We deliver the Zippy Shell directly to you, whenever and wherever you need. Zippy Shell containers can fit anywhere you need them to be!

Climate Controlled Storage

Keep your valuables safe from any long-term damage by storing them in our climate-controlled storage facilities.

On Site Storage

Store your items in waterproof and sturdy Zippy Shell onsite storage containers - easily-accessible outside your front door.

Portable Storage

Simplify the relocation of your stored items by using our Baton Rouge & New Orleans portable storage solutions.

The Extra Attic Container

Small container boxes for minimal storage in climate controlled storage, best for temporarily storing a few items like files, clothing, decorations or household goods.

15ft Container

Container for climate controlled storage, suited for studio or one or small two-bedroom apartments, downsizing, replacement furniture.

16-foot On-site Container

Containerized storage located on site at your property or a location of your choice.

The need for extra storage has become a widespread occurrence in recent years. It doesn’t matter whether you are needing storage services in order to support your upcoming moving project or to declutter the growing mess in your home – once you need to rent premier Louisiana storage, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact us. We here at Zippy Shell Louisiana offer reliable portable, temporary, and long-term storage units that will provide maximum protection for all of your items. Our units will be the perfect addition to your upcoming moving project as they can easily be transported to the location of your choice. All of our Louisiana storage units are theft-proof and weather-resistant so you will never have to worry about the well-being of your belongings.

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Pick up your phone, contact Zippy Shell Louisiana, and provide yourself with cost-effective storage in Louisiana.

Zippy Shell Louisiana offers moving and storage services that you will love

At Zippy Shell Louisiana, we have a very unique approach to both moving and storage projects. What characterizes our services is the fact that we have made them customer-friendly. Our company will allow you to both move and store your belongings with minimal effort on your side. It is for that reason that our Louisiana self storage services are among the favorite ones in the country. The entire moving and storage process can be broken down into four parts.

  1. We will deliver some of the best storage containers Louisiana has to offer right at your doorstep.
  2. You will then have to pack your container or hire our professional movers and packers for the job.
  3. The next part of the job is completely up to our team, as we will either move the container to the location of your choice or deliver it to our local storage facility for long-term safekeeping.
  4. Our team will deliver the container to your location and help you unload it upon your request – or we can leave that task up to you.

We offer a variety of storage services

Apart from offering a truly enjoyable moving and storage process that was designed to fit your needs, Zippy Shell Louisiana also offers different types of storage services. All our customers have the luxury of choosing our:

  • Local moving and storage services
  • Portable storage
  • On-site storage – our professionals will deliver the container to your address where you can keep it for easy access at all times. Once you no longer have the need for our storage services, feel free to call us and schedule a pick-up date.
  • Climate-controlled storage
  • Long term storage – our company will deliver the container to you so that you can pack all of your belongings. Once this process is done, we will come and pick up the container that we will place in our climate-controlled storage facilities. Your items will be available to you for retrieval shortly after the need arises.
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All of our services are available to you at all times and are only a phone call away.

To get full access to some of the best storage containers Louisiana has to offer is easy. All you have to do is contact us here at Zippy Shell Louisiana and place your order. We will deliver the desired number of containers to your address in a quick and time-effective manner. 

Our Louisiana storage will provide the ultimate protection for all of your items

The list of the items our company is able to store is a long one. Of course, it goes without saying that our units can’t store items that are generally prohibited in a storage unit. In the past, our containers have been the perfect temporary home for items of all types. From fine china to robust furniture and musical instruments, the design of our units is perfect for your versatile needs. All of our storage containers in Louisiana are theft-proof and weather-resistant, which means that they provide protection for your items all year round. Speaking of which, you might find it useful to know that our company is at your disposal throughout every season of the year, and we are open Monday through Sunday from 9 AM till 10 PM.

If you are interested in our storage units in Louisiana, you can feel free to contact us or get an online estimate. We offer competitive rates that will make your next storage project a cost-effective endeavor. As a company that cares about customer satisfaction, setting reasonable rates was one of our main goals.

We constantly monitor and fumigate our facilities

For Zippy Shell Louisiana, safety is the operative word. Our locally-owned and operated moving company has always strived to provide 100% safe services to all of our customers. It is for that reason that we constantly monitor our facilities. Our wish is for you to know that your items are in a safe place, where they are secure from theft and different types of hazards. That’s perhaps the main reason why we are a highly-rated moving and storage company for customer service in Southern Louisiana. Our rating speaks volumes about our level of quality.

Different qualities and a thumbs up.
Rely on our efficient Louisiana self storage units and worry not about the safety of your items.

Theft isn’t the only danger that lurks around the corner. In order to prevent pests from infesting our facilities, our company is focused on prevention. We constantly fumigate our facilities, giving you the chance to rent Louisiana storage units that present the best of both worlds. In this instance, the best of both worlds is a unit that is safe from both pests and thieves.

Premier storage in Louisiana is only a phone call away

Sooner or later, every person ends up in need of extra space that a storage unit can provide. Once that happens, you shouldn’t waste your time. Instead, you should contact Zippy Shell Louisiana and let us provide you with Louisiana storage you can count on. All of our units are theft-proof and weather-resistant, providing the perfect conditions for year-round storage. All you have to do is estimate how many of our storage containers in Louisiana you need. Our team will take care of the rest.


Jennifer Hauf

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The entire staff was great from the original reservation to movers. We had the shell packed up, stored for 3 months, and then delivered. Both moving crews were awesome! I love that they use their own people instead of outsourcing them like other companies. I can’t recommend them enough. Best service, best price, best people.

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    How Zippy Shell Works

    We Bring the Container to You

    We deliver the Zippy Shell directly to you, whenever and wherever you need. Zippy Shell containers can fit anywhere, including city streets and tight driveways.

    Pack & Load the Container

    You can choose to either take your time loading your Zippy Shell or have us do the heavy lifting for you.

    We Pick Up Your Loaded Container

    When your Zippy Shell is loaded, we will return to pick it up. Your secured container will be delivered to our local Zippy Shell facility.

    We Store Your Container

    We’ll store your belongings in our climate-controlled and secure storage facility. When you are ready, we will deliver your container to a location of your choice, local or nationwide.