Storage unit organization mistakes to avoid

Storage is such a wonderful resource and you can use it on many occasions. But if you didn’t think of it so far, you can mess up and rent a bigger unit than you actually need. We are here to point on some storage unit organization mistakes you should avoid. You should know that for a beginner in this field, the best idea is just to call professionals. At Zippy Shell Louisiana we have a well-trained team who will answer all your questions and help you to find the right fit for your specific situation.

Storing options

There are so many storing options and we are here to open up this world for you. Once you start using storage containers Louisiana, you won’t believe how you lived without them before. Whether you are about to relocate your home or your office, or you are just ready for decluttering, using a storage space will be helpful. Some people use it for just a season, for example, students who are leaving for a summer vacation. Using storage doesn’t have to be pricey, and the number of options is great.

warehouse with concrete floors
There are many storage options.


Among the cheapest and most convenient options stands out self-storage. The pluses are that these units can come to the place you choose and you can pack them in your own timeline. We also suggest you always find storing company in your area. For example, if you live in the Lake Charles area, search for some self storage Lake Charles LA. The closer to your home, the less you are about to pay.

 Some common storage unit organization mistakes

Ok, we guess that you’ve chosen a storage unit for yourself. Now is the time to put items you’ve picked to store in there. And that seems like an easy part, but the reality is often different. We are here to give you some advice. Consider the following tips.

Storing unit organization mistakes you should avoid

The organization itself is such an important part of storing process. Don’t let yourself fail in planning everything even before you rent a storage unit. First, you have to decide on items you are about to store. The second is to categorize them all. Pack them in boxes. Thank you can organizing boxes, by their use, the room where they belong or the importance it has for you. Be sure that all your items are well prepared at least a day prior to moving them to a unit. That way you’ll avoid misplacing them or even dumping them in some random boxes. Order is important here.

Packing mistakes

Since everyone would like to save stored things undamaged and in perfect shape, the best idea is to pack them well before storing them. You will need some packing material. Start by getting cardboard boxes and a lot of bubble wrap and tape. Packing will ask for some time and if you don’t have plenty of that, consider hiring professional help. It is not just a matter of time, professionals have much more experience and you’ll be sure that your stuff is safe. Think about the pros and cons when it comes to self-packing vs professional packing.

Wrong labeling

Among storage units, organization mistakes you would love to avoid are skipping labeling boxes. Proper labels will help you to find your things with ease. A great idea is to label according to group or category. But if you have some small stuff, but the list of it on the box, too. If you are a visual type, you can make colored labels according to importance or a room where items belong. The storing process can be fun.

woman sticking label - storage units organization mistakes
Skipping labeling is among storage units organization mistakes.

Failing the unit size is among storage units organization mistakes

Choosing the wrong unit size can be a real problem. It is far better if you choose a bigger unit than you need. Even though you’re budget will feel that. But if you choose the smaller ones, the stress level will rise. You should go just for the thing you need. The organization here again comes into the spotlight. If you prepare and pack your items in time, you can put them close in a corner and just measure the space they occupy.

Don’t forget to cover your furniture

Some people neglect covering their furniture when storing it. This one is essential to do. The dust is present even in the storage units and can make damage for a long period of time. But not only that, covering furniture will prevent scratches while you’re relocating it. So please, don’t forget to do this.

furniture with bubble wrap
Don’t forget to cover your furniture before storing.

Safety measures

When you are looking for a storage unit, you need to check safety measures. Storage management is there to ensure that your staff is safe there. Nevertheless, you can still ask for it. Do your own research and don’t be shy to ask everything. Speak up your concerns clear and let them explain it all to you. Safety has to come in the first place and you have the right to know all that interests you.

Using storage is so beneficial

We hope that you’ve learned how beneficial using storage space can be. And also, what to keep in mind before you transfer chosen items in there. The idea of storing is so great, and you can use it for as long as you need. That will open up some space for you, whether this is just for a short period when you are moving, or for a longer one. When you start using storage space, this can grow into a habit.

Some people still continue to use things they stored pretty often. That’s why you should look for a unit close to your home. If you are one of them, you definitely want to avoid storage unit organization mistakes. Just take time and dedicate it to making this right. You won’t regret it because that decision will make your life easier later. Use this opportunity to give away everything you don’t use anymore. Make your space lighter and someone else happy.

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