Should you pack your home or storage first when planning a move

Planning a move is the most important part of the process. A well-organized move will save you so much time and energy. Too many people put off packing their belongings until the last minute, despite the fact that this is one of the most challenging aspects of relocating. It may seem impossible to pack all of your personal belongings and furnishings, but it’s actually rather simple when you plan ahead and prepare for moving day in advance. Are you wondering whether you should pack your home or storage first? Which way will be the quickest? Let’s find out. We at Zippy Shell Louisiana are here to help.

Planning a move – what to pack and when to pack

Even if you only pack a few modest items, begin packing as soon as possible. The hardest aspect of packing up your things is getting started, just like getting out of bed or heading to the gym. Putting off packing until the day before a move can result in a chaotic last-minute scramble to get everything ready for the movers. Especially if you have a lot of delicate stuff to pack, it can take a lot longer than you expect. Start early and the worst that can happen is that you finish ahead of schedule, giving you more time to prepare.

a family thinking about whether to pack your home or storage first
Having a plan is always better.

Should you pack your home or storage first?

Begin by packing the things you don’t use often. Be sure to start packing the non-essentials first, like furniture in the guest bedrooms, workstations, storage, and other office supplies and equipment. Make sure that the stuff you’ll need as soon as you get into your new residence is at the top of your moving truck. If you have rented any storage units Slidell LA has to offer and now you’re moving to a different town, make sure to collect your belongings as soon as you know you’ll be moving.

Make a checklist

In most cases, you won’t be able to unpack everything on your first day in your new home unless you live in a very small apartment with very few pieces of furniture. Whether you pack your home or storage first, unpacking is a snap when you’ve gathered all of your necessities into a single box. Prepare an essentials box the day before you move by making a list of all the things you can’t live without, such as kitchenware, ingredients, bed linens, towels, and personal hygiene products. Essentials can be unpacked first to ensure that you have all you need for your first night at home, even if the rest of your furniture hasn’t yet been unpacked or put together.

Gather some padding

Use newspapers to pack your things. A sheet of newspaper can make packing and carrying objects such as glasses and coffee cups much easier, whether it is crumpled up at the bottom of the box for impact protection or wrapped around fragile items. Get a month’s worth of newspapers before you move so you’ll have plenty of padding to protect your delicate dishes, electronics, and antiques. It’s often a good idea to ask around for extra newspapers from family and friends. After packing fragile objects in a box, make sure to label them as such so that you or the moving company don’t accidentally harm its contents. It’s best to load fragile items last, so they come to your new home in one piece.

mom and daughter packing up her room
Whether you pack your home or storage first, make sure to use padding for all delicate objects.

Start with the least used rooms

If you’re moving with pets or young children, this is a terrific method to pack without drastically altering your home environment, which might be an issue. Start with the rooms that aren’t used very often and work your way out. As a starting point, spare bedrooms, home offices, and second living rooms are all excellent options. Instead of storing your belongings in a garage or hallway, take everything out of the room and pack it all up. Allows you to easily keep boxes out of the way as you pack, freeing up storage space. As soon as you’ve packed up your spare bedroom, you can use it as a storage facility while you pack up the rest of your home.

Plan ahead of time for bulky objects

Sofas, tables, and crates of books are heavy to move, and in some situations, they might be dangerous to lift. Pack them as early as possible so that you may finish the most time-consuming and difficult part of the packing process first. If you have a lot of heavy boxes, keep them near the front or back door. On moving day, you won’t have to lug big boxes or cumbersome items so far to get to your car. It’s possible to injure your back if you repeatedly move big objects, such as boxes. It’s easier to carry heavy boxes with the help of a box trolley, which will save you from picking them up one by one. If you plan on leaving some stuff behind, or you want to sell them later on, there are many New Orleans storage facilities available for rent.

Store heavy goods in a storage facility

Moving day can be stressful because of the sheer number of belongings that need to be transported to your new residence. When moving a large number of objects at once, can be a physically and emotionally demanding task. Store large goods like couches or boxes of personal items in a self-storage facility to ease the stress of moving day. Instead of hauling everything out of the storage unit at once, you can take what you need from it as you go. Our storage units Ruston LA eliminate the need for you to transport your belongings to a storage facility in order to keep them safe while you’re moving. If you order enough boxes, we will pick up and deliver your items to your new home.

storage units
Storage facilities are a great option for anyone trying to cut down on the cost of a long-distance move.

Make a packing list for every day of the week

If you’re relocating to a neighboring house, it’s tempting to put off packing until the last minute. Moving day is made more difficult by hastily packed boxes, which are more likely to be misplaced or left behind. Create a packing checklist for each day of the week instead of putting it off until the last minute. Each day, focus on one area at a time, no matter if you pack your home or storage first, or pack a certain category of items, such as furniture or electronic appliances. Making a daily to-do list keeps you on track and motivates you to get a head start on packing, which is something that’s easy to overlook. You’ll know you’re ready to move house once you’ve completed each day’s checklist.


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