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Zippy Shell’s Portable Storage Options

Zippy Shell of Louisiana offers climate controlled and onsite portable storage options. Containers are stored in our climate controlled facility or stored on site in a location of your choice. In both options, Zippy Shell brings a portable container to your home, office or other location for loading.

Choose to either pack and load the shell yourself or have the Zippy Shell team do it for you. Containers can either be stored on-location, such as in a driveway at home or on a lot at an office in a secure, weatherproof shell—or the containers can be stored in Zippy Shell’s climate-controlled facility.

When you’re ready, we’ll deliver your container directly to a location of your choice, nationwide.



Portable, Climate Controlled Storage



The Extra Attic

Small container boxes for minimal storage in climate controlled storage, best for temporarily storing a few items like files, clothing, decorations or household goods.


15ft Container

Container for climate controlled storage, suited for studio or one or small two-bedroom apartments, downsizing, replacement furniture.





Portable, On-site Storage




16-foot On-site Container

Containerized storage located on site at your property or a location of your choice.



How Zippy Shell Storage Works



1. We Bring the Container to You

We deliver the Zippy Shell directly to you, whenever and wherever you need. Zippy Shell containers can fit anywhere, including city streets and tight driveways.

2. Pack & Load the Container

You can choose to either take your time loading your Zippy Shell or have us do the heavy lifting for you.

3. We Pick Up Your Loaded Container

When your Zippy Shell is loaded, we will return to pick it up. Your secured container will be delivered to our local Zippy Shell facility.

4. We Store Your Container

We’ll store your belongings in our climate-controlled and secure storage facility. When you are ready, we will deliver your container to a location of your choice, local or nationwide.

Why Should I Consider Short or Long Term Storage?

Demand for storage is at an all-time high, especially in New Orleans and Southeast Louisiana where housing rentals and occupancy are trending above 90 percent and basements are few and far between. The need for additional storage space has increased steadily over the past decade, now with nearly one in 11 Americans renting off-site storage space, according to Curbed. In New Orleans specifically, a lack of basements and garages increase the need for additional storage.

Needing storage is something we don’t take lightly. We understand that utilizing storage means something meaningful is happening to you or your family. In every storage container is a story. A story of someone moving, someone downsizing, someone starting a new job, someone wanting to keep things close to them in a safe environment, or someone who simply doesn’t have the room to keep it all.

From family heirlooms and furniture, to holiday decorations, to sporting equipment or clothing saved for a future generation, Zippy Shell’s storage offerings provide Louisianans a new, convenient option for storing keepsakes when space is limited.

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