Reasons to move to Shreveport this summer

Shreveport is a cultural, and educational hub of northwest Louisiana. It’s located right on the Arkansas and Texas border. It is kind of unique in its culture. Although it doesn’t have the Creole-Cajun culture of New Orleans, it has Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas cultures, all in one, commonly referred to as Ark-La-Tex culture. The town of Shreveport keeps it exciting by constantly evolving. It is also renowned as one of the largest film industries in all of the USA. Shreveport is adorned with some of the best food, a popular brewery scene, lots of job opportunities, and most important of all, very friendly residents. Today, Zippy Shell Louisiana would like to show you some of the reasons to move to Shreveport this summer.

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Move to Shreveport this summer because it has affordable housing

You might want to live in a bigger apartment or even a house. Well, the good news is that this is no longer out of reach. One of the biggest perks of living in Shreveport is the housing market. Actually, housing prices are 50% lower than the US average. This means that you will have more freedom than ever to choose the home you desire. Your chosen long-distance movers Louisiana can also help you out with moving into the home you’ve bought. Be sure to ask for their help along the way to make your transition as smooth as it can be.

Cost of living

Following the cost of housing, you can assume the cost of living is affordable as well. And you would be right! What’s better than moving to a new, larger home and still having more money to spend? The cost of living is 22,5% lower than the US average. It doesn’t sound like much, but just imagine 22,5% more savings than usually. Or, just a more relaxed way of life where you don’t have to worry. Living from paycheck to paycheck will be a distant dream. Also, you can rent climate-controlled storage Shreveport for a more affordable price as well. Can’t part with your sentimental furniture but don’t have the room for it? Well, consider a storage unit to kill two birds with one stone.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that Shreveport actually has a lot of amazing places to visit. So, it’s not like you will be moving to the middle of nowhere and saving money. Quite the contrary! You’re moving to a quaint little town, with lots to do while still being kind to your budget.

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A happy wallet is a happy life!

Weather is a good reason to move to Shreveport this summer

An important thing people fail to mention when talking about a new place to live is the weather. A lot of people are very sensitive when it comes to weather. Some may not be able to handle extreme heat, while others experience seasonal depression and can’t handle a lot of gray, rainy days. In Shreveport, you will experience a subtropical climate. This means that there is more rainfall than average (51 inches, which is 23 inches more than the national average). Due to a lot of rainfall, the city has a lot of green, luscious spaces. Spring and fall are amazing, mild, and kind. These are the best seasons in this climate.

Summers, on the other hand, can get quite hot and humid. They start around May and end in late September. Seeing how this can pose an issue to certain people, we wanted to mention it before your move to Shreveport this summer. But, winters are pretty short, December and January are the coldest months and it never gets so cold that you can’t leave your home. It can get chilly, though, so winter clothes are a must.

Job market

Shreveport is a business-friendly city. The top industries in the city include the following:

  • advanced manufacturing
  • biotech
  • life sciences
  • defense
  • technology
  • energy
  • film
  • healthcare
  • social assistance
  • accommodation and food services

Also, quite a few major employers are settled in the gorgeous Shreveport. Look around, ask around, and you will find exactly what you’re searching for. Remember, you are qualified in your field, so is there truly a reason you won’t get a good job? We don’t think so!

If you move to Shreveport this summer, you’ll have many fun things to do

Before you finalize your move to Shreveport this summer, let’s go over some of the fun activities waiting for you in this city. There are over 30 museums, theaters, and performing arts centers in Shreveport. This makes Shreveport a cultural hub and you will have the opportunity to experience a unique culture. Shreveport offers activities for all ages. You can even easily transport your items to New Orleans storage units if need be and organize parties in your own home. But for now, let’s see what are some of the things you can enjoy once you move!

a museum with people in it
Visit one of the many museums Shreveport offers and you’ll realize the uniqueness of the culture here!


Festivals are a big part of the Shreveport culture and lifestyle. During the year you will have a huge number of festivals to choose from. The most famous one is, of course, the Highland Jazz and Blues Festival. But, you can visit Red River Revel, River Balloon Rally, Cinco de Mayo, ArtBreak, the Louisiana Film Prize short film competition, and many more. Basically, whatever your interests are, Shreveport has something for everyone.


You can explore the RW Norton Art Gallery for a taste of the culture and history of this area. The widely-known Art Deco Municipal Auditorium, one of the reasons why Shreveport received popularity, is the place where many famous people created their careers. Elvis Presley, Hank Williams, and Johnny Cash are the biggest names that originated in this little city. There is also a number of museums celebrating African American and indigenous culture and history.

The great outdoors

As we’ve mentioned, Shreveport has some of the most gorgeous nature. And the outdoors in this city are considered a heaven for people who enjoy an active lifestyle. There are so many spaces where you can go exploring. Additionally, Shreveport is full of outdoor adventures. So we hope you decide to move to Shreveport this summer and get to enjoy the beautiful nature. Shreveport has something for everyone so we are sure you won’t regret your decision.

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