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Looking into storage units Lake Charles has to offer? Zippy Shell Louisiana is the premier local storage and moving company in the Lake Charles LA area. We offer portable in warehouse storage containers and onsite containers as well as long-term or climate controlled storage solutions to meet all of your needs. Call for a free quote at 504-435-1296 and let us make your storage process simple.

storage units Lake Charles
Looking into storage units Lake Charles has to offer? Call Zippy Shell Louisiana!

Rent premier storage units Lake Charles area

Looking into on site containers or self storage Lake Charles LA offers? We have a solution for you! Whether you are moving to a new apartment or house or need temporary storage until your new space is ready to move in, Zippy Shell Louisiana is here. As a top-quality moving company, we also offer short-term and long-term storage. All our storage units are under the constant supervision of 24/7 – equipped with an alarm and fire protection system. With this, all goods in the warehouse are additionally insured by the general insurance policy.

We can offer you temporary storage solutions as well as long term storage units. We will help you preserve your furniture, home appliances, and other things in a secured and safe storage space. All our units are clean, free of moisture and pests, and we can store your belongings as long as you need and in accordance with your needs.

Storage options to help you save your items

All our storage units are clean, dry and under 24/7 supervision, located in the Lake Charles LA area. They are perfect for storing:

  • things for personal use
  • electronic equipment
  • sports equipment
  • garden furniture and tools
  • furniture and house appliances
  • home archive
  • excess office furniture
  • equipment for fairs and exhibitions
  • most office supplies and accessories
  • theatre props, loudspeakers, etc.
  • anything else you use occasionally, and you can’t find adequate space for.

However, keep in mind that you cannot store flammable, corrosive, explosive objects, bulk cargo, plants, and food in storage. If you need special conditions for your items, we also offer climate controlled storage Lake Charles. For prices and all other inquiries, feel free to contact us at 504-435-1296.

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Finalize the process with our team and have our on site storage in Lake Charles deliver to you.

Is moving to Lake Charles a good choice?

If you decided to move, know that Lake Charles LA is a perfect spot to settle down and have kids but it’s also a great choice for young professionals. It may not seem very exciting, but there are plenty of things to do: great restaurants, bars, live events, and a charming atmosphere. The crime rate is low and it has some of the best schools in the USA.

A great choice for commercial storage too

Over the years, we have noticed that many companies simply do not have space or adequate storage for their archives. Some companies rent additional, pricey offices for this purpose but we have a better solution!

In order to provide your archives with adequate care, we have storage units exclusively for business archives. Your documents will be stored completely securely, in closed, secured containers. This reduces previous unnecessary archive storage costs, which is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses without their own storage space. This service is available on its own or as part of an overall relocation package.

When can you use our storage solutions?

Planning and preparing moving logistics can be challenging, no matter if you need storage space locally or if you are moving long distances. Here are situations in which you may need to look for relocation storage options for your valuables:

  1. You may need to complete renovations and other upgrades in your new home before moving into all with your belongings.
  2. Or your relocation schedule may not be the same as the date your items were moved, which is why you may not be there when your items arrive.
  3. You have to move out on short notice, but your new house is not ready yet.
  4. Also, you may not have enough space to store all your belongings in your new home.
  5. The gap between the beginning of your new lease and the end of the old one is different.

What can we do for you?

Of course, you want your belongings to be safe throughout the process. So, if you hire a company that offers secure storage units, keeping all your belongings will give you peace of mind. For example, you may have some things to keep in a place where there is climate control. The best solution is to look for relocation and storage companies that provide well-ventilated units for your fragile and delicate items. All in all, by keeping your belongings in a safe place during the moving process, you can rest knowing that nothing will be lost or damaged. And Zippy Shell Louisiana provides all the storage solutions you need.

Zippy Shell Louisiana provides all the storage solutions you need.

Besides relocation service, including on site and long term storage in Lake Charles, we are equipped with various insurance options for your valuables. In other words, we can take care of your belongings while in storage in transit. Moreover, the possibility of your belongings being damaged is almost zero, because they are under the responsibility of professionals. Although you are responsible for your own things while moving, the situation is not the same if you work with us.

Call us today get the best storage option for your needs

We hope that you looking into storage units Lake Charles has to offer is now over. If not, you can always call us and get your free estimate based on your relocation or storage needs.  Opt for a trouble-free and convenient way to store, move, and access your possessions – choose Zippy Shell Louisiana!


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The entire staff was great from the original reservation to movers. We had the shell packed up, stored for 3 months, and then delivered. Both moving crews were awesome! I love that they use their own people instead of outsourcing them like other companies. I can’t recommend them enough. Best service, best price, best people.

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