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Deciding to fully trust someone with your most precious belongings is never easy. That being said, if you do entrust Zippy Shell Louisiana with any of your items, no matter the value, you can rest assured we will go above and beyond to treat them with the care and attention that they deserve. In order to ensure that happens, we have created reliable and climate-controlled storage units Hammond LA that we will deliver to your address. How you decide to proceed from that point forward depends on your needs, as we tailor our services to fit your situation. Feel free to give us a call, after which you can move and store your belongings with incredible ease.

Living room furniture to store in storage units Hammond LA.
It doesn’t matter whether you are storing furniture or antiques – we have the perfect solution.

Have a trouble-free moving and storage project with Zippy Shell Louisiana by your side

Sometimes, you don’t have another option except to store your items in a safe and secure storage unit. But the problem often arises once you have to find the perfect unit for the safekeeping of your belongings. Instead of touring countless storage facilities and speaking to dozens of storage managers, we offer you the chance to get our units delivered at your doorstep. With our carefully selected services, you will save yourself hours that you would otherwise spend in the traffic while getting your items transported to your unit. Instead, with us, you get a chance to choose among different types of storage assistance options, all of which offer different benefits, so that you can always find the perfect match for your needs.

It’s true that your upcoming storage or moving project can be a source of many headaches and problems, as well as it can be a huge loss of time. Zippy Shell Louisiana understands how important every minute of your time is. It is for that reason that we will aim to save your time, all the while taking care of any problems that you could encounter while on this journey. Let our secure Hammond storage make your life much easier – which is possible with one simple phone call.

You decide whether you want to keep our storage units Hammond LA on your property or in our secure warehouse

Zippy Shell Louisiana is a company that has accumulated plenty of experience in the storage industry. Because we have successfully handled hundreds of storage projects, we know that every person will have a unique situation on their hands. But it really matters not what you need, because we are confident we have all the resources for fulfilling your needs related to storage.

A house and the front yard.
With enough space on your property, our units could remain close to home.

Our portable storage solutions in Hammond are perfect for those who are amid the relocation process. We can deliver the units to your property and leave you to load them with items. Once you finalize this process, our professionals will come and retrieve the units, delivering them to the address you are moving to, where you can unload the units when convenient. Of course, as professional storage and moving company, we also offer you our loading and unloading services. Inquire about our extra services once on the phone with our representative.

On the other hand, many of our customers come to us with the desire to keep their stored items closer to home. Those customers are presented with our handy on-site storage solutions in Hammond, LA. They make it easy to retrieve your items once the need arises. In case you don’t want to keep your items on-site and you don’t need to transfer them to a different location, you can always let us transport them in our safe facility.

Our warehouse provides maximum protection for all of your belongings

Even in the earliest days of our company, we always knew we wanted to provide safe services, as well as the ultimate protection for all of our customers. The first step towards ensuring nothing happens to your items is storing them in a weather-resistant and theft-proof place. That is precisely what our warehouse is – safe and secure in every way. Those customers that choose to keep their storage units Hammond LA inside our warehouse will always get easy access to their belongings. We would never want to keep you away from your precious items.

Cost-effective Hammond storage solutions for both short-term and long-term storage rental

We know that plenty of people either postpone getting a storage unit or try the find an alternative. The reason behind this is a very simple one – some storage solutions are a very costly endeavor. With Zippy Shell Louisiana, that won’t be an issue. Our company offers affordable short-term and long-term storage rental that is perfect for both generous and limited budgets.

A piggy bank with coins around it.
The best storage solution in Hammond is the one that you can afford and the one that keeps your items secure.

Besides, we have made the process of obtaining a free estimate simple and straightforward. All you have to do is contact us via phone or e-mail or fill out the form on our website. Of course, we prefer some sort of face-to-face communication. That is the best way to get the most accurate quote. And providing you with an accurate quote is one of our main objectives.

Contact Zippy Shell Louisiana and say hello to reliable and affordable storage units in Hammond, LA

Having to part ways with your delicate and valuable items can never be easy. But there is no reason for it to be a risky and stressful endeavor. As soon as you contact Zippy Shell Louisiana, you will see that there are companies that mix high-quality services with affordable prices. Because that is precisely what our storage units Hammond LA are – reliable, fairly-priced, and at your full disposal all year round. Don’t hesitate to ask for help and rid yourself of all those storage-related problems.


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The entire staff was great from the original reservation to movers. We had the shell packed up, stored for 3 months, and then delivered. Both moving crews were awesome! I love that they use their own people instead of outsourcing them like other companies. I can’t recommend them enough. Best service, best price, best people.

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