Setting up a home office in Baton Rouge using on site storage units

Many people started working from home during and after the pandemic. Maybe you are one of those as well. If you’ve recently also moved to the city, we at Zippy Shell Louisiana are here to share with you some tips on setting up a home office in Baton Rouge quickly. Here’s everything you need to do so your home workspace can support your work and won’t harm your body in the long run.

Setting up a home office in Baton Rouge – how to do it right?

Many people are starting to set up improvised office spaces in their homes, but the truth is they won’t work very well in the long run. We’re here to show you how to do it the right way. In order to minimize repetitive strain injuries caused by a poor setup, it is crucial to have the proper equipment as well as an ergonomic workspace. Ideally, a long-term home office should be located in a separate room of your home that is fully equipped for work. But if you don’t have a room available, you can use Louisiana storage units. These on-site storage units would make for a perfect office space. Make as much of the following as you can to ensure that your workspace is functional and safe over the long run.

a man thinking about setting up a home office in Baton Rouge
Having a dedicated workspace is important.

1. Dedicate a corner of your house for the office

When it comes to your business and personal lives, it’s best to keep the two separate by creating an office in a separate room with a door that can be closed to keep the two separate.

While most people don’t have a spare room to spare, many people are able to use their guest room as both an office and a guest room when they have visitors. The best method to do this, if you have the space and funds, is to use a Murphy bed. Enclosed porches, large laundry rooms (or drying rooms, as they’re known in Europe), and even garden sheds can serve as secondary storage areas. Plus, there are many great storage facilities Baton Rouge you can use.

To the greatest extent possible, avoid interfering with the rest of the household and the people in it by using a space that is separate from the rest of your life, if you are unable to obtain a dedicated area.

2. Make sure it’s proper work height

A desk or table at eye level with your workspace is ideal. From the floor to the top of the work surface, the industry standard is 29 inches. People who are taller do better, whereas those who are shorter do better. Tables and workstations with height-adjustable feet are commonplace. Using a keyboard and mouse isn’t the industry norm; writing on paper is. The keyboard trays pull out from under the work surface and are normally an inch or two lower than the desk/table height because of this design consideration. A keyboard-and-mouse tray is a necessity if you have room for one. For those who prefer to work on paper, a thin cutting board can be used as a writing surface for pen-and-paper projects.

a man working from home
When setting up a home office in Baton Rouge, make sure your table is proper work height.

If your forearms are parallel to the ground and your wrist is not bent up or down while you type or mouse, your work surface is at the correct height. Your wrist’s top surface should be parallel to the forearm’s top surface, with your fingers dangling down toward the keyboard somewhat. It’s simple to hurt your wrists by bending them for long periods of time.

3. Level your monitor

For your home office, get a huge monitor (maybe two) like you would in the corporate office. Don’t get a low-quality monitor. Unless you’re willing to put up with the fuzziness that comes with it for lengthy periods of time. Your monitor should be set up so that your eyes are 25-30% below the top of the screen if you sit straight while using it. By doing so, you avoid hunching your back and keeping your shoulders level, both of which are common causes of injury. You’ll probably need a monitor riser to attain the right height. Even if you have a height-adjustable monitor, you may require a monitor riser. Your monitor riser can also be used as a storage space. You can learn more about how to optimize your work from home space with storage on our website.

Make sure to measure how much rise you need between the work surface and the monitor stand in order to get to that “top is 25 percent to 30 percent above eye level” ideal height of the display from the work surface.

4. Get a comfortable chair

If you sit for long periods of time at a computer in one of the wooden chairs, you run the risk of injury. Dining chairs and deck chairs, for example, are often too low. And don’t always encourage an upright posture, making it difficult to work comfortably.

If you can, choose a chair with height-adjustable legs, a lumbar support system, and the ability to tilt the seat pan and change the height and position of the arms. If you use the armrest appropriately, it’s preferable: You should not put any pressure on the armrest with your forearm as it should rest lightly on it. Instead of supporting your butt as a seat does, the armrest should remind you to keep your arm in the correct posture.

5. You will need good lighting

If you don’t pay attention to your work environment, you may be underestimating its impact on your productivity. Lighting is often overlooked while designing a space. Workspaces should have enough indirect light to allow you to read documents and view physical things clearly. Lighting from the ceiling, such as a ceiling lamp, is usually the best option. You can start looking on Home Depot for the light fixtures you like.

a man working at night
Make sure your monitor’s brightness isn’t too bright.

Put the lamp away from the monitor. So that it doesn’t create a conflicting source of light that could cause glare. Lamps may be needed for additional lighting. But try to position them so that they don’t glare on the display. And are not in your direct line of view when you’re working on the computer.

To avoid eye strain, make sure your monitor’s brightness isn’t either too low or too high. A fair rule of thumb is that the monitor’s lighting intensity should be somewhat brighter than the ambient lighting. And this ambient lighting should be sufficient to read paper documents without additional light. Of course, the terms “too dim” and “too bright” are subjective. Make sure you get good lighting when setting up a home office in Baton Rogue.

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