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Looking for extra storage for your belongings sure can be a tricky process. After all, you want to know you’re renting storage where your belongings are going to stay fully intact. Because we understand the importance of getting the right storage, Zippy Shell Louisiana is here to offer storage facilities that will satisfy your requirements. Our selection of storage units Denham Springs is meant to cater to everyone’s needs. Whether you need on-site or portable storage, long-term or short-term units, we’ve got your back. Other than being able to handle the safekeeping of your belongings, we also have teams of experts who can help you execute your relocation easily and efficiently. So, if you’re looking for assistance during your move or a safe storage unit for your items, give us a call and we’ll be at your service.

A woman calling us to get storage unit Denham Springs
The storage facility in Denham Springs you’re looking for is just a phone call away – we’ll be waiting for your call.

Get great quality storage units Denham Springs at reasonable prices

Of course, you want to get a top-quality storage unit in Denham Springs, but it would also be nice to find one at a reasonable price. Well, who said you have to choose one or the other? There’s no need to compromise – you can get both with Zippy Shell Louisiana!

We know that your priority when you’re looking for a storage unit is the safety of your belongings. That’s why we’ve made sure that our storage facility in Denham Springs has a top-notch security system to protect your things. But the best news is – you can get our reliable storage units at reasonable prices, without breaking the bank. Our goal is to provide storage solutions to as many people as possible, so making our units affordable is a priority. If you want, you can get an estimate before renting our storage units and see for yourself.

We have different kinds of storage units to fulfill the needs of all our customers

Although many people are looking for extra storage, not everyone is looking for the same kind of storage unit. That is why we offer different types of storage units in Denham Springs that are meant to satisfy all of our clients’ requirements. Here’s the variety of storage units we can offer:

A couple packing boxes
No matter how many boxes you are planning on storing, we can provide appropriate storage units Denham Springs for your needs.

Apart from offering our customers different types of storage, we also have storage containers of different sizes. So, you can choose the size depending on the amount of stuff you need to store. We offer:

  • 15ft containers
  • 16ft containers
  • Extra attic containers

So, if you live in Denham Springs and you’re looking for top-quality storage units, you know who to turn to. We’ll make sure to find the storage that’s the right fit for your needs.

The weather conditions don’t matter – your things will be safe in our climate-controlled storage in Denham Springs

Getting a storage unit is a great solution when you’re moving, renovating your home, downsizing or building a new house is a great idea. However, you have to look for storage facilities in Denham Springs that are able to keep your belongings safe while they’re stored. This means finding units that are resistant to extreme temperatures, humidity, and any other weather-related issues.

Well, if you’re after storage that can withstand any climate and temperature, then getting our climate-controlled storage is the best choice. These storage units will keep your belongings safe and secure, protecting them from mold, insects, and pest infestation. They keep the humidity levels and the temperature inside the storage at bay, ensuring extra safety for your cherished items.

You don’t need to leave your home to store your items – we’ll deliver storage units to your door

Sometimes, getting storage doesn’t sound as appealing because it includes transporting your belongings to the facility and having to visit the premises every time you need some of your stored items. Well, we have a solution that will spare you the trouble of making multiple trips to and from the storage facility.

Portable storage containers
Getting self-storage in Denham Springs is a great solution if you want to keep your things nearby and save some time.

We offer you the opportunity to have your storage container delivered to your doorstep! Our portable storage units in Denham Springs are at your service if you want to save some time and energy. We will drop the storage container off at your home and come to pick it up once you no longer need it. You can put your boxes in storage at your own pace. Or you can even ask our professionals to give you a hand. Denham Springs self-storage is a great option for all of you who want to get some things out of the way but keep them close or for those who need short-term storage.

Looking for assistance on your relocation? We’re here for you!

Not only can we offer you some of the best storage units in Louisiana, but we also have teams of movers who’ll make your relocation a breeze. Our professionals are here to help you achieve a successful, stress-free move. So, if you’re looking for assistance during your upcoming relocation, check out our moving services and get in touch. Our movers will be more than happy to help you have a positive moving experience.

Get your reliable storage in Denham Springs today – give us a call

No matter what kind of storage you need or how long you need it for, Zippy Shell Louisiana is here for you! Our moving and storage services are meant to make your relocation experience much easier and more enjoyable. Whether you want to get self-storage or on-site storage, you should contact us. We’ll provide you with storage units Denham Springs that will keep your things safe for as long as you need them. Just give us a call and we’ll be there to help.


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The entire staff was great from the original reservation to movers. We had the shell packed up, stored for 3 months, and then delivered. Both moving crews were awesome! I love that they use their own people instead of outsourcing them like other companies. I can’t recommend them enough. Best service, best price, best people.

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