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There are many people out there who view the process of storing their belongings as a troublesome situation. From touring storage facilities to being dependent on someone else’s schedule, there truly are many circumstances that could be seen as problematic when it comes to regular storage solutions. It’s a good thing that Zippy Shell Louisiana is much different than your average storage provider. Our company brings storage units to your address and leaves them on your property until and if you are ready for their removal. Feel free to contact us if you are in need of affordable, reliable, and spacious storage units Metairie. We will gladly provide you with a safe place for all of your most cherished belongings.

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Dial our number and rely on some of the best storage solutions in Metairie.

Zippy Shell Louisiana provides different storage solutions for all of our customers

As a reliable company with plenty of experience, we didn’t have any trouble assessing the different needs of our customers. If there is one thing we don’t want to see it’s our customers settling for a storage solution in Metairie that will not fully satisfy their needs. It is for that reason that we have created what we believe is an optimal range of storage services in Louisiana. All of our customers have the freedom to choose among:

Choosing the best self storage unit in Metairie for your needs might have been a troublesome event in the past. Today, all you have to do is place one phone call to Zippy Shell Louisiana and let us take care of your problems related to storage. As a company that doesn’t mind adjusting to your needs, it will be our pleasure to sit down with you and help you create the best solution for your current and future needs. Plus, you will have peace of mind knowing your belongings will wait in modern, well-maintained storage units until the move is over. As one of the best storage units Metairie – based providers, we are committed to improving the quality of our units.

You can always come to us for expert advice so we can help you choose the best storage option for yourself

As you know, not every storage option is in accordance with your moving needs, as well as your relocation budget. Your total storage rental expenses largely depend on storage size, type, and rental duration. Certainly, you do not want to end up paying for more storage space than you actually need. This is why we at Zippy Shell Louisiana provide professional advice regarding storage-rental questions and concerns. We want you to have the best moving journey you can get. That further means, we make sure to provide our customers with all the necessary information and top-level storage solutions. All you have to do is contact us and we will help you find perfect yet cost-effective storage for your move.

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We work as one of the most trusted companies with excellent storage units Metairie offers.

We operate as one of the best-ranked movers with top-quality storage units Metairie has on offer. Furthermore, we earned the trust of numerous happy customers that continue recommending our services. Plus, our trained crew will always go the extra mile and ensure the safety of even the most sensitive belongings.

Our local moving and storage services help you move your belongings with ease

Storage services have been used as a special tool during local and long-distance relocation for many years now. But what most people fail to realize is that you can use storage beyond the regular meaning of the word. Our storage units in Metairie will help you move with ease in a few simple steps.

  • Contact Zippy Shell Louisiana and order the number of units you need us to deliver to your address.
  • Load the units in your own time or have our experienced professionals do it for you.
  • Call us to pick up your units and transport them to the new address of your choice.
  • Unpack the units on your own or, once again, opt for our professional help.
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Move and store all of your loved items with Zippy Shell Louisiana by your side.

What we wanted to achieve with our local moving and storage services is to simplify the entire relocation process. With us, you get to decide how involved you want our team to be. We are here to adjust to your needs – not the other way around. You may rest assured our team will treat all your possessions with care. The same applies to sensitive or easily breakable items that need extra attention. Our crew will go the extra mile for you and be at your disposal from start to finish.

You can entrust us with any moving project

No matter whether you are moving to another country or three blocks away, count on Zippy Shell Louisiana for professional assistance. Thanks to our rich experience in the moving industry, we are able to come to our customers’ aid regardless of the complexity of the relocation process. In fact, there is no something like an impossible moving endeavor for us. Moreover, you can be sure your valuables will stay in the best possible environment in case of inevitable moving delays. Our crew is at your disposal whenever you decide to move your items out of the unit.

Your items stay protected during any weather with our climate controlled storage Metairie

There are many different reasons why people are hesitant to look for Metairie self storage units. Besides the financial aspect, the most common reason why a person won’t pursuit a storage solution is the danger of something going wrong. If you are worried that the high summer temperatures in Louisiana will be damaging to your items, we advise you to look into our climate controlled solutions. One of the main things our team worries about is making sure that your items stay safe during any season of the year. And that is precisely what our climate-controlled storage in Metairie will provide – 100% protection for your items.

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Your stored items are safe with us.

In fact, as far as safety goes, we have ensured your items stay protected at all times. Our warehouses are monitored and fumigated, providing protection from both theft and pests. Moreover, access to your items is restricted to you and our personnel. We know that you are living in a world that is characterized by different types of moving scams, and we know that some storage providers like to use that fact to their advantage. As far as we are concerned, nothing comes before your safety and your satisfaction with our storage services in Metairie. Thanks to our expertise, the safety of your belongings will be the least of your worries. Instead, you will have much more time for other duties in your schedule, while your items safely wait in our well-equipped and maintained unit.

Both long-term and short-term self-storage options are at your disposal

With the rise of the relocation industry, temporary storage solutions have become a popular option. As a result, many users have seen numerous benefits of portable storage units. After all, there are many situations when you will need a temporary solution, like when moving or redecorating. For our company, it matters not whether you want to store your items for a year or for a month – all you have to do is say the word. With your needs in mind, we have created different storage packages that are at your full disposal. With our storage offer, there are no wrong choices! You can only choose some of the most quality storage solutions on the market and be sure your belongings will remain in a good condition regardless of the rental period. That further allows planning long-term travels, while knowing all stored items are taken care of.

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Our team will provide a suitable answer for all of your questions related to our services.

Zippy Shell Louisiana is also a flexible company that is completely transparent and honest with our customers. That is why you should feel free to request a commitment-free quote and get a sense of our prices. If you have any additional questions or doubts after receiving the quote, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our entire team is always willing to answer all of your questions.

Our Metairie storage units are only a phone call away

If the lack of space and your upcoming moving project are two things that are giving you trouble, then there is a very simple solution at hand. Pick up your phone and contact Zippy Shell Louisiana as soon as today! Our company has ensured that reliable, as well as affordable storage units Metairie are at your fingertips. Feel free to request an estimate and see whether our prices agree with your budget. With different storage plans and a lot of unique storage services, we have no doubt you will find an optimal unit for your needs.


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The entire staff was great from the original reservation to movers. We had the shell packed up, stored for 3 months, and then delivered. Both moving crews were awesome! I love that they use their own people instead of outsourcing them like other companies. I can’t recommend them enough. Best service, best price, best people.

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