving and storage services and start relocating.

  • The biggest disadvantage here happens if you are moving with children. If you do, your kids are going to school. And their school might interfere with the relocation. Changing schools might be trickier in this part of the year since it has already started. But most likely, you will know this on time to do it.
  • Temperatures are perfect, that is true, but the weather might not be all the time. Autumn is the season with the majority of showers. Especially during September. You need to be prepared at any moment of your relocation that it will rain, or there might be even a storm.
  • Don’t forget that the days are getting shorter. So it might be dark when you need to carry in or out the moving boxes. But don’t worry that much, since this fact can be fixed.
Mover and a person checking the boxes.
Find your movers on time.

In the end, is moving in September the right decision?

When you have pointed out all of the advantages and disadvantages, you can make a decision. Keep in mind that this is not something you should do on your own. You need to discuss it with other members of the family that will relocate with you. They also have a saying in this, as much as you do. There are twelve months in a year when you can relocate. And there are four seasons. Each season has different benefits, and it is on you to figure out which ones you like and need the most. But, according to many people and statistics, moving in autumn is for sure the best option. You can also ask residential movers New Orleans for an opinion. They will tell you better than the internet or anyone else will.

Be prepared for your relocation

Now that you made a final decision and you agreed on the month for your move, it is time to prepare for it. When you have a date for the move figured out, you need to find your movers. There are many options on the market, you just need to figure out what do you want. Depending on your needs for the relocation, you will search. And of course, your budget limits are playing a role here as well. Try not to go over it, because you can end up in debt. Instead, find movers that are affordable and reliable, that fit to your needs. Also, keep in mind that you point out if you need climate controlled storage, or services similar to that since not many companies can offer you this.

Rain pouring on the street.
Moving in September means you will move on a rainy day, so be prepared.

Be prepared for September’s weather

Since you know now that the weather in September can be very unpredictable, you need to prepare yourself. Get some quality raincoats for the rain, since it will be impossible to relocate things when you are holding the umbrella. Also, what you must to, is secure all the boxes because they can also get ruined. You want to keep your items safe in the first place. Just make sure you are not placing them down in mud and water.

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