Relocating your business in 2021 – how to prepare properly

Moving business is daunting work and quite stressful. There is nothing simple about relocating an entire team of workers and delicate high-tech appliances and electronics. Even though moving your business can be challenging and overwhelming, with the right planning it can be easier. In order to help you prepare properly for relocating your business in 2021, Lousiana moving and storage has gathered a few simple, but beneficial guidelines. Follow our tips and have a smooth and positive office move experience.

Two women making plan for relocating business in 2021
Relocating your business in 2021 acquires detailed planning if you want everything to goes smoothly.

Develop a relocation timeline

When moving your business you want your office staff and you to be on the same page. That’s why it is important to develop a relocation timeline. There are few things you should keep in mind while creating a relocation timeline:

  • Preparing your staff for the relocation – If you have employees, it is important to give them adequate notice before you start with the moving process. Relocating your business in 2021 could potentially affect your employees’ commute time, especially if you are organizing a long-distance move of your business. Thus, you need to give them time to plan in advance their new commute route.
  • Scheduling your moving date  – Pay attention not to schedule your business relocation around the important company date. Make sure that you pick a date that won’t disturb the day-to-day functions of your business
  • Do not forget to notify your landlord – Before you pick a moving date, you should check your lease and make sure that you have enough time to notify your landlord on time that you won’t renew your current lease.

Purge unnecessary items

Relocating your business in 2021 gives you an opportunity to declutter your office and get rid of the stuff your business no longer requires. Now it’s the perfect time to say goodbye to old PCs, phones, copy machines, and office furniture. Knowing that moving companies charge according to the weight, gives you one more reason to relocate your business light. There are few things you can do with your office items. If you want to keep some of the stuff, but don’t have enough space in your new business place, you can always rent long-term storage. The stuff you don’t want to keep, but they are in good condition you can donate or even sell. The stuff too old to be used again or does not work anymore should be tossed away. Cleaning your office and getting rid of the unwanted stuff will help you prepare properly for your business relocation.

A man counting moving boxes
Find a professional moving company that will ensure you safe and smooth business relocation process

Find a reliable moving company

Even though your employees can help you with some easy moving tasks, it would be better to hire commercial movers New Orleans. Professional movers who have experience in packing and moving stuff to other addresses will give you safe and worry-free relocation. Experienced movers know all the tricks of disassembling furniture and putting it back together. There is a big chance that office furniture and delicate electronics get damaged during packing and relocation. So, it is better to leave this task to the professionals. Moving companies offer different moving services and packages. So, you should find the one that meets all your needs. Also, we need to mention that you should hire a moving company one to three months before the move.

Make an inventory list

Even if you have hired a moving company, it is important to create an inventory list. This way you can keep track of all the items you have in your office that you plan to move. You can create a digital list, but do not forget to make a hard copy of it. In case that something goes missing, you will be able to pinpoint the item that went missing during the move. However, listing all the items in your office would take forever. Therefore, you should skip the little items such as markers, pads, and other office supplies. Your inventory list should be focused, and include the following items: office electronics, copy machines, office furniture, artwork, mirrors, and kitchen appliances.

A woman writing on piece of paper
To prepare properly for the upcoming business relocation create an inventory list.

Prepare the new working space

To make sure that your new space is fully operational when your employees come, you need to get your utilities transferred before the move. Contact your utility provider well in advance to be sure that everything functions properly. Also, do not forget to make sure that your moving crew has the access to your new office space. Therefore, reach out to your building manager and ask him to provide parking for your movers and everyone involved in the business relocation process.

Remember to notify customers about relocating your business in 2021

When relocating your business in 2021, you should think about the customers and notify them. Put up a professional sign at your old location, so that your customers know where and when they can find you after the move. Plus, when you put a sign in advance, your clients will know that you are properly organized and professional. Also, put a sign at your new business address, so your clients can spot you easily. Do not forget to informer your suppliers that you have changed the address. Of course, do not forget to notify the post office.

Relocating your business in 2021 acquires a lot of work. From finding a new working space to packing up everything and informing the employees, it is important to make sure that business continues to run smoothly throughout the relocating process. We hope that our business relocation guidelines will help you organize the entire moving process with no difficulties.

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