Red flags to watch out for when renting storage in Louisiana

Having additional space is always a good thing. People often rent storage units Baton Rouge while moving but they also use them for many other things. Some people create workshops, use them as a garage, or store antique furniture. Most of the time, storage space is just an extension to your basement or the attic. Nevertheless, you want your storage space to be spacious, clean, and easily accessible. But most of all, to be safe. So, today we will teach you about the red flags to watch out for when renting storage in Louisiana. You do not want to sign a one-year lease on something you are not satisfied with. Most of the flaws are realized later when you start using the unit. Let’s expose them right away and teach you how to avoid such unit providers. Let’s go!

Are you relocating home or simply renting additional storage space?

As we have said, most of the time people rent storage units Houma LA when relocating. It is a convenient way to get rid of old and surplus furniture. Or you simply have no space in your new apartment to accommodate all furniture. In that situation, storage units come quite handy. So, your task is to get over all the furniture and other items you intend on moving. Create an inventory list with items that should go to a storage unit. Revisit them before moving and pack and protect them accordingly. You will need cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, adhesive tape, and labels. Some furniture can be just covered with a tarp or wrapped in bubble wrap. Most of the furniture will just sit inside the unit so a nice cover to protect it against dust should be enough.

red storage units
There are many red flags to watch out for when renting storage in Louisiana!

The easiest way to find a good unit is to search online for it. You can rent one from a dedicated storage facility or a storage provider. Most Louisiana moving and storage companies offer great storage solutions. All you must do is create a list of requirements and address the appropriate moving company. And that is where you must be careful and learn all about red flags to watch out for when renting storage in Louisiana.

How to spot red flags to watch out for when renting storage in Louisiana

Now, it is time to learn more about the moving industry in general if you want to know more about storage rentals. As you may know, the shipping, warehousing, storing, and moving industry is vast, and this subject might be boring and confusing to you. But did you know that you can get storage containers Louisiana delivered to your doorstep, fill them, and ship them across the US? No, you probably did not because you never needed this service before. And there are many other services related to storage units and warehouse facilities you might not know about. You won’t be able to know the red flags to watch out for when renting storage in Louisiana if you do not grasp this subject and learn more about it.

Therefore, sit down, focus, and start browsing online. You will need an hour to figure out how everything works. And maybe another hour to find a few great offers. While searching for storage unit providers, you should check if they are licensed and legit. This is the only important thing you must do online. The other one is to visit your storage space before renting to evaluate the real situation on site. So, check the FMCSA website or the Better Business Bureau to confirm if the moving and storage company is legit. Then, check the social media and obtain previous and current user experiences. This is the first step, and it is required to even start dealing with said company. Now let’s move on to the specifics regarding storage units.

These are the red flags to watch out for when renting storage in Louisiana

Before you choose a unit, you must know what is out there. Firstly, there are indoor and outdoor units. Some are a part of a big and high-secured storage facility while other can be clustered and approachable right off the pavement. Then, there are big, small, and medium-sized units. And of course, the most famous climate-controlled storage unit. But one thing they all have in common is that the doors are highly secured. We are talking about reinforced steel with a lock and key. In some facilities, you have a touchpad or password access. Of course, such a commodity comes with a price.

magenta colored storage units
Storage units should be clean and easily accessible. But not easily opened!

Also, if you want 24/7 access with surveillance and a guard on site, you can have it. And again, you must pay for it. But how to know that you’ll receive everything that is offered? It is simple, you must visit the unit and see for yourself. Confirm that your unit provider has everything they offered online. If you are promised to have surveillance, a few cameras here and there do not mean a thing. You should ask to see the live footage to know that their systems are working. If you are offered the reinforced steel door and you find a simple roll-up door, it can be a sign of a fraudulent company. And so on, if the advertisement is offering something, you should find it on site. And do not settle for less because there are thousands of companies out there.

Pack for storage

As we have already explained, packing for storage must be the same as for any relocation. Of course, there are exceptions for fragile and delicate items. But they can easily be placed in plastic bins, metal containers, or wooden crates. Therefore, pack like you would for your relocation with expectations that your items will be safe inside the unit. Nowadays all units have air systems, enough light, and maintenance crews. Your items should stay in the same condition as they were, at the moment you introduced them to the storage unit.

a couple wrapping a chair and talking about the red flags to watch out for when renting storage in Louisiana
No one will protect your items but you. Wrap your furniture adequately to avoid damage over time

Is anyone going to use your unit while you are gone?

This is a big question. And you can never be quite sure unless something happens. Sadly, you’ll have to set a few booby traps to be sure that no one is opening your unit while you are gone. A simple thread that will snap if anyone enters the unit should be enough. But do not worry, no one will enter your unit and if it does, you will be one in a million. Even the maintenance crew is cleaning only in front of the unit. They will never enter or open any unit unless there is some kind of disaster or if items inside your unit pose danger to the entire facility. So, do not bring any hazardous materials, liquids, gunpowder, etc. Find a list of prohibited items and follow those rules.

Although, you must ask all the questions related to renting storage. If you do not trust your provider or if you sense they are withholding the information, you should find another provider. Everything must be transparent and by the rules. So, we highly recommend obtaining referrals and talking to someone who already used the unit before. Or simply find someone who is renting from the same provider and figure out what they think about it so far.

Now you know more about red flags to watch out for when renting storage in Louisiana. Prices must be the same across the board unless you have additional requests. Your lease should be at least for 3 months and no more than a year. Lastly, you are always paying with a credit card and never with cash. But we are sure you will spot irregularities right there on the spot. If you do, report them, or stop dealing with this company. Good luck.


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