Pros and cons of settling in Baton Rouge

You finally found the place to relocate to. But before you start settling in Baton Rouge you must form a moving plan, pack, and find trustworthy Louisiana movers to assist you. And we will help you out with a few crucial moving tricks that will make your relocation easier. More importantly, we will point out a few things you maybe did not know about the wonderful city of Baton Rouge. Let us begin!

Before settling in Baton Rouge, you must relocate successfully

Creating a moving plan is more than half the job done. It begins with a moving checklist and all moving steps listed. Remove them gradually and ensure you are ready for the moving day. You should include the home inspection where you’ll figure out how much stuff you have. Also, you will know the number of packing materials required. And finally, you can calculate the moving cost and dedicate a budget to it. Once you have it all lined up, start looking for a moving company online and browse the moving service they offer. As long as your movers are licensed and offer fair prices, you’ll be fine. To be sure that your choice is a legit one, compare prices, services, and read reviews. You will find a reliable moving crew in a matter of hours.

A woman creating a moving checklist
Create a proper moving plan. Follow it step by step to relocate safely and succesfully.

We must suggest checking Louisiana moving and storage as one of the best moving service providers in the area. With this company, you will have an adventure and the safest relocation possible. Utilize the affordable service they provide and prepare for settling in Baton Rouge in no time.

Decluttering and storage

Now when you figured out your moving plan, we must advise one more thing. It would be wise to declutter and downsize as much as possible. This way you will start clutter-free in your new home and have more space. You can use it for storage or introduce a new piece of furniture. To be honest, you can just leave it open and decide in the future. Therefore, while shuffling through your belongings set aside items you do not need anymore. Later when you accumulated enough you can either donate, sell, give away, or simply throw away.

But in case you want to keep it, after all, you can rent one of the storage facilities in Baton Rouge and stash it all for later. It is an affordable way to have an open space while still holding on to your old items. Just something you should consider as a long-term investment or a temporary solution.

Is this a place for families with kids?

The answer is yes! What might be confusing about the capital city of Louisiana is that it is neither a suburban family area nor an urban crowded place. It is somewhere in the middle. This kind of environment attracts all kinds of people pursuing careers, education, or a peaceful environment to raise their kids in. The economy is flourishing, the educational system impeccable, and the industry is booming.

So, do not worry about a thing, you can pursue your goals here whatever they might be. It is a place for career opportunists or for young families with kids. And we must mention a few places that will make your kids happy beyond imagination. You must visit Blue Bayou Water Park where your kids will lose the track of time in wave pools, lazy rivers, and 15 more watery attractions. Also, Dixie Landin’ Amusement Park is just around the corner with about 30 games and rides. As soon as you begin settling in Baton Rouge, take a weekend off and have a blast with your little ones.

The abundance of shopping and dining

Some people would like to avoid all the ruckus and a fast way of living each capital city has. But as we mentioned before, it is perfectly balanced. You can still choose a peaceful neighborhood while maintaining the urban vibe of a big city. And if you are interested in shopping and spending time in malls, we have something for you. Most of the shops and restaurants are located downtown and you should surely check them out. We can recommend a few amazing restaurants.

Consider visiting Parrain’s Seafood Restaurant, Red Zeppelin, Walk-On’s Sports Bistreaux, Mestizo Louisiana Mexican Cuisine, and Tsunami Shaw Center. There are many more but those few will cover anyone’s needs. Top it off with a drink at Coffee Call and you will be most satisfied. As for the shopping extravaganza, pay a visit to Perkins Rowe, Acadian Village, Mall of Louisiana, and Towne Center at Cedar Lodge. Hopefully, you’ll have fun as much as we did.

Cultural wonders of Baton Rouge

We can proudly say that Baton Rouge is a uniquely diverse place full of mixed nations, languages, and cultures. What makes this possible is the fact that this city is an educational center of Louisiana. A college city hosting around 12k international students yearly. At least 20% of the city population are students attending one of the widely famous universities. Such as Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge Community College, Southern University, and Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University. So, you will have access to the best education possible with the promise of incredible career opportunities within the city and the state.

Plantation nature of Louisiana
Nature is amazing in this area. Become a part of it.

And where you have so many students, you’ll find sports as well. And plenty of it, which makes the inhabitants healthier and motivated to keep up with the trend. As for the art and historical places worth visiting, we will list a few you should definitely check out once you are done settling in Baton Rouge. Take a look at:

  • Galvez Plaza
  • Centenary State Historic Site
  • Capitol Park Museum
  • Bator Rouge African American Museum
  • Louisiana’s Old State Capitol
  • Highland Road Park Observatory
  • Louisiana Art & Science Museum

Are you ready to relocate and start settling in Baton Rouge?

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten on mentioning all the greenery and authentic Louisiana nature and culture surrounding the Mississippi River and the city of Baton Rouge. What we suggest is to take a Beyond the Bayou Tour as soon as you have a weekend off. Get to know the culture, nature, and take a glimpse at the unique lifestyle of Creoles and Cajuns living in this area. Only then you’ll realize how diverse this place is. But if this is not your cup of tea, simply visit LSU Center Botanic Gardens and get to know everything there is about the nature you are about to call your home.

A building with lush greenery
Architecture is astonishing. Take a stroll and get to know the environment as soon as you can.

So, the question is, are you ready to obtain free estimates, purchase moving service, relocate, and start settling in Baton Rouge? Hopefully, we provided enough info to scratch the surface. Rest is up to you. You will surely have more fun than you expected. And we wish you a safe journey and a wonderful time adapting and getting familiar with the place. Take care.

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